Monday Night Raw Results (10/19/15) - The Shield Reunites For One Match


WWE Raw Results (10/19/15)
Monday, October 19th, 2015
From the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello everyone and welcome back to WNW for the Raw live show! Did you miss us? We missed you. I'm not creepy, I promise...Any way! Let's get to it, Question of the Week: What would you do to fix the low ratings of Raw?

Monday Night Raw Results

Glass shatters and Stone Cold Steve Austin is kicking off this week's Monday Night Raw!

Stone Cold- If yall here in Dallas ready for a Monday Night Raw gimmie a hell yeah! If you're ready for Wrestlemania 32 gimmie a hell yeah! I'm glad to be back here in Dallas, Texas. Anyway enough of that BS, in a couple hours live on the WWE Network I got Brock Lesnar. And that's the bottom line, cause I say so. I'm gonna introduce a man I got a lot of respect for, I been in battles with him. He's one of a kind. He's the only man who's done what he's done. Sunday at Hell in a Cell he's going to face Brock Lesnar the last time inside a Hell in a Cell match. The Undertaker!

The Undertaker makes his way to the ring, this is a huge start to Raw!

Undertaker- Brock Lesnar. We have one last battle to fight, and listen when I say this son, the depths of hell will look like the gates to heaven compared to where I'm going to take you this Sunday at Hell in a Cell.

Lesnar's music hits and we've got the Beast, too!

Paul- Ladies and Deadman, my name is Paul Heyman and I am the advocate for the beast who shall be unleashed this Sunday at Hell in the Cell, Brock Lesnar! My client and I were just talking about how fitting it is that both men enter consumed with the thought of revenge. My client, Brock Lesnar, wants to avenge that disputed, tainted victory at SummerSlam. But you Undertaker, you don't just want revenge you lust after the notion of avenging the fact that my client, Brock Lesnar, conquered your undefeated streak at WrestleMania. This Sunday at Hell in a Cell when the two of you fight for the very last time my client, Brock Lesnar, will take his revenge upon thee and then Undertaker you are you going to be forced to learn how to live or die with a tainted victory.

Undertaker- You see, that's where your problem is. Because, when you take everything from a man then that man ends up fighting with nothing to lose. *takes off his hat and coat and waves Lesnar forward*

Lesnar heads to the ring, but Paul begs him not to get in the ring. Brock gets on the ring apron but then hops down. Undertaker signals Lesnar with the cut throat taunt.

John Cena and The Dudley Boyz vs. The New Day

Woods- No we don't suck. Hush hush hush. You may as well call us unicorns because we have brought magic back to WWE.

Kofi- Hey you know what they say about this state.

Big E- Everything is booty in Texas. Tony Romo's clavical is booty...also broken.

Kofi- As for your three, I know you remember this brass *holds up broken trombone* because it's the same brass we used to kick your---

Woods- Hey hey, PG show.

Kofi- PG show? It don't matter we're New Day. AASSSSSS!!

Kofi and Bubba start things off and Bubba tosses Kofi and hits a splash in the corner. Bubba whips him into multiple corners and hits the bionic elbow. Tag to D-Von and the Dudleyz hit a double clothesline and elbow drop. We head to break.

We return and New Day is doing their rotating stomp and ends with Kofi hitting the dropkick on Cena in the corner. 2 count pinfall attempt. Woods tags in and plants Cena and gets a 2 count. Tag to Big E. Big E shakes his booty and whips Cena in the corner and hits a sidewalk slam. 2 count. Big E shakes his booty at the Dudleyz, but Cena hits a dropkick. Big E gets up and hits a belly to belly! 2 count. Cena clotheslines Big E and makes the hot tag to D-Von! Woods in and gets a clothesline, and another! Kofi runs in and gets one too. D-Von hits a spinebuster on Woods. Big E breaks up the pin, but Bubba runs in and takes Big E out. On the outside Bubba gets thrown headfirst into the steel post. Woods slides in and rolls up D-Von and grabs the tights for the win.

Winners: New Day

After the match the Dudleyz run in and attack the New Day, Cena joins in. Kofi and Big E clear out but Woods gets caught. Cena hits the AA and the Bubba asks a favor of D-Von, "Get the tables!" Bubba gets on the top rope and Cena and D-Von put Woods up for the super Powerbomb through the table!

Backstage News

It's announced that Randy Orton missed the most recent Mexico Tour and is suspected to be injured and will be missing Hell in a Cell, leaving Dean Ambrose partnerless. They suspect the Wyatt Family may have something to do with it.

Renee Young is backstage with Dean Ambrose

Renee- Moments ago we found out Randy Orton will not be here tonight, rumors about the Wyatt Family involvement

Dean- What's there to know, people can talk about rumors but they aren't rumors. They got to him before, they got to him again. I've had it with this crap! You can call it a challenge, you can call it career suicide, I'm calling Luke Harper and Braun Stowman out TONIGHT!

Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox w/Brie Bella vs. Sasha Banks and Naomi w/Tamina

Sasha and Alicia start things off. Alicia slaps here and then they lock up. Fox gets a headlock in bu the boss fights out, only to get hit by a shoulder tackle. Sasha hits a dropkick and the locks in an arm submission. Sasha slams Fox in the corner and tags Naomi. They hit a team attack with Naomi springing over Banks and hitting the ribs of Fox. We head to break.

We return and Alicia Fox is in control of Naomi. Tag to Nikki and a double suplex by Team Bella. Pinfall and it's 2. Headlock by Nikki on Naomi. Naomi fights out and fights back with some kicks. Nikki hits a kick of her own and then follows up with a diving dropkick. Tag to Foxy and hits a snapmare on Naomi. Surfboard on Naomi, but she fights out. Naomi hits a big kick to the head of Fox in the corner. Nikki tags in and tries to knock of Sasha, but Banks drops down before she can. Tag made to The Boss. She attacks Nikki with clotheslines and a dropkick. Knees to the gut of Nikki in the corner then to the face. Fox tries to cause a distraction but gets knocked off the side. Brie Bella hops up and tries it too and it allows Nikki to blast Sasha with the forearm. Sasha lands in her teams corner so she is able to tag Naomi when Nikki is taking a breath. Naomi up on the top rope. Naomi with a crossbody, but Nikki rolls through. 2 count! Naomi rolls up Nikki and is able to knock Fox down with it. Nikki Bella hit's a spinebuster and hits a cheap shot on Sasha. Nikki puts Noami up for the Rack Attack but Naomi fights out of it. Nikki shoves her into the turnbuckles and then hits the Rack Attack for the win.

Winners: Team Bella

We find out due to his actions last week, Corporate Kane has been suspended. Backstage we see Triple H with Shawn Michaels!

Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring. On the way to the ring he ate some kids Pizza hahaha.

HBK- I gotta tell you, as if making that run isn't hard enough, I stole that kids pizza and it got stuck in my throat, but thank you I was staaarving. Hell in a Cell is upon, now, want you all to know I have been in a cage and I'm not proud of it, but I've also been in a's when I was younger. Both pale in comparison to being inside Hell in a Cell. Now some of you may not know this, but many years ago I was in the first ever Hell in a Cell. Now because I've been hit in the head A LOT, I can't remember with who. Ok it was the Undertaker. The amazing thing is this Sunday, 18 years later, Undertaker is stepping back into that Cell with Brock Lesnar. There's gonna be another Hell in a Cell that night, because after weeks of ridicule by Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns is going to have his chance at redemption at Hell in a Cell. Those two matches are going to tear the house down. -Seth Rollins music cuts Shawn off-

Seth- *They look each other up and down* What the hell are you doing out here Shawn? You know what you were supposed to do when you came out here. You SUPPOSED to introduce THE MAN, the WWE World Heavyweight champion, you were told to start the 2nd hour by introducing Seth Rollins.

HBK- I mean this with all due respect. For 20+ years I have been given instructions back there, then I come out here and POOF it's gone. So I decided to come out here and have a little fun with all these folks out here. And to be perfectly honest we were having a great time until you come out here and ruined the fun.

Seth- Still have a sense of humor. That'd be good except you know the orders didn't come from me, they came from your best friend. You know, the boss Triple H. If you don't want to do what he tells you that's fine, but you got it all wrong. You're talking about The Undertaker and Lesnar, you're talking about Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns? Are you kidding me? If you want to talk about Hell in a Cell that's fine, but you should talk about the MAN, the champion who takes on all comers, you should be talking about the man they call Shawn Michaels 2.0. Everyone knows I'm a lot better than the original. You need to be talking about Seth Rollins.

HBK-You know something, I gotta tell you. If I had a nickel for ever guy who was supposedly the next me, I'd be a billionaire. You know you guys aspire to being the next Shawn Michaels, what's funny to me is you're ok with being version two. Never once in my career was I aspiring to be the second verson of ANYBODY. And I guess that's because I was busy becoming the greatest wrestler who ever lived. Enough about me I digress. You shouldn't be worried with me, I hear you have this 7 foot monster and I think he's gonna get you.

Seth- Don't worry about Kane. I've been a fan of yours my whole life Shawn, from the Rockers to DX to all the Wrestlemania moments, but I think you're a little jealous because I had a moment at Wrestlemania that eclypsed your entire career. You think I'm worried about Kane? I'm not worried about Kane because he's going to end up like everyone else who tried to take this title away from me, flat on his back looking at the stars. You know what I'm done here, hit my music I'm outta here....Hit my music! Hit my music!

HBK- You wanna know the biggest downside of being a version two of someone else, is that when you ask them to play your music they don't do it. But when you are in fact, the original things are a little different. Besides you're not going anywhere anyway. You have a match, and it's next, against Ryback. Soooo hit MY music. *HBK's music plays*

Seth Rollins vs. Ryback

Ryback tackles Rollins into the corner then slams his head against the mat. Rollins tries a suplex but it's block and reversed. Seth slides out of the suplex but gets hit with a clothesline, then whipped into the corner. Ryback hits a delayed vertical suplex. Rollins rolls out of ring but Ryback comes after him, Rollins throws Ryback into the ring side then into the stairs. Rollins rolls in the ring and hits a suicide dive on Ryback. Rollins kicks the gut of Ryback, the locks in a headlock and wraps his legs around the ribs of Ryback as an added effect. Ryback powers his way out and picks up Rollins putting him in the top rope. Rollins fights back but gets caught in a flapjack. Ryback hits a spinning press slam on Rollins. Rollins hits an enzuigiri but Ryback is barely phased. Ryback signals for the Meat Hook but Rollins rolls away. Ryback comes after Rollins but get caught in the Pedigree! Rollins pins Ryback for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville vs. Sheamus, Wade Barrett, and Rusev

Rusev and Neville lock up. Neville gets the arm of Rusev and attacks it. Kicks from Neville to Rusev and more attacking of the arms. Rusev throws Neville in the corner and then splashes. Neville tries a crossbody but gets caught, but Neville lands on his feet and hits a hurricarana and then a kick to the jaw. Tag to Cesaro who slams Rusev. Cesaro tags Neville back in after Cesaro hits a running uppercut, then a forearm by Neville. Sheamus tags in and hits attacks Neville fast and hard. Kicks to the gut of Neville and stomps. Neville fights back with forearms, but Sheamus knocks him back down and tags Barrett. Barrett attacks then tags Rusev back in. Rusev stomps Neville. Neville fights back with kicks and tries to tag but can't reach. Rusev repeatedly stomps Neville. Sheamus causes a distraction with leads to Neville being flung off the side, the Sheamus blasts Neville from behind. We head to break.

We return and Rusev has Neville in an arm submission. Tag to Barrett and a 2 count. Barrett throws in a headlock. Neville fights out and tosses Barrett out of the ring but before he can make the tag Sheamus tags in. Neville creates some space and tags Cesaro! Cesaro hits the running uppercut train. Running dropkick by Cesaro. Cesaro goes to the top rope and hits a big crossbody, 2 count. Cesaro tries for the swing, but Sheamus gets to the ropes. Cesaro knocks Barrett off the side, but gets caught in a spinning slam by Sheamus. Both men are down. Ziggler tags in and so does Barrett. Running clotheslines and a splash by Ziggler. Jumping elbow drop by Dolph but Rusev runs in. Ziggler sends him over the top rope. Ziggler gets rolled up but 2. Fameasser by Ziggler, but kick out at 2. Ziggler goes for the superkick but Barrett dodges, but gets rolled up. Ziggler hits the Superkick, but Sheamus breaks up the pin. Cesaro knocks Sheamus out of the ring, Rusev knocks Cesaro out, and Neville knocks Rusev out. Neville hits a springboard flip from the top rope on all 3 men below! Dolph rolls up Barrett, but Wade kicks out. Sheamus hits a Brogue kick to the head of Ziggler from the outside, letting Barrett pick up the win.

Winners: Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev

In Ring Segment

Ric Flair is in the ring.

Ric- Oh yeah! Dallas Texas! Woo! And the Nature Boy! Lot of history in this town, oh yeah, you know what I mean. The Von Ericks, the Flairs, the Freebirds. WrestleMania in the big D! Woo! The WWE Universe taking over Dallas! I just found out that Dean Ambrose is teaming up tonight with my main man Roman Reigns...WOO! -Reigns music hits- Dallas Roman Reigns is in the house!


The Wyatts are ringside, but that's definitely Rowan and not Harper with him.

Reigns- Just what'd I'd expect 3 of you and 1 of me. I'm going to go get 2 chairs, ones for me and one's for you. *Gets chairs* I'm telling you right now, if you don't start nothing, there won't be nothing. I'm calling Bray Wyatt out in the middle of Dallas, Texas, so you better answer the call son.

Wyatt gets in the ring and sits down across from Reigns.

Reigns- It's not like that, I just wanna talk. I want to talk about you, I want to talk about your story because I know. You're a bully, you like to pick on people. You get off on that. You dig power by fear, but you can't get it alone. You surround yourself with the mountains because you're scared to be alone. I can see it in your eyes right now. I can see it right now, you're scared to be in the ring with me. You're gonna signal them to come in this ring and kick my ass again, but before you do that lets talk about Hell in the Cell. How we end this on Sunday. They can't get in so that means you ain't getting out. That terrifies you, you are scared to be trapped in there with me. You should be afraid of me. *Right hand by Reigns to Wyatt*

Roman grabs his chair and blasts Wyatt. Wyatt rolls out and is saved by Erick Rowan. Dean Ambrose runs in to help back up Reigns and they both have chairs.


Seth is backstage with Triple H and Stephanie.

Seth- Roman Reigns always thinking with his heart and not his head. Sticking his nose in business that isn't his.

Triple H- I don't know if that's a good idea, letting them wrestle in a handicap match against the Wyatts before Hell in a Cell.

Stephanie- We don't want to jeopardize his match right before Sunday.

HBK- He guys, didn't mean to interrupt, just wanted to pop in.

Triple H- We were just discussing what we should do about Roman Reigns tonight.

HBK- That's easy why don't you just put the MAN in there?

Seth- That's not a good idea with the history and all. I already competed tonight.

HHH- He did already wrestle, plus Ambrose and Reigns HATE him.

HBK- I get it, it's like a child you want to protect them as much as you can.

Seth- What I am some kind of child?

HBK- I mean remember how many times you used to wrestle a night Hunter?

Seth- No no no I'm not going to let you do this to me again, and don't agree with him you don't need to protect me! I went out there tonight and stopped the show, I'm going to go out there with 5 world class athletes and do it again. Reigns and Ambrose need a partner...I'm in.

Charlotte w/Becky Lynch vs. Brie Bella w/ Team Bella

They lock up but Charlotte slams Brie face first to the mat. Charlotte with her flipping headlocks. Big boot by Charlotte and a 2 count. Charlotte throws Brie out of the ring and then taunts Nikki. Brie gets back in the ring and Charlotte puts her in the corner and hammers away. Nikki causes a distraction allowing Brie to hit a flapjack into the corner. BRIE MODE! Brie hits the running knee and gets a 2 count. Brie locks in a crossface like submission and then hits a running bulldog. 2 count. Submission on the neck of Charlotte. Kicks to the chest from Brie, but Charlotte catches the foot, clothesline by Charlotte. Chops from the champ and a shoulder tackle. Splash and neckbreaker, then a big spear from Charlotte! Figure 8 locked in and Brie taps!

Winner: Charlotte

Renee is backstage with Paige who was watching.

Renee- Over the last few weeks you have made it clear you want nothing to do with Team PCB then last week you attacked Natalya for helping them.

Pagie- I know, it's been a tough few weeks for fans of Team PCB but I think we turned a corner last week

Renee- The question on every fan's mind is, was it you who attacked Natalya in the women's locker room on Smackdown?

Paige- Reneeeee! No!

Renee- This isn't oh Renee, you were the last person to be seen with Natalya then less than an hour later she was being stretchered out. You're the prime suspect in her attack, how do you respond to that?

Paige- It's a long way to the top and I'm just trying to put this ugliness behind me.

Renee- You're still not answering my question.

Paige- You know what anyone in the divas division could have done it. It could be Sasha Banks it could be Naomi. It could be Lana it could Summer, it could be past Divas. It could be Eve, it could be Kaitlin, it could be Trish Stratus, it could be LITA she's always around here. Oh there's Alundra Blayze, she's been talking trash on the internet. It could be anyone of them.

Renee- Yes it could be anyone of them, but none of them have an issue with Natalya.

Paige- Listen missy you better get your facts straight before you go throwing around accusations. You're not Erin Andrews, and you're not as cute.

Mark Henry vs. Kevin Owens

Owens insults the Longhorns and Henry hits a headbutt. Henry throws Owens through the ropes to the outside. Henry comes after him on the outside and then rolls Owens back in. When Henry is rolling back in Owens attacks hard and fast with stomps. Owens continues to attack but Henry hits a headbutt. Henry with a slam and tries for the splash but Owens rolls out of the way. Running senton by Owens and a 2 count. Owens attack Henry more with stomps and kicks. Henry hits another headbutt and talks some trash of his own. Splash in the corner by Henry. Henry tries for a second but Owens catches him with a kick in the face. Owens his a Popup Powerbomb on Henry!! That's a win for Owens.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Ryback comes out to confront Kevin Owens, but Owens is having none of it and rolls out of the ring. Mark Henry catches Owens and throws him back in the ring. Ryback hits a powerbomb of his own to send a message!


Backstage Renee Young catches up with Seth Rollins

Renee- How are you feeling heading into your one night only reunion with The Shield?

Seth- Woah woah woah, no no no. Let's get one thing straight, this is not a Shield reunion. This is about me proving to the whole world, to HBK to Triple H that I am what I say am when I say I'm the MAN. If Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose want to rehash the past, then I'll just destroy them again.

Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, and Braun Stowman

The Shield and The Wyatts go face to face, before Rollins tells his team to take it easy. Rollins tell his team he'll start it, he's the brains. He turns to face Erick Rowan and tags Reigns immediately. They lock up and Rowan hits a shoulder tackle. Roman hits a big right hand and Reigns headbutts Rowan. Ambrose tags and hits a big running dropkick to the chest. Chops but Rowan fights back and tags Bray. Bray gets blasted by a clothesline from Ambrose. Rollins tags in and attacks Wyatt. Rollins hits a running splash and tries for a second, but Wyatt catches him and spins him into a gut buster.

We return and Reigns is fighting back against Rowan. Tag to Ambrose and Stowman. Ambrose unloads right hands on Stowman, but Stowman sends Ambrose over the top rope but Ambrose holds on and hits a guillotine on Stowman. Ambrose hits a missile dropkick and knocks Stowman into the corner. Ambrose charges at Braun but hits a brick wall. Bray tags in and chokes Dean with the ropes. Bray pulls Deans head out and kicks it from the outside. Tag to Erick Rowan who pulls on the face of Ambrose then a kick to the back. Bray taunts Ambrose from the side. Ambrose fights back with right hands but gets caught in a side slam. Tag to Braun who blasts Ambrose in the head, then the gut. Snap suplex by Bray then he follows up with the running senton. Bray locks the headlock on Ambrose. Dean tries to fight back but gets pulled back down into the headlock. Ambrose fights out but gets caught, but is able to slide out of the way! On the outside Stowman pulls Reigns off the side and throws him into the barricade. Dean sees Rollins but as the tag is about to be made Rollins hops off the side and acts like he tweeked his knee. Ambrose gets hit with a big splash from Rowan. Rowan goes for the pump handle slam but Dean slides out and hits the lunatic clothesline. Reigns back on the apron. Tag to Reigns! Reigns hits the Superman punch on Braun, clothesline to Rowan. Corner clotheslines by Reigns! Drive by on Rowan! Dropick to Stowman on the outside. Samoan drop on Rowan. Superman Punch! Stowman breaks up the pin. Ambrose back in but he quickly gets thrown out. Stowman puts Reigns in that choke hold and Roman starts fading fast. Ambrose looks under the ring and grabs a Kendo stick! He runs in and blasts Stowman over and over getting his team DQed.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Stowman catches the Kendo stick and breaks it over his knee. He charges Ambrose but Ambrose pulls the ropes down sending Stowman flying. Ambrose tries for the suicide dive but get caught and slammed down. The Wyatts attack Ambrose but Roman comes leaping over the top rope taking all the Wyatts out! Roman sets up for the spear and connects with Wyatt, Rowan tries for the save but can't make it in time. Roman spears Rowan, too! The show fades out as Reings and Ambrose stand tall.

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