Monday Night Raw Results (9/26/16) - I'm Gonna Come Down There And Sit On Your Lap!

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WWE Raw Results (9/26/16)
Monday, September 26th, 2016
From US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, OH

Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello friends and welcome back to Monday Night Raw here at! My name is Zack Krasney, I'm your host with the most. Last night was Raw's first solo PPV, Clash of Champions. The results were....fine. What will be the fallout from last night? We will just have to wait and find out!

Question of the Night: What did you think of Clash of Champions?

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Monday Night Raw

Right to business tonight!

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev for the United States Championship

Rusev and Reigns lock up and Rusev takes Roman down with traditional wrestling takedowns. Roman with a shoulder tackle, and another, Roman with a headlock takedown. ��Rusev wraps his legs around the head of Roman, but Roman kicks up onto his feet. Rusev takes Roman right back down. Rusev picks up Roman and slams him right back down. Rusev with stomps to the back of Roman. Suplex from Rusev. 1 count. Rusev shoulder tackles the backs but Roman hits a hard right hand. Roman dodges a flying Rusev and hits 10 clotheslines in the corner. Reigns tries the deadlift powerbomb but his back can't handle it. Rusev with a fallaway slam. We head to break.

We return and Rusev is in control of Roman with a bear hug on the ribs of Roman. Roman fights out and starts thrown right hands, but runs right into a dropkick from Rusev. Rusev throws Roman and he lands right on his bad back. Rusev gets on top of Roman and pounds his head with right hands. Roman gets up and uses the ropes for balance but Rusev runs in and hits a splash on Roman against the ropes. Roman whipped into the corner but comes out strong with a big clothesline. Clotheslines from Roman take down Rusev. Running clothesline and then a big boot from Roman that drops Rusev. Roman signals the Superman Punch. Rusev catches him and tackles him over the ropes. Both men are down outside the ring as we head to break.

We return and Roman kicks out of a pinfall. Rusev puts Roman on the top, he looks like he's going for a superplex but Roman fights it. Rusev is knocked off and Roman hits a big clothesline from the second rope. Roman hits a Samoan Drop on Rusev! 2 count. Rusev and Roman exchange right hands until Rusev hits the spinning heel kick! 2 count. Jumping headbutts from Rusev. Rusev goes to the top rope but Roman gets up and hits a right hand to knock Rusev to the floor. Roman goes out and rolls him back in, but Roman gets hit with a big kick to the side of the head. 2 count. Rusev misses with a superkick, and then Roman misses with the Superman Punch and Rusev hits the Superkick! 2 count. Rusev signals the Accolade. Roman catches the back stomp Rusev does to set up the Accolade and he hits a Superman Punch! 1-2-No! Roman signals the spear, Lana up on the apron for a distraction, but Roman still catches the Superkick form Rusev. Rusev rolls out but gets hit with the Drive By. Rusev tries to escape through the crowd but Roman goes out of him. The match ends in a double count out.


Roman and Rusev continue fighting and when the end up back at ringside Rusev hits Roman with a chair to the gut! Rusev throws Roman into the ring. Rusev lines up a big chair shot but Roman ducks it and hits a big spear! Roman grabs his title but then sees the chair. Roman picks up the chair and looks down at Rusev. The crowd is hot for a chair shot, but Roman opens the chair and sits down then holds up his title. Roman starts to walk away and changes his mind and hits Rusev in the back with the chair.

In Ring

Mick Foley is in the ring and he is going to address what happened in the best of 7 final match from last night.

Mick- Last night Sheamus and Cesaro had a thrilling match, but was stopped due to a medical stoppage. Their best of 7 ended up in a draw. I'd like to bring both men out here at this time. First, Sheamus. And Cesaro.

Sheamus- Mick how is this even a discussion. You said that the man who was more physically dominant would be declared the winner. Right?

Mick- Yeah--

Sheamus- I'm talking Foley! You told both of us. The truth of the matter is we beat the hell out of each other. I didn't come here for a wishy washy answer. If I wasn't more physically dominant, I don't know what you were watching.

Cesaro- As far as I remember, last night I was standing in this ring ready to fight while you ran away.

Sheamus- The way I remember it was, I was dragged out by 4 people.

Cesaro- Why weren't you in the ring?!

Sheamus- You know that's easy to say when you didn't have anyone dragging you away! Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I'm better than you and I'm through with you!

Cesaro- I'm through with you! I am better than you!

Mick- SHEAMUS IS RIGHT! And so are you Cesaro. You're both right. You both proved you can be physically dominant. You brought out the best in each other. No man was the winner or the loser. I've decided to grant you both championship opportunities. You have to share it. You two will get a chance at the Tag Team Championships. If you decide you want to do it, you'll face the winner of this match...

New Day vs. Gallows and Anderson for the Tag Team Champions

We return from break and the match is already underway. Kofi hits a spin kick on Anderson. Unicorn Stampede! Gallows runs up and pulls E off the side and hits a big kick on him to interrupt. Kofi comes out but gets hit with a huge clothesline. Anderson hits a huge running kick to the head of Kofi. Back in the ring Gallows beats down Kofi. Kofi tries a springboard move but gets caught in a chokeslam!

We return from break and Kofi is trying to make it to Big E for a tag. Anderson stops it and hits a big powerbomb! 2 count! Kofi fights back and is able to take down Anderson and make a tag! Big E with a belly to belly! And another! And a third! Gallows runs in but gets clotheslined out of the ring! Anderson rolls up Big E and grabs the tights, but he still kicks out! Big E misses a spear and goes shoulder first into the steel post! Roll up! 2 count. Anderson runs at Big E but gets sent to the apron and then E hits the huge spear through the ropes! Back in the ring and tag to Kofi! Midnight hour! Gallows breaks up the pin! Kofi hits a knee to the face of Gallows! Kofi signals Trouble and Paradise. Tag to Big E when Anderson rolls out. Kofi gets pulled out by Gallows. Karl with a leaping neckbreaker on Big E. Magic Killer! 1-2-NO Kofi breaks it up. Woods up on the apron eats a boot! Anderson with a spinebuster on Kofi but it's reversed intoa DDT! Trouble in Paradise! 1-2-3!

Winners: New Day!


Sheamus and Cesaro are arguing Mick about the Tag Team Title match. Mick tells them they stole the show last night and he won't do an 8th match. Sometimes two guys are teamed together who earned each other's respect but don't like each other, and they make magic in the ring. Just go out there tonight and see how it goes. He doesn't want to lose either guy!

Bayley vs. Anna Fields (jobber)

Anna attacks right off the bat and hits forearms then chokes Bayley in the corner with her legs. Headlock by Anna on Bayley. Bayley fights back and starts to take control. Running clothesline by Bayley. Bayley with the crazy splash! Bayley to Belly! 1-2-3.

Winner: Bayley

Tom interviews Bayley in the ring and asks about last night. Bayley says Charlotte and Sasha proved why they are two of the top women in the company, but if they think they've seen the last of her they've got another thing coming.


Mick walks in on Stephanie. Mick says he looks like a fool because of last night. A referee goes down in the main event, Steph comes out with a referee after MINUTES just in time for Kevin Owens to pick up the win. Then cameras catch Triple H show up and when he asks how things went she said great. Stephanie tells him it was HIS job to protect the integrity of the main event, when she didn't see him doing HIS JOB she got a referee out there. When her husband, who didn't get to see the PPV, asked how it went she told him it went great because she was proud of Raw's first Solo PPV. Mick apologizes and Stephanie tells him if he wants to stay General Manager she suggests he do his job! When Seth Rollins gets here, Mick better protect him since he isn't medically cleared.

Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander vs. Drew Gulak and Lince Dorado 

Rich and Dorado start things off. They dodge each other for a while and then Swann lands on his feet after a hurricarana from Dorado. Dorado returns the favor. Both men hit dropkick. Dorado with a modified Celtic Cross. Alexander gets in to take out Gulak who ran in. Both men crash to the outside. Swann gets thrown out of the ring onto them. Dorado with a moonsault to take out all 3. We head to break.

We return and Gulak is in control of Swann with a headlock. Tag to Dorado who tries a pinfall and gets 2. Uppercut to Swann and then chops. Swann whipped hard into the corner, then into the other but when Dorado tries a dropkick in the corner Swann moves and makes a tag to Cedric! Cedric takes out Gulak who tagged in. Running enziguri in the corner and a springboard clothesline! Dorado breaks up the pinfall. Swann goes after Dorado but gets chopped! Lumbar check to Dorado! Tag to Swann. Huge spinning kick, the Rich Kick, to the face of Gulak for the win!

Winners: Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann

Cesaro and Sheamus vs. Two Jobbers

Cesaro starts things off. Cesaro with a suplex that he holds for a long time to prove a point. Sheamus wants a tag and then jumps off the side before he can. He gets back on the side and Cesaro slaps his back for a tag. Sheamus gets in and hits 10 beats on jobber. Jobber tags jobber who runs into a boot from Sheamus. Cesaro tags himself in. The jobber goes after his taped shoulder. The jobbers make quick tags to continue to attack the shoulder. Cesaro with two big uppercuts. Cesaro sets up the Neutralizer and Sheamus comes in and hits a Brogue kick on the non-legal jobber who ran in. Cesaro hits the Neutralizer to send a message back.

Winners: Cesaro and Sheamus


TJ Perkins is being interviewed when The Brian Kendrick walks up. He asks Perkins how it feels to rob him of what is rightfully his. How it feels to "live his dream." Kendrick says the next time they meet he is taking that title, because it's owed to him. Perkins says he owes him for that headbutt last night!

In Ring

Charlotte- You know Clash of Champions was once again my night! I once again defended the Raw Women's Championship and proved why I'm the Queen of Raw's Womens Division. I defeated two of the greatest Women in WWE today. That's the difference between me and Bayley or me and Sasha. I don't just talk the talk I walk the walk. I know you all are thinking you've heard this before. That's because every few months a new competitor pops up and everyone thinks this will be the woman to dethrone me. It never happens. I'm not the face of NXT, I'm not the internet darling, I'm just the best.

Sasha's music cuts her off- Hold on Booboo. Last night may have been your night but that is still my title.

Charlotte- Then why is it around MY waist.

Sasha- Don't interrupt. You pinned Bayley, not me. I'm still owed my 1 on 1 rematch and I want it right now!

Charlotte- Be quiet peasants. Listen Sasha, you're a living legend in your own mind, but as good as you think you are, I'm that much better. You have earned it, and I'll give these people what they want. I'll even give you what you want, I'll give you your title match.....NEXT WEEK. Because if I didn't, you'd boohoo all the way to Mick Foley like a dog until you got your way. I'll give it to Sasha, as much as I've embarrassed her and beat her, Sasha keeps getting back up. Next week, you're going to stay down!

Sasha- I'll show YOU why I'm going to be the face of the Women's division when I beat you for that Championship!

Sasha cheapshots Charlotte and then hits the Banks Statement on Dana Brooke. Sasha throws both women out of the ring.


Seth Rollins is shown walking backstage. Mick Foley catches up with him and tells him not go out there. Seth tells him he owes Owens something. He saw Stephanie get into the limo with Triple H last night. He knows what's going on. He hears Mick talking but all he can hear is Stephanie's words.

TJ Perkins vs. Tony Nese

Head scissor take down gets reversed by Nese. Shoulder tackle and a deadlift suplex but TJ reverses it. Perkins gets the knee bar locked in but Nese makes it to the ropes. The action moves to the outside where some awesome ninja stuff happens. Nese launches himself over the top rope and lands on Perkins. Perkins rolls himself in but gets pinned for a 2 count. We head to commercial.

We return and Perkins locks in the octopus hold. Nese with an inverted gut wrench suplex. Nese drops a leg drop. Nese whips Perkins into the corner and hits a big clothesline. Running hurricarana from Perkins. Spinning heel kick from Perkins and a jumping neckbreaker! Double Chicken Wing into the Gutbuster by Perkins! 2 count! Perkins with a suplex into a backdrop. Perkins to the top rope but Nese stops him. Perkins drops him down and goes for the tornado DDT but gets caught and thrown onto the ropes. Huge kick to Perkins while he dangled on the ropes. Perskins slides out a suplex and hits the wrecking ball suplex. Knee bar locked in and Nese taps out!

Winner: TJ Perkins

The Highlight Reel

Jericho- Quiet. Quiet. Quiet quiet quiet quiet quiet! Tonight is the most anticipated highlight reel in WWE history. First I want to address Ashton Kutcher and Danny whatshisname. How dare you imply you're better than me and Kevin Owens. If you do decide to show up to Raw next week, I'm going to put you two on the list of Jericho. When I do you're not going to like.........IT! Alright lets get down to the best part of the show...hey I told you to shoot me from the left side. You just made the list! You know who else is on the list, you stupid idiots?! Seth Rollins. You know why because Seth got hurt AGAIN. I've been in the WWE for 17 years and I've never been hurt. Seth has been here like a year and a half and he's on the injured list AGAIN. The man who put him there is my guest, my best friend, the longest reigning WWE Universal Champion in history, KEVIN OWENS!

Owens- This is nice. That's a very expensive TV.

Jericho- A wise man once said, people are lead to believe mediocrity was excellence. It was me. But last night you showed what a champion really should be.

Owens- Thanks, Chris, let me address something first. Normally I'd be out here in a suit, but let's face it, this is Ohio. I wouldn't be cheering that, and I'm not wearing a suit for a city that spawned a living breathing car wreck like Dean Ambrose. Now let's talk about last night. Let's talk about how I proved to the world that I am exactly what I say I am. I proved that I should have been the #1 pick in the draft. I don't only belong in the main event, I AM the main event! I AM THE MAN! Not only did I beat Seth Rollins and retain my championship, but like Chris said, I hurt Seth Rollins! Don't feel bad for little Seth, what happened was karma. Seth walked around saying he was the man. Look at the list of people Seth injured, John Cena, Sting, Finn Balor. Seth Rollins might have been the most dangerous man in WWE. I took him out so what does that make me? The most dangerous man in WWE.

Seth Rollins's music hits and he makes his way out but a group of security guards runs out and stops him from getting in the ring. Mick Foley walks out too.

Owens- Foley don't listen to these people, they're stupid idiots. Don't let them fight, get him out of here. Go Redesign, Rebuild, Recapture your couch buddy!

Security gets Rollins to the back.

Jericho- Didn't like that did you?! You thought Seth was going to come and beat us up didn't you!

Enzo and Cass's music hits!

Enzo- My name is Enzo Amore and I am a certified G and a bonafide stud and you can't teach that! And this right here is Big Cass and he's 7-feet tall! And you can't teach that! Badaboom! Realist guys in the room! How you doin!

Jericho- I got this Kev. We're doing just fine. Why wouldn't we be. We're best friends. We're the WWE Universal Champion. We were great until you came down. So you know what're on the list!

Owens- It's Enzo, you wrote Ezzo. And two S's in Cass.

Enzo- So you're making a list and checking it twice, for spelling errors, who does this guy think he is.

Cass- Who are you Santa Claus?

Jericho- Maybe I am! Maybe I'll come down there and sit on your lap!

Cass- What did you just say!?

Jericho- I didn't say anything.

Cass- No you did, repeat it.

Jericho- Nope, didn't say anything.

Cass- You said you were going to sit on my lap.

Jericho- No I didn't.

Cass- Besides that you said you'd sit on my lap and kids sit on Santa's lap, it doesn't matter. You said you were gonna sit on my lap.

Jericho- Nope, I said I was I was gonna punch you in the face.

Cass- You definitely didn't. I'll prove it. Did Jericho say he was going to sit on my lap? *Yes Chants*

Owens- It doesn't matter, I'll punch you in the face!

Jericho- Yeah, we both will! Unfortunately we don't have a match with you tonight so maybe another time.

Cass- Funny you say that, because we just passed Mick Foley in back and he told us we do have a match!

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho vs. Enzo and Cass

Jericho and Enzo start things off. Jericho with chops to Enzo. Shoulder tackle by Chris. Arm drag by Enzo. Tag to Owens. Owens says he wants the big one. Tag to Cass. KO attacks but Cass puts him in the corner and slaps the chest. Tag to Enzo and Cass whips Enzo into KO. Jericho runs in and is thrown out too. Cass picks up Enzo and throws him at KO and Jericho. Tag to Cass. Cass rolls KO in but then gets kneed in the guts. Tag to Jericho. Chops from Y2J but a sidewalk slam to Jericho. Owens runs in and gets one too! Big Cass goes for a big boot but Jericho pulls down the top rope and sends him flying. KO throws Cass headfirst into the steel post.

We return from commercial and Cass makes a tag to Enzo. Enzo and Jericho go at it. Enzo puts Jericho in the corner and hammers away. Clothesline from Enzo to Jericho. Enzo goes up top and hits a flying crossbody. Enzo stops KO from getting in the ring. Owens hits Enzo from behind. Enzo gets sent to the apron and KO holds Enzo's feet while Jericho hits a springboard dropkick. KO mocks Enzo. Owens rolls Enzo back in. Owens stomps the fingers of Enzo. Hard right hand from Owens. Owens uses his knee to choke Enzo. Jericho continues the choke when the ref pulls Owens off. Owens chops Enzo and tags Jericho. Jericho mocks Enzo then does a suspended vertical suplex. Jericho puts Enzo on the top turnbuckle. Enzo blocks the superplex. Enzo knocks Jericho down and leaps at Chris, but Jericho hits a dropkick midair! Owens mocks Enzo from the outside. KO tags in and slams Enzo and follows it immediately with a senton! 2 count. Owens with a knee to the head of Enzo. Tag to Jericho. Jericho kicks Enzo and then smacks him in the head. Enzo fights back but runs into an elbow from Jericho. Jericho goes for the lionsault but Enzo gets his knees up. Hot tags are made! Cass with the shoulder tackle to Owens then Jericho. Cass with a fallaway slam. Cass throws Jericho out. Splash on Owens. Jericho comes off the top but Cass hits a big boot midair! Empire Elbow on KO! Cass with a spinning slam on Jericho. Cass goes for another splash on KO but misses! Superkick! Cass hits a big boot! Tag to Enzo. Jericho runs up and slaps Cass. Cass hits a massive big boot on Jericho. DD-G on Kevin! 2 count! Owens with a wicked clothesline on Enzo! Powerbomb on Enzo! 3 count for that one!

Winners: Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho

Keep hitting that refresh button throughout the night to get updated results...insert funny comment here.

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