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Monday Night Raw Preview and Live coverage March 9th 2020

Following Elimination Chamber WWE is promoting the following tonight for Monday night Raw.

Edge Returns!

Rey Mysterio vs Angel Garza

Drew Mcintyre will be in action

Who will make the first move between Becky Lynch and Shayna Bazler?


Becky Lynch kicks off the show. The man says the time for jokes are over and she now knows Shayna Bazler is her opponent. Becky shows a replay of Shayna's dominance in the chamber. (poor Liv Morgan).  A video plays withn the highlight and Shayna says she will take the title at Wrestlemania and Becky will not do anything about it. Shyana then calls becky b****. Becky talks shaynas accomplishments and that Shayna is a scumbag. Becky also says she is the b**** who runs the division. Becky interestingly says Shayna didnt shake Becky's hand after Wrestlemania last year. Becky also says Shayna is upset that Becky took the title from Ronda Rousey. Becky says she will beat Shayna at Wrestlemania.

Angel Garza vs Rey Mysterio

Back and forth action to start Graza rocks Mysterio with a superkick adn follows with a dropkick then...Takes his pants oof. (My favorite part of Raw at the moment) Back from commercial Garza attempted a 619 and ate a dropkick from Rey. Mysterio sends Garza outside and does a under the rope splash to the outside. Mysterio  hits a seated senton followed by a kick for 2. Garza blocks Mysterio's crossbody attempt with a reverse suplex for 2. Mysterio comes back goes for 619 and Garza connects with a suplex. Rey Reverses the wing clipper. and heads up top. Mysterio goes for a mexican destroyer but Garza reverses. Mysterio counters and hits a 619 followed by a splash (with a small slip up haha) for the pin and win.


Commentary shows a clip from earlier today of Kevin Owens bumping into Rollins and his disciples. Rollins offers Owens pop corn Owens says hes good and goes on attack but is beaten down by AOP and Murphy as Rollins finishes his pop corn.

We the same clip from NXT of Rhea Ripley touring the Wrestlemania stadium in Tampa. Rhea says she doesnt want to be compared to Charlotte and to be the best you got to beat the best and that she will beat the best (Charlotte) at Wrestlemania. 

Charlotte Flair comes out. Charlotte mocks that Rhea is the next big thing and shiny toy. Charlotte says she is confused that Rhea doesnt want to be her because she is the best and there is only one Charlotte and that the hype wont last. CHarlotte says she challenged Rhea to teach her a lesson to be humbled in front of 90,000 people. Rhea enters the arena. Charlotte says this is Raw not NXT and this is her kingdom. Charlotte says Rhea is excused Rhea clcoks Charlotte in the face and leaves.

Backstage Randy Orton awaits Edge's return.

Bobby Lashley vs zack Ryder

Bobby dominates Ryder and hits a spinebuster. Bobby then hits dominater on Ryder. Bobby gets the pin for 3. 


We see a replay of Drew Mcintyre murdering Lesnar last week. Drew is in action after commercial.

Backstage Rollins offers Alister Black a position in his group Black denies and challenges Rollins to a match.

Erick Rowan vs Drew Mcintyre

The big men start exchanging strikes. On the outside Drew belly -to bellies Rowan.. Drew uses the steel steps to crush the cage. Mcintyre hits a glassgow kiss. in the ring Mcintyre hits a futureshock DDT folowed by a Claymore. Mcintyre wins. ( Drew is SOOOOOOO over.)


We see a replay of Randy Orton's RKO on Beth phoenix. (Very great video package showcasing both Orton and Edge's family)

Kabuki Warriors vs Liv Morgan and Natalya

Kabuki warriors cut a promo in Japanese before the match.

Liv morgan and Kairi Sane start the match. Morgan takes control and tags Natalya. Ruby Riott comes down to ringside. Back from commercial Askua is taking control morgan comes back and tags natalya  they hit a double team for a near fall. The kabuki warriors take back control. Kairi sane does a drop kick on Natalya. Askua covers for 2.    Askua locks in a guillotine as Sarah logan comes down. Logan and Riott brawl.  Liv dives on both women. Natalya locks the sharpshooter on Kairi sane whos not legal. Askua plants Natalya with a kick for 2.


AJ Styles and OC out.  Styles complains about Undertaker's interference last night and shows a replay of Black beating Styles with Taker's help. Crowd cheers Undertaker. Styles talks about Undertakers semi retirement at Wrestlemania 33.Styles said Taker ruined a moment and should of retired. Styles challenges Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Styles said he would be hesitant 15 years ago but all he sees now is an old man named Mark Calloway. Styles says Michelle Mccool and Undertaker are married and Mcool plays the fiidle for Taker. Styles continues to insult Michelle Mccool.  Styles says Taker's wife is going to run him into the ground and Styles is going to make him die at WrestleMania and take his soul.

Riddick Moss vs Cedric Alexander for the  WWE 24/7 championship

 Moss works over Cedric. Alexander hits a slingshot pay dirt for 2. Moss knocks alexander off the rope and shoulder tackles him in the corner and hits a neckbreaker for the 3 count.


MVP is back and he starts berating the crowd. MVP  says hes transitioing from in ring. competitor to Maniac. MVP is creating a stable and wants Edge. Edge comes out. (Damn i love Metalingus.) Edge wants Randy Orton now. MVP says Edge is focusing on  the wrong things. Edge spears MVP.  Randy comes from behind and attacks Edge. Edge RKOs Randy Orton.  Randy escapes a con-chair-to. Edge chokes out MVP. Edge RKOs MVP on the chair. Edge hits a con-chair-to on MVP. After crowd persuasion Edge does the con-chair-to again to MVP. Edge runs after Orton.

A video package of Drew Mcintyre and Paul Heyman hyping wrestlemania and Brock Lesnar in a packgage and talks about everyone Brock conquered. Drew says Brock met his match. Drew says  he is going to win the WWE championship at WRestleMania.

Edge is being interviewed by Charly Caruso. Charly tells Edge Randy has left  the arena.

Seth Rollins  w/ Murphy vs Alister Black

Rollins controls Black early. Black attempts black mass. Rollins goes outside. Black moonsualts into his sitting pose. Rollins hits a sling blade. Rollins drops Black on the turnbuckle. Rollins kicks Black's head under the ropes.  Rollins misses a springboard knee. Black takes control with his offense and moonsaults a standing Rollins.  Black hits a kick and german suplex for 2 when Murphy attacks and causes DQ. AOP join on attack. Viking Raiders attack on AOP. Street Profits attack Murphy and Rolllins. 


Montez Ford says were going to have an 8 man tag match.

AOP and Seth Rollins and Murphy vs The Street Profits and the Viking Raiders

Back and forth and frequent tags throughout. Viking Raiders dominate Murphy.  Ford and Rezar legal back and forth offense until Akam is tagged in and he beats down Ford and tags Murphy. More action with Erik and Rezar. Erik rallied and nailed Rollins with a knee to the head. Ford tagged in and cleared house. He dished out dropkicks and dropped Murphy with a DDT. Rezar shoved Ford off the top rope and slammed him into the barricade. Team Rollins gained the upper hand and isolated Ford. Ford rallied and nailed Murphy with a superkick. He tagged Ivar, who dished out splashes and clotheslines. The Viking Raiders tried to double-team Rollins but Akam disrupted their teamwork. The match broke down into chaos and Erik slammed Rollins. Ford hit Rollins with a Frog Splash for a two count. The Viking Raiders dove onto Rollins’ disciples. Ford dove onto everyone outside the ring. But Rollins planted him with a Curb Stomp for the win. Then, Kevin Owens came to the ring and dished out Stunners to Rollins’ disciples. But Rollins dropped him with two Curb Stomps.


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