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Monday Night Raw (9/28/15) - Reigns and Wyatt Bring The House Down


WWE Raw Results (9/28/15)
Monday, September 28th, 2015
From the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello one and all! It's time for the one thing that makes Mondays redeemable, Raw! Be sure to join in the comments section below to talk goings on throughout the night! Question of the Week: Who should Cena feud with next for the United States Championship?

Monday Night Raw Results

John Cena kicks things off! The US Open Challenge is back!

Cena- Seems like some of you guys are a little salty tonight! Have no fear, the champ IS HEREEEEEE!! And this championship is a symbol of excellence, opportunity, and it will be defended here tonight....right now. Because as I look around I can tell Buffalo is the place to be, some may disagree but check the hardware John Cena is the man to beat! The John Cena open challenge starts right now! If you want some come get some.

*Trombone starts playing* Ohhhhhh John Cena! Don't you dare be sour!! New Day comes out.

Woods- Your Tag Team Champions are HEREEEEE!!!

Big E- And the New Day is here to make WWE great again! And this Saturday live from MSG only on the WWE Network we will finally be rid of the those nasty, disgusting, vile Dudley Boyz, but tonight Johnny Boy we are here to answer your open challenge. And also give you a new slogan.

All- Hustle. Loyalty. Booty.

Kofi- Do you understand what's on the verge of happening right now? New Day as your Tag Team Champs AND US champs at the same damn time? You might as well start calling us team Scrooge McDuck because we're gonna be swimming in gold.

All- New US Chaaaamps.

John- Great remix. Choose one. Let's fight. There is a time for entertainment, there is a time for seriousness. If you don't take me serious, I'll beat all your asses.

New Day plays rock, paper, scissors to decide and Xavier Woods wins.

Xavier Woods vs. John Cena for the United States Championship

Cena hits a clothesline right as the bell rings. Woods rolls out of the ring and yells he wasn't ready. All 3 members of New Day surround the ring. Cena takes down Big E then Woods, Kofi backs down. Kofi grabs the foot of Cena and the ref ejects Big E and Kofi as we head to break.

As we return Cena is hitting his spinning slam on Woods and throws out the You Can't See Me. 5 Knuckle Shuffle connects. Cena puts Woods up for the AA. Woods slides out and hits a spinning jab and a spinning kick to the kid. Woods goes to the top rope but Cena stops him and puts Woods up for the AA up top but Woods slides out. Cena goes for a crossbody from the top rope, but misses! Woods from the second rope hits a leaping DDT! Woods gets cocky and starts to dance, he goes for a flipping move at Cena but gets caught and powerbombed down! Woods slides free and hits some good blasts to the face of Cena and hits a reverse suplex on Cena! 2 count! Woods tries a big splash but gets caught by Cena and gets planted. 2 count by Cena. Cena for the AA but Woods reverses grabs the arm of Cena and sticks his foot in the face then slams down attacking Cena. Woods starts getting frustrated and goes to the top rope, tries for a move but Cena moves and Woods lands high and dry. Cena grabs the leg and locks in the STF! Big E and Kofi run in and cause the DQ!

Winner by DQ: John Cena

John Cena and the Dudley Boyz vs. The New Day

The Dudley Boyz run out to make the save as we head to break.

We return and we have a 6 man tag match. The Dudleyz are stomping away at Kofi. Bubba Ray tags in and hits the elbow on Kofi. D-Von tags in and they hit a team elbow drop. 2 count. Cena asks for the tag and gets it, he hits the 5 knuckle shuffle. Tag to Big E. Big E starts showing why he's the real sexual chocolate! They lock up and Big E gets the headlock on Cena. Shoulder tackle by Big E. New Day does their tagging and stomp shuffle. New Day just dominates Cena, Big E tags in and hits a huge splash on Cena with a 2 count pin. Big E goes for a second splash but Cena rolls out of the way. Hot tag made to D-Von and Kofi tags in for his team. D-Von makes quick work of Kofi hitting a big shoulder tackle then stopping Woods who runs in. Neckbreaker by D-Von from the top rope. Kofi goes for a springboard ax handle off a distraction of Big E taking out Cena on the outside. D-Von sees it and stops it. He tags Bubba who hits a Bubbabomb! Wassuuuup! They hit the headbutt from the top rope. Woods from the outside grabs the foot of Bubba and pulls him down. D-Von turns around and eats Trouble in Paradise from Kofi Kingston. Bubba can't run in to stop it because Woods has his foot. Kofi gets the pin for the win.

Winners: New Day

Backstage Segment

Triple H and Steph are backstage with a woman we find out is an HR rep for WWE. Triple H doesn't think this is the way to handle things. Kane walks in...

Kane- Hi! Have we met?

Steph- Kane this is Ashley from our HR department.

Kane- I'm Kane, Director of Operations.

Triple H- Can I just--

Steph- As you know Kane, it's the job of any organization to make sure they provide a healthy work environment. Ashley is here because someone has filed an anonymous complaint.

Kane- Against who?

Steph- Against you Kane.

Kane- Me?

Steph- They said that you were causing an unsafe work environment. As you know we take the health and well being of our employees very serious.

Seth Rollins walks in- This is an outrage! Kane I can't believe someone would do this to you. An anonymous email against you. Who wouldn't say something face to face like a man!

Steph- Regardless, Ashley will be observing you tonight, I encourage you to take this very seriously. Her findings could determine your job as Director of Operations.

Seth- This sounds like a lot of pressure, I hope you can handle it Kane.

Kane- *With intimidation* Don't worry Seth, I can handle the pressure. Remember I'm the one *switches to perky Kane* who has extensive training in conflict resolution! Let's go Ashley, have you met the Bellas yet? They're lovely!

Seth- You see what I'm talking about. I'm gonna keep an eye on him.


Ambrose is back in the locker rooms with Roman Reigns.

Dean- Look I'm not saying DON'T do this tonight. I'm just saying it might not be the greatest idea. I get it you want to cut the head off the snake. I'm just saying going out alone might not be the best idea. I know, I remember how it all started, Bray cost you that Money in the Bank contract and a chance at the WWE Championship. But I know those Wyatts has something up their sleeve for tonight. Some crazy plan or--

Reigns- I don't care what they're planning, Bray Wyatt started this I'm finishing it 1 on 1 tonight.

Dean- I know that look, that's THE look, cool. But if those swamp freaks come out and try anything I'm gonna come flying down to that ring like a bat outta heel and swinging for the fences. You finish this thing with Bray and I'll keep the family at bay.

Reigns- Cool, and if you need any help I'm sure Randy Orton would give you a hand.

Ambrose-...I'M SURE HE WOULD LOVE TO! But after what happened at Night of Champions with Chris Jericho I don't know I don't want any---*Orton walks up*

Orton- No please Dean continue.

Ambrose- I was gonna say I don't want any outsiders coming in to try and save the day!

Orton- So I'm an outsider now? That's funny because I wasn't an outsider a few weeks ago when you needed my help.

Reigns- Look, be smart. Both of you guys. You can't finish this thing by yourselves.

Orton- And you can?

Reigns- Believe that.

Orton- I'll believe it when I see it. Until then you've got tonight to handle your business with the Wyatts, after that it's open season.

Mark Henry vs. The Big Show

These two guys just start hammering away at each other. Clubbing blows back and forth. Big Show hits a huge spear and takes control. Big Show slams the 400 pounder with ease. Show talks trash and then slams him again. Big Show kicks Mark as he's trying to get to his feet. Show lines up the KO punch and and connects for the win.

Winner: The Big Show


Miz- Welcome to the most must see WWE talkshow in history. Welcome to MizTV. The WWE Universe can't get enough of the Divas Revolution but it seems like the Divas have had enough of each other. *Video of Paige's pipebomb* The crumbling of PCB, this is the type of drama you can see tomorrow on Total Divas, but that's tomorrow and this is tonight and I have the C and B of PCB, Becky Lynch and Charlotte! Ladies thank you for agreeing to be on the show, especially since last time you were on this show you almost got decimated by Team Bella.

Becky- Funny the way we remember it, you almost got that stupid vale slapped off your head for being a stupid, chauvinistic, sexist, jackass.

Miz- It's an infinity scarf. Everyone wants to know more about this potential cat fight between you two and Paige. I mean first one direction, now PCB!

Charlotte- The P in PCB said some things that need to be addressed. So Paige, you're either going to A) come down here and talk to me face to face like woman, and I hope you choose A. Or B) You're going to come down here and we're gonna throw down!

Miz- Woah woah woah woaah woah how dare you. You do night invite guests on my show--*Becky grabs his mic and throws it*

Charlotte- Good throw becks, as I was saying, Paige--

Team Bella interrupts and makes their way down.

Becky- Oh look who decided to show up. Come on in ladies join the party.

Nikki- Um first of all Becky, we don't party with losers. Second of all we wanted to tell you something, we wanted to say thank you. Because while your team is acting like a bunch of high school girls, Team Bella is more united and strong than ever. Oh my goodness, I'm actually starting to feel so bad for you. By the time we have our rematch you're going to be this big hot mess and me, I'm going to be the new Divas Champion.

Charlotte- Nikki Nikki, this isn't even about you. But since you like to make things about you, why don't you get in here and I'll make you tap out again like I did at Night of Champions.

Nikki- You know what Charlotte, as long as you hold that championship it is about me. It's ALL about me. Like Paige said, all reigns come to an end even mine after I became the longest reigning champion of ALL time. You know what? Actually there are a lot of things Paige said last week that I agree with. One thing she said that was wrong was that she started this Divas Revolution, there was one woman one beautiful amazingly talented Diva that did and that was ME.

Charlotte- You see that's where you're both wrong, Nikki. This isn't about you, it isn't about Paige starting it, it isn't about Becky starting it, it isn't about ME starting it. It's about all these people here who believe in it. It's about all the people at home watching on TV believing in us. It's about us believing in each other! That's what the Divas Revolution is really about!

Alicia Fox- Let me make you aware of your current situation here, 3 is greater than 2.

Becky- Oh well done Foxy! You can count! Tomorrow we'll move on to reading! After we get you a proper lass kicking.

Nikki- Ok ladies, have it your way.

Paige- HEY HEY HEY HEY! Did I hear you right Nikki, you really think you started the Divas Revolution? First of all, Charlotte and Becky wouldn't be on TV if it wasn't for me. I put NXT on the map by becoming the first NXT womans champion if it wasn't for me. Charlotte wouldn't be champion and people STILL wouldn't know Becky's name.

Nikki- Girls I can't even, you want to call me petty? You two are just going to sit here and not say ANYTHING? When you have friends like THESE why do you need enemies?

Paige- Yeah and if you have two boyfriends like yours who really needs ambition?

All the divas start brawling and Team PCB clears the ring.

Team PCB vs. Team Bella

Paige is kneeing Foxy in the face. Tag to Becky who hits a knee drop and tags in Charlotte who also hits a knee drop. Charlotte tries a neckbreaker but Fox reverses and tags Brie. Brie attacks the arm. Charlotte rolls up Brie. Tag to Becky and a double suplex and elbow drop. Fox grabs the hair of Becky while the ref is distracted. Nikki tags in and hits a suplex on Becky. 2 count. Nikki attacks Becky in the corner and tags Fox. Fox goes for the pin and gets 2 and then locks in the surfboard stretch. Brie tags in and hits a suplex and gets a 2 count. She puts Becky in the corner and kicks her in the gut repeatedly. Bulldog by Brie and a 2 count. Brie tags Nikki and they hit a double team attack. Nikki locks a vicious headlock in. Becky fights out but gets knocked back down and tries a suplex but Becky reverses and rolls her up for 2. Becky and Nikki hit a double clothesline. Becky makes the hot tag to Charlotte who chops away at Nikki. Neckbreaker and a big kick to the face of Nikki! Pinfall but Brie breaks it up. All 6 ladies get in the ring but it comes down to Paige, Charlotte and Nikki. Charlotte goes for the Figure 8 but gets kicked into Paige. Paige waves goodbye and goes to walk out but Natalya comes out and asks what she's doing. Paige keeps walking so Natty goes to the ring to show her support and gets on the apron only to have Paige pull her down and attack her. Becky runs up and asks what she's doing but Paige walks out. Charlotte is watching the outside and gets grabbed from behind and put in the Rack Attack for the win.

Winners: Team Bella


Seth Rollins is backstage talking to Ashley, you can hear him saying he's out to get me when Kane walks up.

Seth- Kaaaane! What's up buddy!

Kane- What are you guys talking about?

Seth- You buddy! I was just telling Ashley how far we go back!

Kane- We took a magical ride together to the top of the WWE mountain. I was there! When you won your Money in the Bank Contract. When you won the WWE Championship. When you burned Suplex City to the ground. I was there for it! To be there for all of that...I don't know how to tell you how that makes me feel so I got you this *Hands him big present*

Seth- What's in the box Kane?! What's in the box?!

Kane- Oepn it *Seth does it's the head of his statue* It's your severed head! From your statue.

Seth- Where did you even get this?

Kane- You know what they say one mans trash is another mans treasure. I went to the landfill in Baltimore and dug it up. It took me all night, but it's amazing what one man can do in one night with a shovel and a flashlight.

Ashley- How considerate Kane!

Seth- Considerate? No Kane, I can''s too much I can't keep this. I gotta go!

Kane- Oh well, you know what they say Ashley, two heads are better than one!

Prime Time Players vs. The Wyatt Family (Harper and Stowman)

Harper starts things off against Darren Young. Harper puts him in the corner and knees away at the gut. Harper is on the attack. Darren fights back with a clothesline, but Harper is back on the attack. Darren Young reverses some offense but Harper is on him the whole time. Tag made to Stowman. He takes off his mask and attacks Young on the outside. Stowman throws Young into the barricade then throws him back in the ring between the ropes. In the ring he kicks Young in the chest. Tag made to Harper who stomps away at Young. Darren reverses a suplex and hits a dropkick. Titus makes the hot tag and shoulder tackles Harper. Then a clothesline. Harper hits a big kick to stop him, but Titus hits a boot of his own. Titus with a big splash but Stowman distracts him on the side. Titus hits a forearm to the face of Braun but it does nothing. Titus turns into a superkick from Harper. Darren tries to attack Stowman but ends up getting choked on the side. Titus runs over to help Darren but Braun fights him off and Titus gets blasted by the spinning clothesline by Harper. Harper tags Braun in and Titus gets put in that choke hold by Stowman for the win.

Winners: The Wyatts

Neville vs. Stardust

Stardust gets a submission on Neville, but Neville flipped out of it. Stardust slammed Neville down by his hair then hit a suspended suplex, but Neville fights out of it. Hurricarana by Neville. Stardust back on the attack puts Neville in the corner, but Neville fights out and flips away. Neville goes to the top but gets knocked into the tree of woe. Stardust attacks a helpless Neville. Neville ends up kicking the head of Stardust and breaking free. Neville kicks Stardust and puts him in place for the Red Arrow when Wade Barrett's music hits! Barrett makes his way down and Stardust shoves Neville into Barrett, Barrett connects with the Bull Hammer! Wade stands above Stardust, who begs for mercy but Barrett hits him with a Bull Hammer.

Barrett: All hail the return of the king.

Winner by DQ: Neville

In-Ring Segment

Kane is in the ring with Ashley.

Kane: Ashley thank you again for coming here tonight and doing your evaluation. Your decision might determine my future as Director of Operation. Are you ready to give your report?

Ashley: Yes......a--*Rollins music hits*

Seth- Hold on hold on wait just a minute don't read a thing from that one sided report! Kane is not the man he shows himself to be, he's not the man you think he is. There is something I need to show you, take a look at this. *Promo for Demon Kane* You see?! That is the real Kane! Not that imposter in a cheap suit, he has the soul of a demon from the depths of hell. Ashley, you can not keep him around. The carnage that will follow Ashley, carnage will be on your head! I know better than anyone what Kane is capable of. Last week he came up through the ring and tried to drag me to hell. Guess what? Guess what Kane? Guess what Ashley? People like me we don't go to hell. No no no no I'm going to Heaven. You don't believe me? Ask the Pope! Last week when the Pope was in town I had an audience with him, and he said Seth Rollins you're going to heaven. The Pope said so! I already feel like in Heaven walking around with this WWE World Championship on my shoulder. I'm on cloud 9 just sitting up in the clouds, just looking down at all the scum on this Earth.

Kane- Ashley, don't worry. Seth is a very passionate man and sometimes it gets the better of him. But it's all in good fun! See! *Video package of Seth mistreating Kane* Go ahead and read your report!

Ashley- After of a thorough and extensive investigation into the Director of Operations, I have come to the determination that Kane is sound of mind and is more than capable of fulfilling his duties. Kane is professional, kind, and thoughtful *Rollins yelling in the background "you gotta be kidding me* Far from being a menace, Kane is the perfect WWE employee.

Seth- Do you have any idea how to do your job?!

Ashley- If anyone needs to be evaluated it's clearly Seth Rollins. I'm sorry Seth is rude, cruel, petty, and paranoid. He is the single most unprofessional personal that I've met since I've been with the WWE.

Seth- No no no! No no no no no no! You listen to me, this is a travesty of justice you understand? I'm the WWE World Heavyweight Champion! This is your fault Kane! *Gets in the ring and starts poke/shoving Kane* Your out of your mind Kane!

Seth drops the title by accident Kane laughs and goes to pick it up and Seth puts him in the Pedigree. Seth goes and grabs a chair and attacks Kane with it. Seth attacks the ankle with the chair.

Seth- Oh did you get a little booboo Kane?! You're no demon! You look very human right now! Look at you, crying, squealing! Did you think you'd fool everyone? Pull the wool over everyone's eyes? You will never get near me again! You'll never get near my title. Your days of getting near THE MAN are over. *Doctors put Kane in a stretcher and take him to an ambulance which starts to drive away but then comes to a stretching halt.* Let this be a lesson to anyone who stands up to me! Kane got exactly what he deserved!

The Ambulance all of a sudden is glowing red from inside, the doors open smoke comes out and Demon Kane walks out. Demon Kane limps for a bit then stomps his foot and walks normally. Seth grabs his chair and yells no over and over. Seth attacks Kane in the injured leg but it does nothing. Rollins begs Kane for mercy but Kane starts attacking Rollins. Big Boot by Kane! Chokeslam! Kane tries for the Tombstone but Rollins wiggles free and books it away! Kane looks down and picks up the WWE Championship and holds it high.

Bray Wyatt is backstage in smoke.

Bray- Did you see, what they did earlier Roman? Braun and Harper make me so proud. Like a pack of wolves, they'd love nothing more than to come out tonight and tear you to piece. But tonight I have decided to grant your request, tonight I alone enter the battlefield. Tonight I alone will be the one to put you down because we are the Alpha and Omega Roman. It starts and ends with you and I. It has always been about YOU AND I! Be careful what wish for, only a fool thinks he can look into the dragon's eye and not get burned. RUN!

Bo Dallas is in the ring and we see that the Buffalo Bills are ringside.

Bo- Ladies and Gentlemen your Buffalo Bills! They are truly an inspiration aren't they! Well almost an inspiration, they're missing one important thing! A Superbowl trophy...I can help them. All you have to do...IS BOLIEVE!

Randy Orton vs. Bo Dallas

They lock up and make their way to the corner. Orton hammers Bo who rolls out. Bo attacks Randy when he comes after him. Orton kicks him in the gut and hits a few uppercuts. Orton throws Bo into the barricade where the Bills are. Orton drops Bo on the barricade and then rolls him back in. Orton hits the backbreaker on Dallas, then the spike DDT. Orton sets up for the RKO and connects for the win!

Winner: Randy Orton

Rusev vs. Kevin Owens

Rusev attacks early and takes control. Rusev throws Owens across the ring and Owens rolls out. Rusev follows and attacks. Rusev throws Owens at the steel steps but Owens stops. He kicks the gut of Rusev and throws Rusev into Ryback who is on commentary. Ryback and Rusev start fighting and Owens joins in. Rusev and Owens team up to attack Ryback. Dolph Ziggler comes out to make the save. The heels clear out.


Paul Heyman- Ladies and Gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman. I am truly the devils advocate because in the month of October anyone who steps in the ring with my beast will go to hell because my client is Brock Lesnar. This Saturday night hell will descend on MSG when the beast Brock Lesnar digs his claws into the bivet known as the Big Show. I know the Big Show better than anyone else. Big Show is like the math genius who gets a C+ because he's just so bored with the curriculum. I'm not knocking the level of competition in the locker room, but Big Show has become bored, he's become complacent because truly no one can push the Big Show to his limits. This Saturday SOMEONE can push Big Show to his limits. I for one am exhilarated to see Big Show pushed to his limits, because when he is pushed to his limits, when he is motivated, when he is inspired then you have a larger than life athlete. He is a giant with pure Knock Out power with just one punch. You're damn right that worries me, but it exhilarates me at the same time because that's what can push Brock Lesnar to his limits. Which is why my client had me come here tonight to tell the whole world that this Saturday live on Saturday night on the WWE Network my client will take Big Show to Suplex City. *Big Show's music hits*

Big Show- Woah woah woah, complacent? Now all of a sudden I'm motivated. Now all of a sudden I'm motivated? Because I'm stepping into the ring with your client Brooock Lessssnar. Pauly I know you're just an advocate, I'm not here to hurt you. But you're right to be scared, I am motivated, and I am a one of a kind athlete, and I am the one guy in the WWE who pushes Brock to his limit every single time we get in the ring together. Let me ask you a question, Brock Lesnar was really upset when he found out he had to face me wasn't he? HE WAS WASN'T HE! I knew he was! I knew he was afraid of me and I know you are, too. I noticed you didn't finish promoting the rest of your Go to Hell tour, why not Pauly? Why didn't you finish promoting? Are you afraid MSG Big Show is going to make history again? This Saturday night it's going to be Eat. Sleep. Beat Brock Lesnar at MSG. Repeat. *Paul walks away* Paul where you going? I want you think of your future! Think about a future without Brock Lesnar...

Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns

Bray comes out with his family.

Roman- This is what I'm talking about, I challenge you 1 on 1 man to man and you bring your training wheels out here. Let me ask you training wheels, you do even respect him? As a man? As your leader? Because if you ask me, he's a little bitch.

Bray whispers in their ears and Harper and Stowman go to the back. The match starts and Roman starts hammering away hard on Wyatt. Wyatt fights back with a headbutt. Big clothesline by Reigns. T-Bone Suplex by Reigns, and another. Drive-by by Reigns. We head to break.

As we return to break Wyatt has Reigns in a headlock. During the break Wyatt planted Roman into the side of the ring to take control. Reigns tries to fight out and hits a back body drop on Wyatt to even things up. Wyatt manages to PLANT Reigns. He gets a 2 count. He gets on Reigns back and hammers the back of the head. Wyatt throws right hands at Roman then chokes him with the ropes for a 4 count. Reigns tries to fight back but Wyatt hits a great DDT and throws another headlock on. Reigns fights back but Bray charges at him in the corner, but Reigns moves and Bray goes shoulder first into the steel post! Bray tries to hit the Senton on Reigns but Roman moves again! Roman with a jackhammer suplex! 2 count. Roman puts Bray in the corner and hits corner clotheslines then hits a jumping clothesline! Bray tries to plant Roman again but Reigns fights it, Reigns tries a clothesline but misses and Bray hits a HUGE clothesline of his own. 2 count. Bray puts Reigns on the top rope and tries for the superplex but Reigns fights it with shots to the gut. Reigns slides down and turns it into a powerbomb! 2 count. Reigns signals the spear but walked into a boot from Wyatt, it barely phases him as he turns around and hits the Superman Punch. Wyatt intelligently rolls out of the ring. Reigns tries to hit a spear on the outside but Wyatt sidesteps and Reigns hits the steel stairs hard. Wyatt picks up the stairs and throws them at Reigns who barely dodges out of the way. Reigns throws Wyatt into the crowd and then back into the arena. The ref counts things to 10 but neither man care they keep fighting. Bray goes into the crowd but Reigns jumps the barricade and hits a clothesline in the process. Both men exchange right hands and fight back and forth. Bray throws a TECH GUY into Reigns. Bray hits his running body shot into Reigns THROUGH the barricade! Wyatt stands on the announce table and poses for the crowd but Reigns makes it to his feet spears Wyatt so hard they break the announce table on the landing! The show fades out and we're done for the night. Goodnight folks!

Winner: Double count out but really it was all the fans

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