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It’s finally happening, people. After weeks of their dirty laundry being aired for the world to see, Rusev and Lana will end their marriage. In theory, this should be a win for both parties. Lana can move forward with her relationship with Bobby Lashley and Rusev can start his life anew. However, these things rarely go without incident and we have a feeling tensions will be running high. Can both parties make it through a contract signing without physical altercation?

Also set for tonight! AJ Styles, and the rest of the WWE Universe, was shocked to see Rey Mysterio relieve him of his United States Championship after coming up short against Brock Lesnar the night before.  Albeit with a little help from Randy Orton.  Following AJ Styles' victory in last Monday’s Six-Man Tag Team main event, Styles has been named the first challenger to Mysterio’s reign, giving him the chance to ensure Masked Man from the 619’s second stint with the U.S. Title ends just as quickly as his first.

Will Rey be able to continue the momentum he built after losing to Brock Lesnar or will AJ Styles show Mysterio that retirement may have been the best option after all? Will we see another RKO outta nowhere? Find out tonight!

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