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Monday Night Raw Preview & Coverage (3-2-20): Building To Elimination Chamber

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Thank you for choosing Wrestling News World as your home for live coverage of all wrestling events. Tonight's Monday Night Raw is the final show for the red brand before the Elimination Chamber event and just one month away from WrestleMania. Tonight's show is absolutely loaded and should be yet another great show for WWE. Below is what is currently being advertised for Raw tonight.

Shayna Baszler & Asuka Collide Ahead Of The Chamber

The two greatest NXT Women's Champions of all time will be facing off against each other ahead of the Elimination Chamber. Baszler is looking to solidify herself on the red brand and if she can score a win over Asuka then she will look the most credible for Becky Lynch. WWE feels so good about this match they had the New York Post break the story of the matchup. 

McIntyre Headed To Raw and "Things Could Get Interesting"

With Ricochet now behind Lesnar and McIntyre left without any obstacles to overcome we are on a collision course to WrestleMania. McIntyre and Lesnar are just 4 weeks away from colliding at the show of shows and hopefully, McIntyre continues to grow his stardom while on the Road to WrestleMania. 

Beth Phoenix To Give Update On Edge

Beth Phoenix is making her return to Monday Night Raw to give an update on her husband Edge. Many believe that this may be the final strike from Orton before we see Edge return to the ring. Orton has gotten tremendous heat over the weeks taking out anyone who gets in his path, will he do the same to the Hall of Famer?

It's Now Or Never For The Street Profits

The Street Profits will have an opportunity to finally capture WWE gold tonight on Raw against the Monday Night Messiah and Murphy. Since Rollins has turned heel he has been incredible in his role and has delivered in every spot thus far. You have to wonder if Owens may get involved leading to AOP moving to the tag title scene and Rollins-Owens separating their feud moving to WrestleMania.

Andrade Returns To Team With Garza Against Humberto And Mysterio

 Andrade will make his return to Monday Night Raw from suspension tonight and will team with Vega's newest client Angel Garza. The duo will take on Humberto and Rey Mysterio in what's sure to be a high flying affair. It will be interesting to see the dynamic between Garza and Andrade and if they are able to coexist together both as Vega's clients. 

Aleister Black Faces A Phenomenal Challenge

A potential WrestleMania match will take place tonight on Raw with Aleister Black taking on A.J. Styles. This match came to be after The Club attacked Black backstage last week on Raw. You have to wonder with the Elimination Chamber just days away and The Undertaker returning last week how things are going to play out. 

Riddick Moss Defends 24/7 Championship

Moss will defend his 24/7 Championship on Raw this week but against who? That is what WWE is teasing this week as it is a mystery. The likely options are R-Truth or Mojo but what if WWE has an NXT star make the jump, a bigger name or a return? 

******Update with Speculation of two NXT stars in Brooklyn for Raw tonight******

Per Mike Johnson, Matt Riddle and Bianca Belair are both in Brooklyn where Raw is taking place tonight. Belair had a match with Charlotte last week on NXT and Matt Riddle is currently one-half of the NXT tag champions. As we mentioned above Riddick Moss is defending his title tonight...

*******Update With News On A Match Change**********
It was promoted that Asuka was going to take on Shayna Baszler and that has changed due to an injury to Asuka. You can see the tweet below and Kairi Sane is taking her place.

Please stay tuned to this page for anything else added to the show and for live coverage during the show. Live coverage will start just under this paragraph and you can stay up to date with everything that happens, while it is happening. 

We are live from Brooklyn, NY. We get a quick segment promoting the stacked show that we have tonight. First out is Brock Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman warns that while they might want to sell you, Drew McIntyre, he is a hyped-up fraud. Heyman goes on to say that Brock lost because of a low blow by Ricochet that left him vulnerable to McIntyre. He says that McIntyre is nothing more than a stupid big bitch when McIntyre’s music interrupts. There is a staredown as McIntyre enters the ring. Brock laughs and mocks Drew and pretends to leave the ring but then goes on to attack Drew when he gets hit with a Claymore Kick. Drew leaves and we see Brock disoriented in the center of the ring. While Brock crawls to the title the Brooklyn crowd chants “You Deserve It”. As well as singing goodbye to Lesnar while he slowly walks back into the curtain before being surprised by another kick from Drew. Drew lifts the title and slams it back down on Brock. The crowd chants one more and we a third Claymore Kick. We go to a commercial break with a triumphant Drew leave a knocked out Lesnar on the stage. 

As we come back from commercial break we see a segment promoting this Sunday’s top contender Elimination Chamber match for the RAW Women’s Championship. The first match tonight will be the Street Profits vs Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy. The Street Profits are the first to enter and Montez Ford hypes up the Brooklyn crowd. The crowd chants we want the smoke. Seth Rollins and Murphy enter with the AOP and they remain at the top of the stage as Seth Rollins and Murphy enter the ring. Murphy and Rollins attack first and drive Montez Ford into the barricade. Angelo Dawkins fights back and pushes Murphy into the ring. Once in the ring, he is continuously double teamed by Murphy and Rollins. Rollins goes for multiple two counts but Dawkins continues to kick out. Murphy tags himself in and he too goes for several pins that Dawkins kicks out of. While Murphy pushes Dawkins out of the ring, Dawkins fights back and tags in Ford. Ford does great cross bodies and delivers a fantastic DDT to Rollins. Rollins fights back with a sling blade and he delivers a Buckle Bomb while Murphy delivers a kick to Ford. Dawkins saves Ford at a two count but control is regained by Rollins and Murphy. While Rollins goes for the buckle bomb, Ford slips himself out and Murphy accidentally kicks Rollins. Rollins signals for the AOP but they are quickly banned from ringside by AOP and while they are arguing with the referee Kevin Owens comes out and stuns Rollins. The Street Profits attack Murphy and pin Seth Rollins winning the RAW Tag Team Championship. As we go to commercial break we see the Street Profits celebrating inside the crowd. 

As Rollins and Murphy walk backstage they are interviewed by Charly Caruso, Rollins states that he is demanding a rematch at Elimination Chamber against the Street Profits. He also says that Kevin Owens can name the time, place and stipulation but when he gets his hands on him Kevin Owens will be the one crucified. We then see Ricochet come out and face off against 24/7 Champion Riddick Moss. Ricochet starts with hard-hitting chops but he is bulldozed by Moss. He is then sent hard to the outside as we go to commercial break. 

Ricochet battles back and delivers a brutal kick to the side of Moss's head. He then delivers a standing shooting star but Moss kicks out at two.  While Ricochet goes for the superkick he is countered by Moss who wins this fight with a creative neck breaker. Up Next we will see AJ Styles vs Aleister Black. 

We now see Asuka train, Kairi Sane, for her match against Shayna Bazzler as she holds her injured wrist. The OC accompanies AJ Styles to the ring. We see a segment recapping what happened with The Undertaker and AJ Styles at Super Showdown. AJ reminds the crowd that he is phenomenal and is upset that Mark Walhberg is out there giving him advice. He reminds the crowd that he is phenomenal. We then see Aleister Black enter the ring. AJ surprises Aleister Black by saying he has to face Karl Anderson first. Black quickly destroys Karl Anderson and has a mini staredown against AJ Styles.

As we return Anderson is domination, Black. Black delivers a sunset driver and a Black Mass to Anderson and wins. AJ gets back in the ring and says that he has to beat both Anderson and Gallows. These two go on to hit each other with hard-hitting moves. Gallows throws Black into the barricade. Gallows throws him back into the ring and keeps Black in a stronghold looking for the submission. Black breaks out and is then pushed into the corner. The OC then go on to stomp him into the corner. They set up and deliver a magic killer. AJ Styles then goes on to step into the ring and continues to attack Black. Black then starts to counter until a backbreaker and a brainbuster from Styles. Styles goes on to pin Black in the center of the ring with an Undertaker tribute. We then see Charly Caruso interview Ruby Riott and bring back a recap of what happened last week. Ruby Riott will face off against Liv Morgan with Sarah Logan as a special referee. She says that she is now only responsible for her friends and that there are no friends inside the Elimination Chamber. Liv Morgan waits for Ruby Riott inside the ring. 

We see Becky Lynch backstage talking to someone and we go back into the ring where this match goes underway. Ruby Riott crawls towards the bottom rope and pushes Liv into the corner. Ruby is looking for the submission against Liv but Liv is not tapping out. Liv goes for a kick but that is countered by Ruby. Ruby blindsides shots Liv. Ruby accidentally hits Sarah Logan and Liv uses that distraction to win. Afterward, Liv attacks Ruby but the person ultimately standing tall is Sarah Logan. As we go to the commercial break we see Randy Orton alone backstage.  

We see a recap of what has happened with Edge and Randy Orton so far. We are then reminded that Beth Phoenix will be joining us live tonight. We see that Kairi Sane will be going on against Shayna Bazzler. We then see No Way Jose be scared with a spider by Erick Rowan. 

As we come back we now see a brief recap of what has happened earlier tonight with Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre. We then see Kairi Sane being accompanied back into the ring by Asuka. Asuka then says that she is lucky she will not have to face her tonight. Kairi Sane that she has got this and Asuka says she will beat Becky Lynch at Wrestlemania. Kairi is hungry for Shayna Bazzler. While Shayna is early to attack Kairi, Kairi counters and plants Bazzler. Bazzler delivers a devastating spine buster and stomps at Kairi's leg. While Kairi tries to counter Shayna sends Kairi headfirst into the corner.  Kairi slowly gets back into the ring and tries to counter but Shayna continues to attack. She continues to bend and stomps at Kairi's Achilles heel.  Asuka distracts and Kairi almost gets a two count. Shayna quickly counters for another count-out. Becky comes out and while Shayna keeps her attention on her she stays on top of Kairi. While Shayna motions her into the ring, Becky points to the commentator's table as we go to commercial break. 

Becky now has Jerry Lawler's crown on her head. She says that while Shayna is a worthy adversary not even facing all six women at once would elevate Becky's blood pressure. We see a nasty superplex from the top rope and Shayna continues to attack until Kairi spears her. Kairi goes to the top rope but Shayna lifts her knee. Shayna wins with the clutch and while Becky maintains a hold of her title Shayna keeps a hold on Kairi. We see Sarah Schreiber interview Rey Mysterio who is wearing an Eddie Guerrero shirt and Humberto Carillo.  They are the first to go into the ring where they will face off against Andrade and Angel Garza. 

Andrade and Carillo start the match. Garza sends Mysterio to the barricade and then Andrade sends Carillo into the barricade. We then see Garza chop Carillo in the corner. Afterward, he sends him into his and Andrade's corner and Andrade tags himself in.  Carillo counters but Andrade quickly kicks out. And while Andrade goes for a Tranquilo, Carillo goes for the attack but is thwarted by Garza. Carillo counters Garza and Andrade is dropped and then Rey Mysterio gets back into the ring to send Garza across the ring. We then Carillo launch himself and knocks Andrade to the floor. 

Notes from Eva: This is my least favorite Zelina outfit. I also like that Andrade and Garza are matching in blue. 

The official misses Garza sending Carillo face-first into the apron and out of the ring. Garza tags in and continues to try to make Carillo submit.  Carillo counters Garza and crawls to tag in Rey while Garza tags in Andrade. Mysterio delivers a fantastic DDT to Andrade. Mysterio and Carillo takedown Andrade until Carillo makes a costly mistake after launching himself off the corner post into the barricade. 

We see that during the commercial break Zelina Vega attacks Carillo and while Garza counters the 619 when he goes for the pin it only results in a two count. Mysterio hits a destroyer on Garza and the pin is broken up by Andrade. Andrade drags Garza into the corner and tags himself in. He goes on to attack Mysterio until Carillo tags in and goes for a moonsault that connects. They then battle until Andrade kicks Carillo from the top rope. Andrade goes for the pin and we see Rey Mysterio interfere. We then see a 619 on both Andrade and Garza. Mysterio takes out Garza and Carillo goes for the moonsault and pins Andrade. After the match we see Beth Phoenix walking backstage and her segment will be up next. 

We see Beth Phoenix out to give a medical update. Randy Orton interrupts and goes for a handshake and a hug. Beth calls him a son of a bitch and refuses. Orton then goes on to narrate his story into the WWE and his friendship with Edge, He explains that he did what he did to save Edge. He then says that Beth, on the other hand, is an enabler. He loves Edge and her children more than she ever could. Beth slaps him and goes on to hit Orton when he counters and hits her with an RKO. Orton leaves the ring and we see emergency personnel go out into the ring. Commentary is subdued as we see a recap of what just happened and we go back into the ring to close out the shot of Natalya, R Truth, the Edgeheads and Rey Mysterio out there checking in on Beth Phoenix. 

Note from Eva: Overall this was a fantastic show and I will see y'all tomorrow to see how Backstage reacts to it and who is the next inductee for the Hall of Fame this year. 

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