Monday Night Raw Results (10/26/15) - Fatal Four Way Delivers A New #1 Contender


WWE Raw Results (10/26/15)
Monday, October 26th, 2015
From the Valley View Casino in San Diego, California.
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome back to WNW's Live Raw Coverage! Tonight will start a new chapter for WWE after Hell in a Cell. We had, what seems to be, a lot of blow off matches last night. We will see what will be next for Kevin Owens, Ryback, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Kane and a few others. Tonight is assumed to be John Cena-less, and no part timers are advertised so hopefully this generation's wrestlers will get a place in the spotlight. Question of the Week: How did you feel about Alberto Del Rio returning to defeat John Cena for the United States Championship?

WWE Raw Results

The Authority opens the show.

Steph- Last night the WWE Universe saw battle of epic proportions. Battles were fought and legends were made.

HHH- At Hell in a Cell right from the return of Alberto Del Rio when he defeated John Cena to become the new United States Champion, last night was the emergence of the next generation of superstars.

Steph- And the man who is leading that next generation of superstars, the man who had quite possibly the best victory of the night beating the demon Kane, he is simply known as The Man, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins!

Seth's music hits and a very happy Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring.

Steph- Seth you've been WWE Champion for a long time now, ever since you cashed in your Money in the Bank Contract at WrestleMania.

HHH- That's right we didn't make it easy for you either, we lined em up. We lined them all up, legend after legend. Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Sting, Kane! And you're STILL champion! You proved us right.

Steph- That's right Seth, we had to make sure our expectations were in line. To make sure you were the right person to lead the next generation. Finding a way to win like my husband did throughout his career.

HHH- That's right and not only did you win, you stuck by your beliefs and you beat Kane, getting him fired from the Authority. You made the Authority stronger, you made the WWE stronger. It brings a tear to my eye to say we're proud of you.

Steph- We're so proud of you.

Seth- *hugs both Steph and Hunter* You guys, you don't even know....I'm speechless! Last night at Hell in a Cell I defeated my biggest Demon when when beat Kane! Ousted him as Director of Operations...we gotta take a second here because I would have never had this opportunity to show the world how great I really am if it weren't for two visionaries Triple H and Stephanie McMahon! The Authority!

Steph- Seth you are without a doubt the greatest superstar of your generation and a future Hall of Famer but you've left us in a bit of an awkward situation, a pickle if you will.

HHH- An awkward situation as everyone here knows, you cleaned out the WWE, you've beaten everyone there is to beat. Now we have to let people earn the right, the privilege to fight you. That's exactly what's going to happen last night. The winners of the matches will battle, the winner of those matches will face off in a fatal four way match. The winner of that match wins the the right to face you for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. To LOSE to you.

Seth- That sounds great, that sounds like it's best for--*Roman Reigns music hits and he makes his way through the crowd*

Roman- THis whole thing has me feeling sick. Yall are really out here saying you belong in the Hall of Fame? What!? After tonight you're looking at the number 1 contender, and I'm taking that championship. Believe. That.

Steph- Well then, let the games begin!

New Day comes out.

Kofi- Hey yo E, you know what the biggest difference is between Roman Reigns and New Day?

Big E- His greasy hair is booty? His style is not on Fleek?

Kofi- Those are big, but the biggest difference is that we are champions! And he is not!


Kofi- You see we the New Day are putting things in their proper places, the dudleyz, our unicorn brother Xavier Woods in our hearts, and our opponents in the ground! You might as well call me Harry Potter because I'm about to make so magic!

Kofi Kingston vs. Roman Reigns

We start off and Kofi hits a big dropkick after a lock up. Another lock up but this time it's Roman taking control with a shoulder tackle. Swinging neckbreaker by Reigns and Kofi rolls out. We head to break.

We return and Roman Reigns suplexes Kofi back into the ring from the apron. Kofi hits some offensive kicks but Roman Reigns fights back with a HUGE clothesline. Roman clotheslines Kofi over the top rope to the mat below. Big E shows some new sexual chocolate moves to distract Reigns. Kofi hits a baseball slide on Roman as he's distracted. Kofi bounces Roman's head off the ringside. Kofi rolls Reigns back in and tries a pin but gets two. Kofi kicks and punches the body of Reigns. Headlock on Reigns by Kingston. Roman fights out and hits a headbutt, but Kofi slides out of the ring and trips Reigns as he does it. Kofi hits an axe handle off the top rope! Kofi with a submission the arm of Reigns. Roman fights out and hits a back body drop. Roman hits a few clotheslines and tries for a powerbomb but Kofi reverses into a sunset flip, but can't get the roll-up. Reigns hits the 10 corner clotheslines. Roman tosses Kingston across the ring. Roman rolls Kofi up but ends up picking him up and slamming him down instead. 2 count. Roman loads the Superman punch but Big E hops up and eats it instead. Kofi gets up but Roman connects with a spear for the win!

Winner: Roman Reigns. Roman qualifies for the #1 Contender Fatal Four Way Match

Miz is backstage and is plugging the new WWE 2k16 game.

Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro Qualifying Match

Owens rolls up Cesaro fast, but it doesn't work. Cesaro does his own but only gets 2. Owens hits a few right hands. Cesaro and Owens exchange roll up attempts and reversals. Cesaro hits a big right hand then a big uppercut. Owens rolls out of the ring but Cesaro goes after and slams him into the ring side. Owens attacks Cesaro as he's getting back in the ring with some stomps. Owens tries for a suplex but Cesaro reverses it into a suplex of his own. Owens rolls out of the ring and pulls Cesaro out, slamming his head on the ring apron. Cesaro and Owens hit a double suplex outside the ring. Both men make it in JUST before the 10 count and we head to break.

We return and Cesaro his blasting Kevin with uppercuts. Cesaro starts the uppercut express. Owens rolls out and says screw this but Cesaro comes running from around the ring and hits another huge uppercut. Owens rolls out again as Cesaro was heading to the top rope. Cesaro runs along the ring apron and hits a cannonball on Owens. 2 count. Cesaro goes for the wing but Owens reverses into a DDT. This is awesome chants. Kevin goes for the Pop Up Powerbomb but Cesaro reverses in the springboard Uppercut! Cesaro goes for the swing again but Owens makes it to the ropes. Owens uses the ropes to his advantage and hits the superkick and Pop Up Powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Kevin Owens Qualifies for the Fatal Four Way

Paige is backstage on the phone and Charlotte and Becky walk in.

Paige- You have no idea how much my phone has been blowing up since I was on Conan O'Brien last week. Everyone wants a piece of Paige. And I get it, I did start the Divas Revolution and break the mold. *Becky and Charlotte start to walk away* Wait wait wait, Charlotte you did do everything I couldn't do and that's beat Nikki Bella. You of all people deserve that Divas Championship.

Charlotte- I'm trying really hard to believe you and I appreciate you coming down to the ring to celebrate with me last night, but if I find out it was you that attacked Natalya...

Paige- Natty is my friend I wouldn't do that. I swear.

Charlotte- Ok...can she come out with us tonight.

Becky- ...We need a third person...I guess.

Paige- YES! This is a whole new Paige! *They do the pinky thing*

Team PCB vs. Team Bella

Paige and Nikki start things off. They lock up and Nikki tosses Paige. They lock up again and this time it's Paige that does the tossing. Paige scoops the leg of Nikki and slams her headfirst into the turnbuckle then a high knee in the corner. A running knee by Paige but Nikki Bella follows up with a Spinebuster. Nikki knocks Charlotte off the side and tags Alicia Fox. Fox gets kicked in the gut and Paige follows up with a headbutt. Tag to Charlotte and they hit a double dropkick. Charlotte with a knee drop then knocks the Bellas off the side. Alicia hits her from behind. Fox tags Brie and they do a team slam. Brie hits the Brie Mode knee to the face. We want Becky chants. Brie locks a headlock in but Charlotte fights out, but Brie hits a kick to the leg of Charlotte then kicks her in the chest multiple times. Charlotte hits a neckbreaker and tags Becky! Becky Lynch attack Nikki Bella. Springboard stomp and a T-Bone suplex. Brie breaks up the pinfall. Charlotte hits a spear on Brie, the Fox runs in and Becky sends Foxy to the outside. Nikki Bella hits the forearm off the distraction on Becky. Nikki hits the rack attack on Becky for the win. Paige tried to get in to break it up but couldn't get there in time.

Winners: Team Bella

Charlotte checks on Becky but Paige attacks Charlotte from behind. Paige hits the RamPaige on Charlotte then to Becky. Paige grabs Charlotte and puts her in the PTO.

Renee is backstage with Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio

Renee- Zeb you have to admit this a bit of a strange combination.

Zeb- I know what you're thinking, how can a great Mexican and real America co-exist. In thinking that you'd be wrong. We need to forget the talk about walls and borders and fences. Imagine if the United States and Mexico were one country. We want to combine our nations to form MexAmerica. We are proud to call ourselves the first MexAmericans.

Renee- Still I'm curious how this came about.

Zeb- No, no more questions.

Renee- Ok, Alberto how do you feel about facing Neville tonight?

Alberto- I'm not going to let some immigrant take away my opportunity to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion again.

Neville vs. Alberto Del Rio in a #1 contender qualifying match

The lock up and Del Rio hits a shoulder tackle. Del Rio hits a kick to the gut and hits an arm lock and smacks Neville in the head, then dumps him out of the ring. Del Rio hits a kick to the gut of Neviil and then kicks the back of the head. Del Rio attacks the arm again. Neville with a great bulldog then a hurricarana. Neville with a spring board crossbody. Del Rio rolls out of the ring to catch a breath. We head to break.

Alberto Del Rio is pulling the face of Neville as we return. Neville fights out but gets hit in a spinning backbreaker. Neville hits some kicks to the body of Del Rio. Dropkick to the head of Del Rio. Del Rio rolls out but Neville flips over the top rope and takes him out! Neville hits the standing hurricarana and turns it into a 2 count. Neville tries for a springboard move but Del Rio hits a running enziguri to take out Neville. Del Rio tries for the arm bar but it's reversed. Alberto hits a HUGE clothesline on Neville that turns him inside out. Del Rio misses a big kick and goes through the ropes. Neville goes to the top rope but Del Rio trips him and Neville gets caught on the turnbuckle. Del Rio goes to the top rope and hits a stomp to the chest of Neville from above him. He pins Neville for the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio Qualifies

Ryback and The Dudley Boyz vs. Sheamus, Rusev, and Wade Barrett

All 6 men immediately start going at it. D-Von and Sheamus pair off, Bubba and Barrett and Rusev and Ryback make their way to the corners. D-Von takes it to Sheamus and hits a running shoulder tackle. Flapjack on Sheamus. 2 count. D-Von gets caught in a rolling Senton and Rusev tags in. Rusev stomps D-Von and drops an elbow. Tag to Barrett. Snapmare by Barrett and then a headlock. D-Von fights out but eats a big boot. Tag to Sheamus. Suplex by Sheamus and then he pounds on the chest of D-Von. Back into the headlock. Sheamus hits the Irish Curse backbreaker. Tag to Barrett. Barrett brings D-Von into his corner and tags Rusev. Rusev shoulders the gut of D-Von. Rusev with a cheapshot to Bubba Ray. D-Von is able to clothesline Rusev and make the tag to Ryback. Shoulder tackle by Ryback! Corner clothesline and he blasts Sheamus off the side. Barrett gets Ryback up but Bubba makes a blind tag in. Barrett gets blasted and then the Dudleyz double team on Barret. Triple Meat Hook by all three faces to all three heels. Barrett gets set up for the What's Up by Bubba and Ryback and D-Von delivers the headbutt. Bubba tells D-Von to get the tables but Rusev causes the distraction and Barrett gets the roll up for the win.

Winners: Barrett, Rusev, and Sheamus


Bray is in the ring in his rocking chair.

For 25 years, the Undertaker has walked among the darkness and the light. He had no equal. They all feared him. Grown men would tremble at the sound of his name. But last night the Apocalypse showed it's face. Desperation, vengeance and fear rode with him and carried out the soul of the mighty Undertaker. Can you feel that? That wicked feeling is in the air tonight. Can you feel it!? Last night was war. Red horsemen of the Apocalypse. I just wanted to make something very, very clear here tonight. Roman Reigns, understand that one day you and I we will dance again, but not again until I am properly revitalized. That's why last night the destruction of the Undertaker has become my resurrection. And believe me, you can't understand but once you've had a taste of that kind of power it consumes you. You've become addicted, that's why right now as I am speaking I am feasting on the soul of the Undertaker and I want more. I have to have more, I need more, I won't stop until there is nothing left of the Undertaker. Nothing but bones and a distant memory as I ascend. Hahaha. Right now somewhere the Undertaker's soul is being ripped to shreds, desecrated piece by piece, bit by bloody bit. So tonight I wanted to ask something of you. I want to ask everyone here to bow their heads. Everyone at home place their hands on their televisions and share a moment of silence for the man who has lost his soul to me. Rest in piece phenom..... *BANG! KANE'S PYROS GO OFF*


All the members of the Wyatt Family surround the ring. Kane takes out Harper and Rowan then stares down Stowman. Kane goes on the attack and sends him out of the ring. It's just Kane and Wyatt, Kane goes for the chokeslam but Harper and Rowan and Stowman run in and outnumber him. They attack him as a group and maul him. After the Wyatts thoroughly beat down Kane they haul him out of the ring like they did Undertaker last night.

As we return the Wyatts are dragging Kane in a foggy hallway in the back and Bray sings "He's Got the Whole World."

Big E vs. Dolph Ziggler in a #1 Contender Qualifying Match

Before the match starts Tyler Breeze comes out with Summer Rae who is apparently his girlfriend now. Ziggler and E start things and Dolph is on the attack fast. Big dropkick by Dolph and a pin but only 2. Ziggler attacks E in the corner. Dolph goes for a neckbreaker but E reverses it into a shoulder tackle. Big E locks in the abdominal stretch on Zigs. Ziggler fights out and hits a dropkick to the face and then clothesline tackles Big E out of the ring. They go to back in the ring, but Kofi distracts Dolph allowing Big E to hit a MASSIVE clothesline. We head to break.

We return and Big E is in control of Dolph. Big E hits, as Xavier Woods would say, that tricep meat! Dolph tries to take control with a guillotine and then locks in the sleeper! Big E slams Dolph in the corner and then follows it up with a huge spear in the corner. Ziggler tries to hit the fameasser out of nowhere but Big E reverses it into a powerbomb. Another abdominal stretch on Dolph. Ziggler fights out and hits a dropkick. Big E charges Dolph but Dolph gets an elbow up. Big splash by the Show Off. Jumping elbow drop gets Dolph a 2 count. Big E hits a nasty toss on Ziggler who is sent face first over the turnbuckle into the steel post. Big E goes to get Dolph and grabs a sip of Tyler Breeze's drink while he's out there. Dolph hits the Fameasser as he's coming back into the ring. Big E kicks out and then hits a big splash. Ziggler kicks out and hits a superkick. Big E tries to hit another corner spear but Ziggler moves and hits the ZigZag! Ziggler gets the pinfall!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler Qualifies

Ambrose and Reigns are backstage.

Ambrose- There it is, all 4. You've been here before man. Remember you've been here before, you were this close at Wrestlemania and Seth showed up. You were this close at Money in the Bank and Wyatt showed up. Forget all that because tonight you're this close. This is what we've been working for since we started here! It's all you brother, so go out there and take it!

Reigns- It ain't going anywhere. I got this.

Titus is in the ring with a bunch of superstars and breast cancer survivors. They promote the Rise Above Cancer program. How the women who are here, and all across the world, who fight breast cancer are the real heroes.

Miz is still playing WWE 2K16 backstage with a bunch of random people and Stone Cold walks in and helps plug the game.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring to watch the fatal four way.

Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler for the #1 Contender spot for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Dolph and KO square off and Reigns and Del Rio face off. All 4 men go to the outside. Reigns slams Del Rio into the side and then the announce table. Del Rio returns the favor. Owens comes up and attacks Reigns then kicks Dolph in the gut. Del Rio runs up and attacks all 3. Reigns sends Del Rio into the side again and Owens attacks him from behind. Owens rolls Reigns in the ring and shoulders him in the gut. KO chokes Reigns. Del Rio gets up on the side barrier and jumps onto Dolph Ziggler. Del Rio and Owens attack Reigns together, but Reigns takes them both out with suplexes. Ziggler runs in but gets caught in a Samoan Drop. Del Rio kicks Reigns in the back and then kicks his body in the corner. Reigns clotheslines Del Rio out of the ring. Reigns hits the Drive by on Owens then on Del Rio but turns into a Superkick from Ziggler! We head to commercial.

Owens and Del Rio are teaming up against Ziggler. Del Rio kicks the head of Reigns on the outside. Del Rio slams the head of Roman into the steel stairs. Double elbow to Ziggler. Owens runs out and attacks Reigns again then gets back in the ring as Del Rio tries to pin Ziggler. Owens breaks up the pin and Del Rio gets in his face. Owens tries to talk Del Rio into staying a team but then blasts him in the face. Owens tries to hit the running senton but misses. Del Rio hits the kick to the face on Owens but Kevin rolls out. Del Rio turns around and gets blasted by Reigns. Roman hits the 10 corner clotheslines on Del Rio who rolls out. Dolph tries to hit the ZigZag on Roman but Roman holds the ropes to save himself. They stare down and Ziggler hits a dropkick and the jumping DDT! 2 count! Ziggler tries for the famasser but Roman reverses it into a sit-down powerbomb. He only gets 2. Superman punch by Reigns but then he gets thrown out by Del Rio! Del Rio only gets 2. Standing enziguri by Del Rio on Owens on the ringside. Dolph hits the Fameasser on Del Rio! Only a 2 count! Del Rio hits a running clothesline on Dolph Ziggler and gets a 2 count. Del Rio stomps away on Ziggler. Del Rio to the top but Dolph hits the ropes to knock him down. Dolph goes for a superplex but Owens runs up and Dolph ends up on Owens shoulders. Reigns runs in and hits the Superman Punch on Del Rio who is still on the top rope. Superkick by Ziggler to Reigns, German by Owens to Ziggler. Kevin Owens hits the cannonball on Ziggler. Owens hits another cannonball on Del Rio AS Reigns hits a drive-by on Del Rio! Owens hits a Superkick on Reigns and tries the Pop Up Powerbomb but Reigns turns it into a Superman Punch MID-AIR! Reigns hits a spear and take the victory!!

Winner and the NEW #1 Contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: ROMAN REIGNS!

Keep reloading through the night to get updated results and a sppoooookkyyyy surprise. Spoiler: The surprise is that Vince is still in charge.

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