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Monday Night Raw Live Coverage and Results (2-24-20)

Tonight's Monday Night Raw comes from Bell MTS Place in Winnipeg, MB and is the go-home show for Super ShowDown that airs this Thursday. is promoting the following to happen on the show tonight. 

Who will Randy Orton target next?

Orton has viciously attacked Edge and Matt Hardy over the last month and now WWE is promoting another potential attack tonight on another Superstar. Let us know who you believe it may be.

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar to appear live on Raw

The WWE Champion has appeared on Raw more this year than in prior years and has a WWE title match this week. Ricochet will be taking on Lesnar this Thursday in Saudi Arabia and you have to wonder if the two will come to blows tonight.

Will Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler come to blows tonight?

The Women's Champ and former NXT champ have some unfinished business that started last year at Survivor Series. Since then Shayna has lost her title and shown up on Raw and brutally attacked Becky Lynch. 

Be sure to return here tonight as we cover Raw live. 


Randy orton comes out to stat the show. Orton says he needs to apologize. Orton isn’t sentimental, but his emotions have gotten the better of him as of late. Orton notes that 15 years ago on RAW while he was IC Champion he was punched in the face by the man who saved him from himself countless times, Edge. Orton doesn’t expect anyone to understand why he did what he did to Edge. Orton says he is very sorry for what he did. Kevin Owens interrupts. Owens says he has a problem with Orton. Owens says he doesn’t think Orton means his apology. Owens asks Orton why Orton attacked Edge. The real reason. Orton says Owens doesn’t want to go down that road. Owens thinks he does. Owens notes that he watched Edge return at the Royal Rumble as a fan, not a performer. Watching Orton take that away from Edge was impossible to watch. Owens wants answers. Orton asks Owens if he thinks he knows him. Edge thought he knew Orton too. Owens challenges Orton to a match. Orton says yes, but not right now.

Backstage, Zelina Vega says Angel Garza is a mans-man who knows he needs to put his cousin “Dimbles” Carrillo in his place. Garza hits on Charly and walks away.

Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega vs. Humberto Carrillo

Garza takes down Carrillo. Carrillo and Garza trade slaps. Garza ties up Carrillo’s legs. Carrillo turns over, causing both Garza and Carrillo to do headstands. Garza and Carrillo continue slapping each other. Garza releases the hold. Carrillo shoulder blocks Garza. Garza lands a ranna but Carrillo lands on his feet. Carillo Dropkicks Garza out of the ring. Suicide dive by Carrillo. Carrillo whips Garza into the barricade. Carrillo flattens Garza with a springboard splash.. Some more back and forth action between the two cousins. Garza hits a moonsault to a standing Carillo on the outside. Carillo takes control but Garza comes back and does a avalanche spanish fly for a nearfall. The cousins exchane roll ups before Angel Garza gets the win with a victory roll to get the win in an amazing match to start the show.

Winner- Angel Garza

Becky Lynch is shown talking to a producer backstage.

Ricochet is out for action.

Ricochet vs Luke Gallows 

Gallows starts with some heavy blows Ricochet gets the big man out the ring and hits a dive. Ricochet gets Gallows back in the ring and goes for a top rope move and Gallows catches him with a boot.  Gallows continues to dominate Ricochet with some blows and a rest hold. Ricochet fires back and connects with a enzeguri.  Ricochet contiues with offense and gets a standing shooting star for a 2 count. Gallows starts to come back but Ricochet hits a recoil followed by a shooting star press from the top for the win.

Winner - Ricochet

The beast is up next.

Backstage The OC  are arguing amongst themselves. AJ says that Ricochet could beat Brock Lesnar at Super show Down and hell be right behind him with the tuawiq mountian trphy. AJ notices Alister Black backstage with them and tells him The OC are the only club that matters. Styles and the OC beat Black up and leave. Black struggles to get  up to his feet but manages to do show.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come to the ring. Paul heyman hypes Brock Lesnar. Heyman says Brock has been dominating as champion since 2002. Heyman says thursday that Brock is gonna waste Ricochet and he owes him an uppercut. Paul says when Brock Lesnar wrestles its special. Heyman says if Ricochet beats Brock Thursday there will be consequences for wrestlemania. Heyman also says if his aunt had balls shed be his uncle which shes not. Heyman says Brock will beat Ricochet at Super Show Down and the beat Drew Mcintyre at Wrestlemania and that is a Spoiler. The duo leave the ring and Brock celebrates with the title on the announce table.

Alister black is shown limping backstage ready for his match

Alister black vs Erik Rowan

Black walks to the ring limping and wincing selling the attack from earlier. Rowan slams Black. and takes control. Black gets Rowan on the apron and boots him to the floor. Rowan takes Black off the apron and throws him into the time keeper area.  Back from commercial black gives rowan some kicks.. Rowan connects with a urnage for a 2 count. Black comes back with a knee then a moonsault from the middle rope onto a standing Rowan. Alister gets a near fall.  Black goes for black mass Rowan goes for the iron claw Black gets a reversal but Rowan hits a jackhammer for 2. On the outside Rowan rams Black into the barricade. Rowan goes for a running cross body on the outside Black moves and Rowan takes out the steps with his cage on it. Rowan then powerbombs Black into the post and goes to check on his cage and gets back to the ring and . Alister Black hits 2 black masses for the win.

Winner - Alister Black.

Sarah Schriber interviews Black on the ramp. Black says rage got him through the match after the OC attacked. Black challenges AJ Styles to a match next Monday for a FIGHT.

Drew Mcintyre is interviewed by Charly Caruso. 

Charly asked if Drew would rather face Ricochet or Brock. Drew says he doesn't care who it is he wants the title that he was promised when he first came to WWE. He  says he was a liability and didn't deserve it. Drew said he didn't wanna be recognized as a air guitar player who was in WWE. Drew goes on to talk about his time in NXT. Drew Said he was growing as a boy but when he returned in 2018 a man. Drew says he went into the Royal Rumble to eliminate Brock Lesnar. Drew says as long as he is in the main event at WrestleMania he will fulfill his destiny.

R- Truth is in the ring and declares that this is the Winter premiere of  Truth TV. Truth says his first guests are Bobby Lashley and Lana. R- truth questions the couple about Rusev. Lana tells Truth to shut up. Lana says hed rather question Lashley then face him. Truth starts to ask Lashley about the Sonic movie. 

R- Truth vs Bobby Lashley 

Lashley attacks Truth as he starts taking his jacket off. Some control by Lashley. R Truth fires back and  starts doing John Cenas come back with the 5 knucke shuffle. Truth goes for the AA and Lashley reverses and floors him with a spear for the 3 count.

WINNER - Bobby Lashey

 Women's Elimination Chamber Contract Signing.

Askua comes out first when we get back from commercial Ruby Riott Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan are in the ring sitting at the table. Natalya enters. Jerry lawler starts hyping the chamber. Askua starts speaking japanese then says that they dont care and says Shayna Bazler is missing from the table. Jerry says Shayna is a no show. Jerry passes the contract to Sarah Logan to signthen to Natalya to sign  then Liv Morgan to sign. Liv  then gets up and shoves the contract in front of Ruby Riott. Ruby signs the contract to Askua who signs . As Shayna Bazler's music hits and Bazler enters through the crowd. Shayna lastly sings the contract and stares down the other women before locking eyes with Natalya who gets up in Shaynas face. Askua knocks down Natalya and tells Shayna to bite her. Natalya and Askua go at it. Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan go after Ruby Riott. Becky Lynch comes out and attacks the last woman standing who was Shayna Bazler. Becky and Shayna start brawling before being seperated by Agents and security to end the contract sigining.

Street Profits hype their match at Super show down. They say they will win the Raw tag titles Thursday.

Murphy  vs Angelo Dawkins. 

Murphy knees Dawkins and takes control. Dawkins comes back and hits jab on murphy before Rollins causes a DQ.

WINNER BY DQ - Angelo Dawkins.

Ford gets on the mic says Dawkins hit Murphy so hard he lost his first name. Ford says hes gonna do the same to Rollins.

Seth Rollins vs Montez Ford

Ford sends Rollins out the ring and dives onto him and Murphy. Back from commercial Dawkins and Murphy get banned from ringside. In the ring Ford gets a roll up for 2 then a springboard cross body for 2. Ford continues with control. Rollins kicks ford who was on the top rope and tosses him down. Rollins takes control of Ford. Ford gets  a few roll us on Rollins each for a near fall. Rollins does a buckle bomb for a near fall. Rollins power bombs ford into the barricade. Ford lights Seth up with strikes. Rollins goes for a buckle bomb but gets a head scisor into the turn buckle from Ford. Ford gets a standing moonsault for a near fall.Rollins goes for a pedigree  but Ford hits a DDT for a near fall. Ford goes up top for a superplex Ford counters with a sunset bomb he tries to follow with a  frog splash but Rollins moves and hits a stomp for the win. Pretty awesome showing for Ford in a singles match.


Main Event time.

Randy Orton vs Kevin Owens

Owens takes control. Owens cannon balls Orton into the barricade. Owens goes frog splash but is distracted by Rollins and his disciples. Orton tosses Owens to the Outside and starts to take control. In the ring Orton is dominating Owens before eating a super kick. the disciples are at ringside with Rollins until the street profits and the viking Raiders come out to brawl with them on the outside. In the ring Owens and Orton are up top. orton goes for a superplex then the two men exchange strikes. Owens gets Orton down and hits a swanton. Rollins gets to the apron and is knocked by Owens Orton has Owens on the apron Orton distracts the ref as rollins again is booted away and Orton hits his DDT. The ref does a fast count .


Orton  goes for a CON-CHAIR-To. Owens grabs one of the chairs and stares down Orton and Orton leaaves the corrupt ref takes the chair from Owens. Owens rips the refs shirt to reveal he has a Seth Rollins Messaiah shirt. Owens hits a stunner on the ref. Owens then sets up a table and power bombs the ref through it. Owens sets up the  chair and sits in it staring down Rollins to close the show.

That's all folks! Thanks for joining me tonight. How did you enjoy the show? Let us know in the comments.


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