Monday Night Raw Results (10/5/15) It's A New Day, Yes It Is!


WWE Raw Results (10/5/15)
Monday, October 5th, 2015
From TD Garden in Boston, MA
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello everyone and welcome back to WNW Raw live stream and results! I am your host, Zack Krasney, so let's get right to it! Question of the Week: What are your feelings on the Kane/Seth Rollins storyline?

Monday Night Raw

Tonight we are kicking things of with BROCK LESNAR! He is of course with Paul Heyman. What a big way to kick things off!

Paul Heyman- Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Paul Heyman and I am the advocate for the slayer of the giant, the conqueror of the streak, tonight the beast of Boston...BROCK LESNAR! Now that we have kicked off the go to hell tour by crashing the Big Show all focus goes to a Cell! I understand how unfathomable it will be that the Undertaker will never get revenge on Brock Lesnar. Because anyone who ever threw a stone at the Undertaker they were beaten and victimized by the Undertaker. Now, this is a fight the Undertaker can not win. The Undertaker considers Hell in the Cell to be his playground. Brock Lesnar says your match? His ass! The Undertaker thought WrestleMania was his match until he fought Brock Lesnar! One week in the hospital, one year on the shelf, and countless endless sleepless nights doing all of your evil soul searching, plotting and planning your revenge. Then at SummerSlam when you had a chance to claim your vengeance, what happened? You went face to face with the beast and when you looked at your conqueror you realized you couldn't get your revenge on The Beast. You know...I don't ever recall Brock Lesnar needing to use a low blow, that's what Undertaker had to do. Like my client told Stone Cold, I'll tell Undertaker, Hell in a Cell only on the WWE network, Undertaker you will step into a cage of ultimate consequences, because this will be the very last time Brock Lesnar will ever fight the Undertaker. Only one will walk out as the victor of this war, one of you walks out the winner the other will not walk out of that cell at all. That's not a prediction, that is a spoiler! --Big Show's music hits--

Big Show- *please retire chants* Suplex City...I guess you took me to Suplex City in MSG didn't you Brock. What a trip what a match what a fight! Beast vs. The Giant, I was that close Brock, to wiping that grin off your face. Because I'm the bigger man, I'll call it like it is and say you're the man. I'll put my hand out right now and say you're the man *goes to shake but Brock walks away* Must be nice to be as arrogant as you are. I hope you face the Undertaker and I hope you lose...again.

Brock turns around and gets back in the ring. Lesnar hits a belly to belly on Big Show. Lesnar picks Big Show up with ease and hits an F5.


Seth- What am I supposed to do now, Big Show was supposed to be my partner.

Steph- I'm not calling the match off.

Seth- What am I supposed to do now face the Dudleys by myself?

Steph- Gee Seth, you're the MAN. Figure it out.

Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Randy Orton vs. The Wyatt Family

Reigns and Harper lock up to start things off. Roman goes after Wyatt and attacks him on the outside, Harper tries to break it off but gets blasted for it. Braun attacks Reigns and Ambrose and Orton run in and attack him too. Orton pokes him in the eye and they knock him out of the ring. We head to break.

Harper kicks out of a headlock that Ambrose had locked in. Harper rolls out of the ring. Ambrose lays down in the ring to taunt Harper. Harper gets in and seems guarded, he walks up and gets rolled up for 2. Orton tags in and hits a double elbow on Harper. Orton stomps each limb and tags Dean back in. Tag to Braun Stowman, Ambrose knocks him off the ring before he can get in and springboards over the top to the floor but Braun catches him and just throws him away like a piece of trash. Ambrose gets thrown back through the ropes. Slam to Ambrose by Stowman, then a tag to Wyatt. Running corner clothesline by Wyatt to Ambrose and a 2 count. Harper tags in and kicks Ambrose in the head. Tag to Wyatt. Ambrose tries to fight back and hits the lunatic clothesline. Stowman tags in and Ambrose goes for the lunatic clothesline but gets destroyed by a shoulder tackle. We head to break.

We return and Ambrose gets BLASTED by a huge clothesline from Wyatt. Wyatt sucker punches Reigns off the side. Braun tags in and throws Dean into the corner and tries to hit a shoulder but Ambrose side steps and gets sent into the steel post. Hot tag to Ambrose who tosses Wyatt out. Orton hits the spike DDT on Harper. Orton signals the RKO. Bray distracts the ref and Stowman attacks Orton. Tag made to Reigns who comes in and cleans house and attacks Wyatt. Stowman grabs Reigns by the face but Ambrose hits a suicide dive on him. Reigns hits the Superman Punch on Stowman. Ambrose tackles him into the time keeper area. Reigns goes into the ring and powerbombs Harper. Wyatt attacks Reigns and Harper hits a Superkick. Pin by Harper but Orton breaks it up. RKO on Harper! Reigns hits the spear on Harper for the win!

Winners: Orton, Reigns and Ambrose

Reigns- Bray at Hell in a Cell me and you are done when I beat you. Believe that.

Neville vs. Sheamus w/Wade Barret on commentary

Wade Barrett says Neville was just in the wrong place at the wrong time last

Sheamus- And I thought this was an Irish city. All of you and your Celtic pride and your lame leprechaun mascot. Speaking of leprechauns we got one right here, Neville. What is it about you, people love you. *you look stupid chants* A little respect for a real Irishman please! No matter how hard you try, and fight, you are and will always be a loser. Me? I'm a winner. Mr. Money in the Bank, drink it in. Future WWE Champion. What does it feel like? To be a loser? The truth hurts, but not as much as when I kick your head off. *Neville attacks him*

Neville continues to attack Sheamus in the corner the ref tries to pull Neville off but Neville continues to attack. Wade Barrett says Neville is better than this he's going to talk to him. Neville notices and during the distraction Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner: Sheamus

In-Ring Segment

Kane- You'll have to excuse my boot, but Seth Rollins got a bit carried away last week. But if I had a 7 foot monster chasing after me I'd be feeling desperate too. He needs a partner since Brock Lesnar destroyed his tag team partner earlier. I suggest...ME.

Seth- No no no no no no. Kane you think you can come out here and make YOU my partner?! Look, that's not how this works Corporate Kane, I hate to do this but you are no Tom Brady ok? Now even though you both have deflated balls. Look you can not lie and cheat your way into getting whatever you want. Life doesn't work that way for people like you. You can take that idea of you being my partner and throw it out the window.

Kane- Seth on my coffee mug it says Best Director of Operation and that's how I live my life. The best way for me to do that is to bring out the best in you.

Seth- I don't need you to bring out the best in me, my WWE Championship brings out the best of me.

Kane- I have a poster in my office that says no one else matters but the man in the mirror. I feel like you're not proud of the man in the mirror. But to be the man around here, sometimes you have to go through HELL and face your DEMONS. That's what a poster in my office says.

Does it qualify as facing my demons if I take you to HELL right NOW!?

*Steph's music hits*

Steph- Save it Seth we all know it was you who filed that complaint against Kane and it blew up in your face. Then you're gonna come out and insult Tom Brady, he is a great leader who will surely lead his team to become Superbowl champions! And speaking of champions there is just one way to settle this, at Hell in a Cell the demon will have his day when he faces Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship. As far as tonight is concerned, Kane if you feel like you can tape up your ankle and face the Dudley Boyz, well have at it. There is just one more thing, at Hell in a Cell if monster Kane doesn't defeat Seth Rollins then Corporate Kane will be relieved of his duties as Director of Operations.


Seth- Teaming with Kane after what happened to Smackdown, even lets say Corporate Kane stays out there he's after my title.

Triple H- At first glace it seems like Kane has you right where he wants you, but does he? You know the saying, do unto others before they can do unto you.

Natalya vs. Paige

They lock up and Nattie hammers Paige. Paige gets a roll up, switched, switched back, switched. Paige rolls out and Nattie hits a baseball slide. Paige hits a big kick out of no where as Nattie is chasing her. Paige rolls her back in. Paige locks her legs around Nattie and squeezes her ribs, Nattie rolls over and pounds Paige. Paige locks it into a headlock submission. Nattie stands up with her and goes to suplex her but Paige reverses it into a press. Paige stretches Nattie and shakes her hard on the neck. Nattie fights out and reverses it, she grabs the leg to make it worse! Paige fights out and throws Nattie by her hair. Paige goes for the running knee but Nattie rolls out and slams Paige. Spinning clothesline by Natalya but it only gets her a 2 count. Paige hits the spinning neckbreaker. Paige goes for a slap but Nattie dodges and hits a dropkick to Paige. Nattie locks in the Sharpshooter! Paige makes it to the ropes though. Paige hits a guillotine. Paige tries for a kick but Nattie catches it and locks in the Sharpshooter and Paige taps!!

Winner: Natalya!

Ryback- Actions speak louder than words. Now picture this Kevin Owens, I'm the lion and you're the prey. I get closer and closer to taking back what's mine and ripping you to shreds. Kevin Owens it's FEEDING TIME! FEED ME MORE!

Kevin Owens vs. Sin Cara

Owens kicks the gut of Cara and then stomps him and kicks him over and over. Owens throws Cara into the corner then hits the running Senton. Headlock on Sin Cara. Kalisto comes out and distracts Owens, allowing a springboard flip and a roll up but only 2. Cara kicks the legs and goes for a springboard crossbody but Owens kicks him mid-air and hits the Pop Up Powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Kevin Owens

After the match Owens attacks Kalisto and was looking to hit the Powerbomb on the side of the ring but Ryback runs out to make the save. Owens slides out and leaves through the crowd.

Steph is backstage.

New Day- Steph...anie! Steph...anie!

Steph- Not now but I'm busy.

Big E- Don't you be sour, you gotta clap for the two time champs and feel the power

Steph- What part of i'm busy don't you understand, *Xavier raises the trombone slowly* and if I hear one note out of the trombone I'll send you somewhere that makes suplex city look like Disneyland. *Xavier lowers the trombone slowly* By the way I was watching the MSG special Saturday and as a result of your actions you'll be defending your championships in 3 weeks at Hell in a Cell.

In-Ring Segment

John Cena and Roman Reigns is in the ring to talk about breast cancer with some amazing women.

John- For the 4th year WWE is proud to partner with Susan G. Koman. I love coming back to Boston, I was born a couple exits down. I see my Dad and my brother and I get a very special feeling being here. I get to do something extra special, I get to share the ring with some ladies who beat breast cancer!

Roman Reigns- I hate to break up the yes fest, normally my mantra is one vs. all but with breast cancer is all vs. one. Together WWE and Susan G. Koman can do great things. If you go to and get the gear we can help fund breast cancer research and outreach all over the world. Join the fight, believe that!

Kane and Seth Rollins vs. The Dudley Boyz

Kane and Bubba start things off. Kane's ankle hurts and Rollins tags in and tells him he's not losing this for him and not to go anywhere. Rollins talks trash to Bubba and shoves him, Bubba shoves him hard back. Rollins throws the headlock on but Bubba fights out and hits a shoulder tackle. Rollins rolls out to catch his breath. He gets back in and he gets Bubba in the corner and stomps him. Bubba switches their rolls and smacks the chest of Rollins. Tag to D-Von and a double shoulder tackle and elbow drop. 2 count. Tag made by Kane. D-Von kicks the injured leg and Kane tags out. Seth yells this is bullcrap. Kane starts to walk around on the outside and Rollins tell him not to move. D-Von hits a spinning elbow and gets a 2 count. D-Von hits the neckbreaker from the top rope but Kane made a blind tag and blasts D-Von. Tag back to Rollins and Seth goes to the top rope, Kane holds D-Von, and hits a shot to the get. Neckbreaker by Rollins. Kane seems happy on the outside.

We return from break and Kane has a headlock on D-Von. D-Von fights out and Kane makes a tag to Rollins. Kane calls for the doctor on the side and the doctor said we'll have to go to the back, but Rollins runs over and handcuffs Kane to the ropes! Bubba knocks Seth into Kane and Kane falls off to the side, breaking the handcuffs. Kane is brought to the back. Seth is furious. At the top of the ramp Kane turns around and smiles, before going into the back. D-Von with a roll up but no. Rollins tries for the pedigree but it gets reverses and Seth lands on his back. Rollins tries for a splash but D-Von rolls out of the way and makes the hot tag! Bubba takes it to Seth and hits the big elbow! Bubba tags D-Von and WHATS UUUUP! Bubba tells D-Von to get the tables! They pull one out but Seth hits a baseball slide into the table and knocks out both Dudley Boyz. The ref calls for the DQ.

Winners: The Dudley Boyz

Seth looks around for Kane and grabs his title to leave but Kane's pyro hits! Kane comes out and hits the big boot on Rollins. The Dudleyz get behind Demon Kane and hit the 3D! They get some revenge from Smackdown. Rollins sees the weakened Kane and thinks about attacking but rolls out of the ring and starts to leave, but then sees the table. Seth rolls it in the ring and sets it up. Seth stands over Kane and talks trash but Kane grabs Seth by the throat. Seth manages to fight out of it and goes to the top rope! Seth jumps at Kane but gets caught by the throat again and chokeslammed through the table!

We see a clip from earlier in the day. A limo pulls up and it's the Bellas. An black SUV pulls up and it's Team BAD. Sasha Banks grabs Nikki's hat and throws it, Brie holds Nikki back.

Damn does it feel good to be back home, and just so you guys know I put the Boss in Boston. Just like I put the boss--*Bellas interrupt*

Nikki- Welcome home Sasha, you are exactly like the Boston Red Sox, over rated. There is no chance you or the Sox will win a championship in October. Unlike me and the Yankees, we're going all the way. Nothing will better than going all the way in October.

Naomi- You're used to going all the way, how's that working out for you.

Nikki- Listen up team ratchet, you can refer to me as the longest reigning Divas Champion.

Sasha Banks- Who ever wins that title is just keeping it warm for me!

Brie- Well if you're saying it MUST be true right Naomi? They all chant for Naaaomi during your match.

Team BAD vs. Team Bella

Naomi and Brie start things off. Naomi takes down Nikki and tags Sasha. Sasha chokes Nikki in the corner with her boot. Brie tags in but Sasha gets her in the corner and hits the knees to the gut of Brie.

We return from break and Brie tags in, in control of Naomi. Knee to the gut of Naomi and she yells Brie Mode then does a running knee to the face of a down Naomi. Tag to Nikki, who hits the running neck snap to a seated Naomi. Headlock on Naomi. Naomi turns it into a jawbreaker but Nikki hits a clothesline to take control back. Nikki puts Naomi in the corner and kicks away at her. Tag to Foxy who pins Naomi for a 2 count. Fox slams Naomi's head down by pulling the hair and puts her in a headlock. Naomi fights out with elbows but gets dragged back to Team Bella's corner. Brie does Daniel Bryan's kicks to the chest, but Naomi takes Brie down. Brie trips her and tags Foxy back in. Headlock by Fox but Naomi fights out. Naomi makes a hot tag to Banks. Sasha takes both Bellas off the side and hits knees to the chest of Foxy. Then knees to the face. Pin but Brie breaks it up. Tamina hits a superkick to Brie, Nikki takes out Tamina, Naomi takes out Nikki and Sasha Banks locks in the Bankstatement and Foxy taps!

Winners: Team BAD


Renee- Do you think your focus is going to be split going into Hell in a Cell because of Paige?

Charlotte- Listen Paige's issues are her own, but this rematch is an opportunity to prove me beating the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time isn't a fluke and the Divas Title is exactly where it belongs.

In-Ring Segment

Summer Rae- I keep hearing these rumors Summer is over, but for one lucky man Summer never ends. Please welcome the Bulgarian Barbarian and the man I go home with every night! Rusev! *Rusev comes out* Sweetness I wanted to take an entire segment on Raw *USA Chants* As I was saying, to honor the one superstar who has done more this whole year than any other superstar on Raw. *Really bad Rusev and Summer Rae segment*

Rusev- Summer that was great, I don't know how to say this but when this first started I didn't like you at all. But as time went on I can't imagine caring about anyone more than you.

Summer- I was hoping you'd say that, there's something I have to ask you. *Gets down on one knee* RuRu will you marry me?

Rusev- Honestly I don't know what to say I...uh....

Summer- This is the beginning, we can do it all together. We can walk out of WrestleMania together as champion! Just say yes!

Rusev- I say....I say....I say yes! *They kiss* I say yes, but not yet. You think we have future, we must prove to each other that we're worthy. I need WWE gold around my waste and then you'll get gold around your finger.

John Cena Open Challenge

John- Beantown I told you, you'd get your chance to get riled up! Everyone knows that Boston is the place to be! Take a good look because John Cena is the man to beat. The John Cena US Open Challenge starts now. You want some come get some!

And the challenger is...Dolph Ziggler! Wait, New Day comes out carrying and knocked out Dolph Ziggler.

New Day- John what was it last week you were saying about getting serious. Is this serious enough for you? But now who will answer this US open challenge? Who? Who? Who? You see what we have here is a big question from a big champion offering a big chance for a big championship in a big city, what a big moment! If only we had, if we only had a BIG challenger. Big reveal in 1...2...3....BIG E!

Big E vs. John Cena for the United States Championship

Cena gets a headlock on Big E to start things off. Shoulder tackle by Big E as we head to break.

As we return Big E is in control with a series of suplexes. During the break Big E speared Cena through the ropes. Big E goes for another shoulder spear in the corner but Cena moves and Big E hits steel post instead. Cena charges at Big E but Big E catches him and slams him down. Big slam by Big E. A splash on Cena from Big E on the side of the ring. Cena fights back with right hands but Big E bounces off the ropes and hits a standing splash on Cena to take him down. Big E tries it again but Cena flips him over the top ropes. Cena comes after Big E but Big E takes control. Back in the ring Big E drops the straps, but Cena fight back with right hands. Cena tries a shoulder tackle but doesn't knock him down. Cena hits the spinning back drop and goes for 5 knuckle shuffle but New Day trips Cena. The ref ejects them but Big E tries to blast Cena with the trombone while the ref isn't looking. Cena ducks it and the ref grabs the trombone. Cena gets Big E up for the AA and connects for the win.

Winner: John Cena

After the match New Day attacks Cena, but Ziggler runs out for help. He attacks New Day but accidentally Superkicks Cena. New Day attacks Ziggler, but The Dudleyz run out for the save. New Day manages to take them down and New Day stands tall.

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