Monday Night Raw (9/19/16) - The Debut Of The Cruiserweight Division!

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WWE Raw Results (9/19/16)
Monday, September 19th, 2016
From FedExForum, Memphis, TN
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello everyone and welcome back to Monday Night Raw! My name is Zack Krasney the host with the most! We aren't far at all from Clash of Champions, Raw is finalizing their card and getting the build up nice and juicy. They have a high bar set by Smackdown's Solo PPV, hopefully we get a solid show from them as well.

Question of the Night: How long would you like to see Kevin Owens hold the WWE Universal Championship for?

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Monday Night Raw

The show is kicking off with the Big Dog! Roman Reigns!

Roman- I've been waiting a whole week---

Stephanie's music cuts him off

Steph- Listen, Roman I know you want to cause a path of destruction tonight, but I can't let you do that. I know you're mad but Mick and I have been talking all week and I think we came up with a good--

Mick's music cuts her off, all three are in the ring now.

Mick- Thank you, we did come up with a solution. I let the show get away from me last week, that's on me. Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough about having no interference last week. I'm taking both men who did and pitting them against each other tonight.

Roman- That's great Mick, but what does that do for me? First, Triple H attacks me and costs me the WWE Universal title and since I know I'm never gonna see her coward husband again, what do I get to do to express my frustration.

Mick- Just wait, in 6 days you get your hands on Rusev at Clash of Champions and that match is for the United States Championship.

Steph- And I personally guarantee it.

Roman- Oh great, that means a lot coming from you.

Mick- It should. Steph has been upfront about her dislike of you. I may have been a choice out of left field. I don't know how people can boo you. The fact is, we're all in the same boat. We're going against Smackdown. If we lose, Stephanie will land on her feet, I will be out of a job. I've been very fortunate to get back in the WWE, I've got a show on the WWE Network, but that could disappear if we lose the war against Smackdown.

Steph- So what are you gonna do about it?

Mick- I'm gonna give Roman a rematch against Kevin Owens TONIGHT!

Kevin Owens' music hits.

Owens- Are you serious Foley? This is a joke right? Are you just working on new comedy material for when Steph gets rid of you? I already beat Roman twice last week! I should be preparing to defend my championship this Sunday? That's right Roman, I'm in the main event of Clash of Champions, not you? What is this Steph?

Steph- What Mick says goes, but it will NOT be for the Universal Championship.

Mick- That's fair, but it will take place...inside a steel cage!


Mick is talking to Steph about the main event being in a steel cage. Rusev storms up and berates him for giving Roman another chance at the United States Championship. Foley says it's his punishment for interfering last week when he knew Foley wanted no interference. Mick reminds Rusev has a match, right now against Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins vs. Rusev w/Lana

They ock up and Rusev puts Rollins in the corner. Rollins laughs him off. Rollins with knees to the midsection and then punches Rusev in the corner. Rusev comes out of the corner with a hard kick to the gut or Seth. Rusev with a fall away slam but Rollins lands on his feet, goes to the middle rope and hits a flipping neckbreaker. Rusev rolls out of the ring but Rollins tries a flying knee from the apron but misses. Rusev grabs Rollins and slams him spine first into the steel post. Rusev rolls Rollins back in and hits a powerslam. 2 count. Rusev whips Seth hard into the corner. Rollins fights back with chops but gets taken down by Rusev. Rusev misses with a jumping headbutt. Rollins with chops again. Rollins goes to the top but Rusev throws him from the top! We head to commercial break.

We return and Rollins is fighting out of a headlock but runs into a big elbow. Rollins with the switch kick! Rollins plants Rusev face first into the turnbuckle and hits the slingblade! Rollins with running forearms and Falcon's Arrow! 2 count! Rollins goes for a kick but it's caught, and gets kicked in the head but Rusev. 2 count for Rusev. Rusev signals the Accolade, but Seth rolls out of the ring. Rusev gets caught in a gullotine. Springboard flying knee! Rollins gets on the top but Rusev rolls out! Suicide dive by Seth! Back in the ring Rollins throws Rusev back out and hits another suicide dive! Rusev and Rollins battle on the outside as the ref counts to 10.


Rusev tries to throw Rollins off the side of the stage but Rollins slides out. Seth knees Rusev off the stage and then stands up on the announce table. Seth with a huge crossbody off the table!


Charlotte and Dana show Mick that both Sasha and Bayley had their shoulders down last week. Dana says they should fight each other this week to decide who gets to lose to Charlotte Sunday. Mick says Charlotte should give Dana more credit because she gave him an idea, this Sunday it will be a Triple Threat Match for the Raw Women's Championship! Charlotte shoves Dana to the floor.


Jericho is telling Kevin Owens how ridiculous Mick Foley is being. Jericho says he is going to make a list of everything Mick has done wrong as GM and when he sees the list he isn't going to like..........IT!

Braun Strowman vs. Sin Cara

Sin Cara slides behind Strowman and pushes him into the corner but Braun comes out of the corner fast and connects with double forearms to wipe out Cara. Braun hammers the chest of Sin Cara and then locks in the grip on the shoulder of Sin Cara. Braun throws Sin Cara out of the ring but Cara runs back in as Cara comes out and tries a suicide dive, doesn't knock down Braun. Back in the ring Sin Cara tries a moonsault but gets caught in planted! 1-2-3.

Winner: Braun Strowman


Bayley walks up to Sasha and says she's excited to get to wrestle her at Clash of Champions. Sasha reminds her that they had great times in NXT, but that won't stop her from beating Bayley at Clash of Champions for the Women's Championship.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Charlotte and Dana Brooke

Sasha and Dana start and Sasha reverses a takedown with a shoulder tackle. Tag to Bayley! Bayley eats a right hand and Charlotte tags in. Bayley slams Charlottes head into the turnbuckle 10 times and then throws her into Dana. Bayley throws Dana out of the ring as we head to break.

We return and Bayley is getting a beatdown from Charlotte and Dana who are making quick tags. Charlotte locks in a stretch on the back of Bayley but she fights out! Bayley leaps for the tag but gets caught by Charlotte who slams her down with a hard right hand. Big chop from Charlotte. Bayley with a deep arm drag. Bayley with a tag to Sasha and they double suplex Charlotte. 2 count. Sasha with a big arm drag but gets kicked in the injured ribs. Knee to the back of Sasha. 2 count. Tag to Dana who drops an elbow on the back of Sasha and then repeated elbows to the back. Tag to Charlotte who throws Sasha's head down. Charlotte uses the steel post to stretch Sasha. Tag to Dana who throws Sasha in the corner and tags Charlotte. Chop from Charlotte. Charlotte stretches Sasha again, this time she makes direct eye contract with Bayley. Sasha fights off Charlotte and tries for the tag but Charlotte catches her by the foot. Charlotte signals the Figure 8 but Sasha kicks her off and makes the hot tag to Bayley who takes out Charlotte and knocks Dana off the side! Shoulder to the gut of Charlotte and Bayley splash! Flying elbow from Bayley! Bayley goes for the Bayley to Belly but Dana grabs the legs of Charlotte to block the move! Bayley turns around into a big boot from Charlotte for the win.

Winners: Charlotte and Dana Brooke


Seth is in Stephanie's office as she walks in. He says he wants to know why she threw everything away for Kevin Owens. Steph says she has told him already, she was pulling for him the whole time, she had no idea. When Rollins pushes her she says if she had to guess Kevin Owens was right, he did lose the WWE Championship to Smackdown. He did lose to Finn Balor. Maybe he was tired of Seth losing. Seth tells her he's going to win it back and she'll come begging and this time, he won't be manipulated. Steph says that she agrees with her husband. Is Kevin Owens the better choice? Yes. Is Kevin Owens the new man? Yes. Is Kevin Owens better than Seth Rollins? Yes. Seth tells her she started to crack, in fact it started when Shane returned.

Bo Dallas vs. Jobber

Bo starts with another poem to start and then hits a running forearm. Bo is incredibly aggressive with hammering blows and then throws the jobber onto the ropes. A huge running clothesline and his new finisher wrap this one up quick.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Cesaro vs. Sheamus Match 6 in Best of 7 Series

Sheamus is on Cesaro as soon as the bell rings with hammering blows. Sheamus goes right after the back of Cesaro. Backbreaker by Sheamus. Uppercuts from Sheamus and then from Cesaro. Cesaro reverses a backbreaker to the Neutralizer but Sheamus reverses. Cesaro goes for the big swing but Sheamus makes it to the bottom rope. Cesaro is flipped HIGH over the top rope and he crashes to the floor below. We head to commercial.

We return and Sheamus is putting Cesaro up on the top. Cesaro fights back and sends Sheamus crashing to the floor. Cesaro comes running around the corner and uppercuts him into the crowd. Cesaro grabs him and sends Sheamus into the steel post headfirst. Springboard spinning uppercut by Cesaro! Cesaro tries to suplex Sheamus from the apron but Sheamus reverses it and gets Cesaro on his shoulders and hits White Noise on the apron! 2 count! Sheamus signals the Brogue kick but misses and gets rolled up for 2. Cesaro tries the sharpshooter but gets kicked off and then Sheamus hits the Irish Curse! Sheamus hits a Celtic Cross into the backbreaker! 2 count! Sheamus going for the cloverleaf and locks it in! Cesaro will not tap! Cesaro rolls through into a small package for 2! Uppercut by Cesaro. Sheamus does the same trick as Cesaro with his feet on the ropes in the pin but the ref sees it tonight! Sheamus misses the Brogue kick and gets hung up on the ropes. Cesaro with the Neutralizer! 1-2-3!

Winner: Cesaro (Cesaro 3- Sheamus 3)


Jericho is in the ring with his list.

Jericho- Quiet. For the last 2 months Mick Foley has done a terrible job. He has been screwing me over, my best friend Kevin Owens over, he's been doing terrible. Here is a list of what he's doing.

1- He's trying to drive a wedge between me and my best friend. How about number 5, horrible fashion sense. #12 He is a fan of that human lepper Sami Zayn. Next week I'm going to cross him off the list of Jericho forever.

Enzo and Cass's music hits!

Enzo- My name is Enzo Amore and I am a certified G and a bonafide stud and you can't teach that! And this right here is Big Cass and he's 7-foot tall! And you can't teach that! Bada Boom realist guys in the room! How you doin!? The Enzo Amore GPS has an issue, you claiming you're best friends with Kevin Owens. You know how I know? Because a real best friend wouldn't let you come out here dressed like that.

Cass- When I think of best friends I think of Enzo and Cass (how you doin?) Bert and Ernie (how you doin?) Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn (how you doin?) Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson.

Jericho- Enough enough, half those people don't even exist. And Ashton Kutcher, what is this the 90s? Did you think of that while listening to your Spice Girls CD? You think this is funny?!

The Shining Stars come out.

Epico- Woah woah! Cass you look so angry and so stressed! Don't you want to relax at the Shining Stars resort? Come on guys


Jericho- What are you three losers doing here?

Kofi- Who do you think you're talking to?! WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO!? We have a real reason for being here! Tell em E!

Big E- We have nothing better to do!

Woods- Those timeshares sound amazing, you know what sounds better, on UpUpDownDown I'm giving away 2 iPhone7s! It's so two fans can call their friends when we beat Gallows and Anderson and remain your WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

Gallows and Anderson come out

Gallows- You've got to be kidding me, this is why we're taking those titles this Sunday.

Anderson- Last week we beat you. We beat you and your response is to talk about UpUpDownDown like anyone cares. Talking about your stupid cereal.

Jericho- Enough! Originally the list of Jericho was about Mick Foley, but I'm starting a new list! It's a list of stupid idiots and you're all on it! You, you you you, especially YOU!

Sami Zayn runs out and attacks Jericho from behind. Sami throws Jericho in the ring and a huge brawl breaks out!

New Day w/Woods, Enzo and Cass, and Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho, Shining Stars, and Gallows and Anderson

Jericho and Kofi Kingston are already battling as we return from break. Kofi with a springboard crossbody! Tag to Sami Zayn and then Epico. Arm drag by Zayn on Epico. Tag to Big E who locks in the abdominal stretch. Tag to Kofi who hits a big splash. 2 count. Kofi gets cheap-shotted by Gallows. Gallows tags himself in. Gallows throws Kofi in his corner and hammers away at Kofi. Tag to Anderson who slams Kofi and drops a knee. Chinlock on Kofi. Spinebuster on Kofi. Tag to Primo. Kofi whipped into his corner. Monkey flip but Kofi lands on his feet and tags Cass. Cass comes in and dominates! Fallaway slam and a stinger splash in the corner! Empire Elbow! Epico breaks up the pin. Enzo runs in and takes out Epico! Epico lands on the apron and then pulls down the rope to send Enzo flying. Epico mocks Enzo and the eats a big boot from Cass! Cass eats a big boot from Gallows! Gallows eats a big clothesline from Big E! Big E sends Anderson outside too! Big E launches Kofi over the top onto all the bodies. Jericho runs in and takes out Big E. Sami Zayn runs in and takes out Jericho and hits the Helluva kick on Primo! Tag to Enzo! Boom chakalaka!

Winners: New Day, Enzo and Cass, and Sami Zayn


Mick- It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of fight in the dog. Same can be said about our Cruiserweights. 32 men fought in a grueling 10 week tournament in search of the greatest Crusierweight in the world. We found that man in TJ Perkins. It's about heart, passion, and entertainment. The kind of entertainment you can only find on Monday Night Raw. We brought 4 of those men tonight for the first Cruiserweight match. Please welcome Rich Swann! The runner-up in the Cruiserweight Classic, Gran Metalik! A man who won the adulation of the fans in the Classic, Cedric Alexander! And last but not least, welcome back to Monday Night Raw, THE Brian Kendrick! As you men know every title will be on the line at Clash of Champions, including the Cruiserweight Championship. You four are here for a Fatal Fourway match, the winner becomes the #1 contender for that championship match!

Rich Swann vs. Gran Metalik vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Brian Kendrick Cruiserweight #1 Contender match

All 4 men eye each other and Brian Kendrick slides out. Cedric attacks Gran from behind. Kick to the head of Alexander. Rich with a dropkick to Metalik. Kendrick runs in with a huge elbow to Rich. Kendrick with a running forearm to Metalik. Alexander knocks down Kendrick and chops the chest. Brian gets out of the ring but gets boots to the face from Alexander. Rollup by Metalik but only gets 2. Chops from Cedric and Metalik hits a springboard elbow! Springboard clothesline from Alexander. Swann back in takes down Alexander and then throws Kendrick out off the ring. Swann with a dragon sleeper! Alexander fights out and hits a big chop and elbow to the head of Swann. Swann with a chop of his own. The two exchange chops, allowing the other to chop to see who is better. Swann with a NASTY right hand to Alexander. Alexander with a head scissors that send Swann flying. Metalik back in! Cedric leaps out of the ring and takes out Swann. Metalik leaps over the top rope and takes out all 3 men! Kendrick with a nasty kick to Metalik then Cedric. Swann pulls Kendrick out and punches him hard. Kendrick whips Swann into the barricade and then steel stairs. We head to break!

Metalik hits a springboard elbow on Kendrick as we return! 2 count! Swann eats a dropkick from Metalik. Metalik with a standing shooting star press on Swann! 2 count! Metalik top rope, moonsault but Swann gets his knees up! Swann with a modified powerbomb! 1-2-NO Cedric breaks it up! Right hand from Cedric to Swann! Swann reverses a press but eats an elbow and a HUGE kick to the side of the head! Kendrick runs in and eats a right hand but then throws Cedric. Kendrick tries Sliced Bread but gets caught by Metalik, it's turned into a spinning DDT! 2 count! Running knee by Alexander but then he gets a nasty kick in the face by Rich! Swann sets up Alexander standing 450! Kendrick runs ina nd throws Swann out and locks in the captain's hook! Metalik takes out Kendrick but gets hit with a lumbar check! Kendrick with the captain's hook again! Cedric taps!

Winner: THE Brian Kendrick

Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens in a Steel Cage Match

Owens taunts Roman and then goes right for the door but Roman catches him. Owens tries to climb out but gets pulled down. Roman hammers away at Owens. Owens kicks Roman but runs right into a clothesline, and another. Leaping clothesline from Roman. Owens sends a running Roman into the the steel cage and then hits a superkick! 2 count! We head to commercial.

We return and both men are standing on the ropes next to each other trying to escape. Owens rakes the eyes and sends Roman crashing down but then Roman hits the ropes and sends Owens onto his gentle parts. Roman hits a clothesline on KO who is trapped between the ropes and the cage, then again, and AGAIN. Roman with a running boot to the face of Owens. Owens tries to crawl out but gets caught. Owens with a right hand but then gets hit with a Samoan drop! 2! Roman with corner clotheslines. Owens dodges another boot and hits a German Suplex! KO with a cannonball to follow! KO tries to leave through the door but Reigns holds onto the ankle. Owens with the senton but Roman gets his knees up! Roman tells them to open the door but Owens grabs the foot of Roman. Roman and Owens exchange blows. Owens goes for the Pop Up but Roman hangs onto the ropes. Right hands back and forth and then at the same time! Reigns runs into a Superkick and then goes for the Pop Up Powerbomb but Reigns turns it into a big Superman Punch! 2 count! Roman goes for the spear but runs into a boot! KO with the Pop Up Powerbomb! 1-2-NO! ROMAN KICKED OUT! KO goes up the cage and gets one leg over before Roman catches him. Roman climbs up and pulls Kevin down. Headbutt from KO and then he slams Roman's head into the cage repeatedly. Reigns with a Superman Punch from the turnbuckle to KO on the ropes! Both men are down. Roman climbs the cage and KO goes through the door. Roman hits the floor first!

Winner: Roman Reigns

Rusev runs out and tries to attack Roman but Roman gets the better of Rusev. That is until KO dropkicks the door into Roman's face. Rusev rolls Roman in the cage and grabs a steel chain. Rusev locks the door with the chain. Rusev and KO attack Roman. Rusev locks in the Accolade. Seth Rollins sprints out and climbs the cage. ��KO climb to head him off but gets thrown away. Rollins knocks Owens and Rusev off the side. Seth stand on the top of the cage and hits a crossbody on both Rusev and Owens! That's it all for tonight folks!

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