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Monday Night Raw Results (6/20/16) - The Championship Asylum

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WWE Raw Results (6/20/16)
Monday, June 20th, 2016
From Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, AZ
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello everyone and welcome back to WNW Live results for Monday Night Raw! I am SUUUPER excited because DEAN F***ING AMBROSE IS WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Sorry it that's a spoiler but, you were going to learn 5 seconds into Raw anyway. Fun fact, last night every member of The Shield held the WWE World Championship. That is crazy! I'm hoping this is a new era in WWE and Dean gets a good run with the belt. He's not a good champion, he's not a bad champion, he's the lunatic champion! Let's see where WWE goes from here!

Question of the Week: With rumors buzzing about WWE reaching out to past talent, if you could pick any 3 former WWE wrestlers to rehire who would you select? (Bonus points for why you'd pick them.)

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Raw starts with a quick video from earlier in the day of Dean getting out of a cab and almost forgetting the WWE Championship in the back of the cab.

Dean Ambrose opens the show with his NEW WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Dean- Oh boy last night was a long night! And I'm not even talking about the stuff I dont' remember. Something about an incident with a security guard at the Hard Rock. The Cavilers celebration. Oh and this thing where I climbed a 15 foot ladder and won Money in the Bank. I think I almost got bit by a dog. Oh and this other thing where I cashed in on Seth Rollins to become WWE Champion! Another guy who had a long night, Seth Rollins. He was just the right guy at the right place at the wrong time. Listen up kiddos Uncle Dean is gonna give you a lesson, what goes around comes back around. You know what let me give you another lesson, hard work pays off! Busting your ass and keeping your nose to the grindstone and when it pays off it pays off big! So Seth called himself THE man, Roman was THE guy, what's that make me? The dude? I kinda like it. I don't care call me whatever you want, just call me CHAMPION! I have been chasing this for 2 years! I kept dusting myself off and why I kept trucking and swinging, as I stand here with this championship live on Raw I can tell you it was all worth it. We ain't having no hard times anymore!

Roman's music hits and he comes out to a sea of boos. He gets in the ring and stares down Ambrose.

Roman- Last night wasn't my night. Because last night was your night. And I want to say congrats, I'm happy for you man. I don't care what yall say, this is my boy and I'm happy for you. Congrats brother. You got to tell me, how good did it feel to cash in on Seth.

Dean- I would have cashed in on you too man.

Roman- Well all the dudes chanting I can't wrestle should take a sip of beer and shut your mouth. Fact is you are champ but are you fighting champ, but I do get a rematch. I'm not going to anyone but you.

Seth's music hits- NO NO NO NO NO! That's not how this works, I worked my butt off for 7 months to get in this ring and beat you. I did just that and then HE stole my championship belt from me.

Roman- Doesn't feel good does it.

Seth- At least I did it to your face. I never lost my title, and that title is coming back to me!

Roman- You said you didn't lose it? If you didn't lose it, then why is it on Ambrose's shoulder.

Seth- Are you not listening, he stole it from me. He snuck up behind me and stole it.

Roman- There is a very easy way to settle this *drops the mic*

Seth- There is nothing to settle, I beat you last night, I am better than you! I deserve the rematch!

Shane McMahon's music hits and he dances out!

Shane- What's up! Dean Ambrose congratulations on not only winning Money in the Bank AND becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion. As far as Rollins and Reigns, I think it's pretty easy to solve this. We should have a match between you two.

Seth- Nah nah nah nah. You can't go around making decisions alone. You have to check with Stephanie.

Shane- Good point let me ask...she agrees! She's actually not here tonight so I'm running the whole shebang! So it's not gonna happen at the next PPV, or on Smackdown, it's gonna happen tonight!

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

These guys go right after each other both with right hands. Owens rolls out of the ring for a breath but doesn't get it as Sami Zayn hits a running clothesline! Zayn throws Owens into the ringside and then into the ring. Owens rolls out the other side but this time, Owens is ready for Sami and hits a right hand. Owens whips Zayn at the barricade but Sami jumps up and hits a moonsault. Sami whips Owens into the barricade and Owens tries to leave over the barricade. Sami grabs Owens and throws him back in. Sami tries to leap off the barricade into Owens but he is caught and slammed hard. Owens rolls Sami in and hits a running senton and gets a 2 count. We head to commercial.

As we return Sami fights out of a headlock and then sends Owens over the top rope. Zayn follows it up with a leap over the top rope to take out Owens. Owens gets rolled back in and Sami goes to the top rope. Owens runs up to stop him but Sami fights back with headbutts. Sami leaps over Owens who tries to run up again but then runs straight into a Superkick. 2 count! Owens gets hit with a back suplex. Sami goes for the Helluva kick but gets hit with another superkick! Owens throws Sami into the ropes for the Pop-Up Powerbomb but Sami counters into a roll up for the win!

Winner: Sami Zayn

Owens runs out and attack Sami after the match. Kevin tries for a powerbomb off the ramp onto the floor but Sami counters it. A heard of referees runs out to break it up. Owens leaps through them and keeps attacking, only to be pulled off again.

We return from commercial and Sami and Kevin are still fighting backstage! Owens throws Zayn into backstage equipment. Sami gets up and runs over some equipment to take out Owens. The refs have to pull them apart.

John Laurinaitis comes out and puts his name in the hat to run Smackdown when it goes live. Shane tells him that he won't be running Raw or Smackdown, quite frankly it'll be Shane.

Enzo and Cass come out. Enzo appreciates Shane's shoes and then they both dance.

Enzo- My name is Enzo Amore and I'm a certified G and bonafide stud and you can't teach that! And this right here this is Big Cass and he's 7 foot tall and you can't teach that! Badaboom realist guys in the room! How you doin!? A just a second ago I heard Johnny laryngitis coughing into that microphone but it sounded like pure manure! If I had a dime for every time he opened his mouth and something useful came out I'd have....ZERO DIMES!

Big Cass- Johnny Ace may have been a dynamic dude back in his day, but this here jack is the new era! In the new era there's only one word to describe it you and I'm gonna spell it out for ya! S-A-W-F-T!

Enzo and Cass vs. The VaudeVillains 

Enzo and English start things off and English locks in a headlock and then stomps away at Enzo. Hard right hand from English and a tag to Gotch. Double right hands from the VV. Gotch with a hard knee to Enzo and a tag. Double team from the Villains and Enzo kicks out at 2. English stomps Amore repeatedly and then tags Gotch. Gotch throws Enzo into the corner but Enzo plants Gotch face first into the turnbuckle and tags Cass! Cass takes down both men and drops the Empire Elbow on English who is now legal. Cass with the fallaway slam and a tag for the Badaboom press!

Winners: Enzo and Cass

In-Ring Segment

AJ- You guys seem pretty happy and I wish I could say the same, I mean I should be happy. I mean I have envisioned this for years. I dreamt about it and oh man and then it became a reality. This dream match between John Cena and AJ Styles was tainted by two guys who were supposed to be more than brothers to me. I mean I beat John Cena! Let me say that again AJ Styles beat John Cena! Here's the thing, it didn't go down the way I dreamt it would. You see Gallows and Anderson had no business in my business so if the Club is going to continue I'm gonna have to have these guys come out and give me a public apology. Right now! Guys I'm serious RIGHT NOW! You need to come apologize to me if The Club is going to continue.

The Club comes out

AJ- Have we not traveled the world together? I had Cena where I wanted him! You should have known that! You gave John Cena an excuse! I signed my name and you dragged it through the mud. So look me in the eyes and give me an apology.

Karl- AJ....look I'm sorry man.

AJ- Gallows, come on. Turn that frown upside down.

Gallows- I'm sorry AJ.

AJ- I need you to apologize to one more person! John Cena himself! Cena please come out here and accept this apology!

Cena comes out but stays on the ramp.

Cena- Apology? I don't need an apology. We had a contract you broke it. That simple.

Gallows- John it's not his fault, AJ had no idea we were going to get involved. So John...I'm sorry.

Karl- Listen John, AJ signed the contract, we did not. We took advantage of that fact, and for that John man, I'm sory.

Cena- Yeah I see you're fighting to survive in the WWE and you got one by any means necessary. You should have this moment and be next in line for the title, but you're throwing out excuses for why you're not as great as you say you are.

AJ- It seems like YOU'RE using them as an excuse for why YOU'RE not as good as you say you are.

Cena- I respect the win. When you win night in and night out that's what a champion is made out of. This is what you don't get, right up there with winning is being a man of your word. You face hard times you have two things, your balls and your word. Last night you proved you don't have either one!

AJ- You know what John, these two did you a favor. You listen to me, they gave you an excuse so here's the thing John. I'm gonna do you a favor, I'm gonna let you pick any member of the Club to fight tonight.


AJ- You didn't let me finish...except for me. They were the ones who deserve to be punished, plus I have the Stone Cold Podcast tonight. Plus, I already beat you.

Cena- Does it make a difference. 1 will be in the ring, 2 will be at ringside. I wish you'd just signed the contract Cena vs. The Club.

AJ- That's where you're wrong John. That's why no one likes you, cause you always think you're right. Like I said, you're wrong. I am a man of my word. It's gonna be Karl Anderson vs. John Cena 1 on 1. Again, you're wrong. When Karl knocks your teeth your throat you're gonna realize you're not as good as you think. Good luck John!

John Cena vs. Karl Anderson

We return from break and John is in control but he keeps looking to the ramp to see if the rest of The Club come out. Nasty clothesline from Cena on Anderson. Slam by Cena. Another sick clothesline from Cena. 5 Knuckle Shuffle from Cena. Cena hits the AA and goes for the pin but AJ and Gallows run in and attack.

Winner by DQ: John Cena

The Club continues to attack Cena. They put him in the Magic Killer and then feed John to AJ for the Styles Clash.


Jojo is with Seth Rollins. He talks about beating Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and how he proved Roman doesn't deserve to be champion. Dean Ambrose also proved last night that he is a thief. So here it is, another chance for Seth to prove who the best member of The Shield really is.


Renee asks Becky Lynch about Natalya's betrayal last night. Becky says maybe she's cursed, she doesn't want to guess or make excuses for all her former friends. This time it's a 1 strike and you're out policy. No excuses. That's when Natty attacks her from behind and throws her into some backstage trunks. Natty says from now on she's taking care of herself.

Zack Ryder vs. Baron Corbin

Zack attacks and Corbin seems to have hurt his eye. When the ref pulls Zack off to check on him he sucker punches Zack. Corbin takes control and beats down Ryder. Ryder starts fighting back, beating Corbin into the corner. Broski boot attempted but Corbin slides out first. Zack hits a dropkick from the apron drives Corbin into the barricade. Zack rolls Corbin in and hits the Elbro Drop! 2 count! Ryder goes for a springboard move but gets hit with a nasty right hand and then Corbin hits End of Days.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Backstage Interview

Renee is interviewing Paige when Charlotte and Dana interrupt. Charlotte reminds her that when Team PCB split Charlotte rose to the top while Paige sunk to the bottom of the division. Paige reminds her that ring is her house and tells Charlotte her title will look good around her waste.

Paige vs. Charlotte w/Dana Brooke for the Women'sChampionship

They lock up and Charlotte goes for a quick roll up but only gets 2. They lock up again and Paige locks in a headlock, only for Charlotte to try another pin but only gets 2. Shoulder tackle from Paige and a dropkick. High running knee from Paige and then several more knees to the face. Dana pulls Charlotte out of the ring. Paige runs out and attacks Dana, but then gets blasted by Charlotte. We head to break.

We return and Paige slams Charlotte's head to the mat. 2 count. Paige tries another pinfall and gets 2. Kicks to the gut then face by Paige. Another kick to the face by Paige. Chops from Charlotte but misses with a big boot. Paige hits a fallaway slam to take control back. Paige puts Charlotte in the corner and up on the turnbuckle. Charlotte counters Paige's attack and slams Paige down from the top turnbuckle then hits a huge Moonsault! 1-2-NO Paige kicked out. Paige rolls up Paige for 2. Charlotte goes for the Figure 8 but it's countered into a small package for 2. Paige hits the RamPaige. It should've been 3 but Dana puts Charlotte's foot under the ropes. The ref throws Dana out, or tries to, but the distraction allows Charlotte to hit Natural Selection for the win.

Winner: Charlotte

After the match Sasha Banks' music hits and the Boss comes out to clear out the heels! Sasha holds up the title and signals that she's next in line for the Women's Title.


Bray Wyatt- WE'RE HERE!

The Wyatt's make their way out to the ring to "welcome back" chants.

Bray- Oh now...did yall miss me? Well we have been locked away, we have been punished but through it all we have never forgotten what we stand for. Take a look around man, this is a promise and a warning the Wyatts are as strong as ever. That is how I know---


Woods- Bray, to be perfectly honest you talking way to long you need to cut it!

Kofi- You right, we will take a knee.

E- We shall confess something we talked about for quite some time. Erick Rowan got a big ole booty!

Kofi- That's what I'm talking about when we come out it's all positivity. Unlike yall who are all negativity. That's what allows us to become and remain your...

Woods seems hypnotized Bray

E- Woods that's your line.

Woods- Oh...WWE World Tag Team Champions.

Bray- HAHAHAHA don't you realize what you've done? By interrupting my return. I can tell you now how this ends. New...Day Falls. New. Day. Falls.

Titus O'Neil gets interviewed by Renee Young. He is getting a rematch against Rusev tonight. Titus says it isn't about the title or United States tonight, it's about him teaching Rusev to NEVER disrespect him or his family.

Rusev vs. Titus O'Neil

The match never even starts as Titus goes RIGHT after Rusev and beats the bloody hell out of him. The action spills to the outside where Titus clotheslines Rusev over the barricade. Rusev runs through the crowd.


Jericho is in Shane's office. He says that Shane has had it out for him since day one. Jericho says he hopes he gets drafted to whatever show Shane ISN'T running. Shane says he's sorry to disappoint but he'll be running both. Jericho implies he might not work for him if that's the case.

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins for the #1 contendership

Roman immediately hits a shoulder tackle on Rollins. Roman slams Rollins a few times. Rollins rolls out of the ring and pulls Roman out. Roman throws Seth into the barricade and then bounces him off the announce table. Roman clears off the Spanish announce table. Back in the ring, Seth flips over Roman and hits a neckbreaker midair. Another regular neckbreaker from Seth. 2 count. Seth stomps a hole in Roman. Dropkick from Seth. They move things outside and Seth takes control. Seth throws Roman into the barricade and hits some right hands. Back in the ring Seth hits a big clothesline. Roman gets thrown through the ropes and Seth tries a springboard move, Roman moves and Seth changes plans and lands on the apron. Seth tries a flying knee from the apron but Roman rolls out of the way and hits a big kick to take down Rollins. We head to commercial break.

We return and Rollins has a sleeper hold locked on Roman. Roman shakes him off and fights back with forearm shots to the face. Roman pulls Seth up but Rollins lands on his feet and hits an enzigiri. Roman stays on his feet but is stunned. They exchange right hands. Roman hits a flying clothesline. Roman tries corner clotheslines but Seth pulls Reigns face straight into the turnbuckle. Seth knocks Roman out and hits a suicide dive! Seth rolls Roman back in and hits a running forearm. Roman hits the pick-up powerbomb for 2! Roman goes for the Superman Punch but Seth counters into the Pedigree, Roman reverses it and hits the Superman Punch! 1-2-NO! 2 count only! Roman signals the spear but Seth counters. Roman is furious Seth counters and throws Seth over the top but Seth lands on the apron and hits the springboard flying knee. 2 count! Seth heads to the top rope but misses the Frog Splash! Roman rolls out of the ring and hits the drive by! Roman puts Seth on the Spanish announce table but Seth slides away and takes Roman down at the knee. Ref is at a count of 9 but Seth slides in only to have Roman pull him back out and spear him over the Spanish announce table. Neither man can make it in on time.

Double Count Out

Shane McMahon's music hits and the GM has something to say about the ending. He says there needs to be a number 1 contender but Dean grabs a mic and says he'll fight Seth AND Roman. Shane says he likes his fighting spirit so it'll be a Triple Threat Match at Battleground. Dean holds up the title in front of Seth, then Roman. Roman pulls Dean's shoulder but Dean hits Roman with Dirty Deeds! Seth taunts Roman but Dean runs back in the ring and hits Dirty Deeds on him as well! Ambrose stands on the announce table holding up HIS WWE Championship!

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