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Monday Night Raw 4/20/20 Preview, Live Coverage and Results

Monday Night Raw this week is LIVE from the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. We concluded last week's show with Seth Rollins attacking Drew McIntyre and Money in the Bank qualifiers announced for this week's show. This week is advertising the following for tonight's show:

What will be the fallout of Seth Rollins stomps to Drew McIntyre?

Money In The Bank Qualifying Matches:
Austin Theory vs. Aleister Black
Apollo Crews vs. MVP
Rey Mysterio vs. Buddy Murphy

Last week's show finished third in the rankings behind two news broadcasts and averaged just 1.9 million viewers. 

Below will be live coverage of the show provided by @undisputedeva

We start the show with a recap of Seth Rollins's attack on Drew McIntyre.  As the show starts Drew says hi to us cool cats and kittens. Later on, on tonight's main event we will see Drew vs. Angel Garza. Drew says he wasn't surprised to be ambushed because of what the title represents and the target it puts on Drew. Drew talks to Seth directly but is interrupted by Garza, Vega, and Theory.  Andrade attacks Drew from behind. He is caught by a Claymore kick and we see Garza and Theory reluctant to help Andrade. The second Claymore drives Andrade out of the ring and we see Drew do the Tranquilo pose. Tonight we will have the three men's money in the Bank qualifying matches. Next on Raw will be Austin Theory vs Aleister Black.

Austin Theory vs Aleister Black

Zelina Vega joins commentary. This match is very technical from the start. Zelina mentions there is no such thing as overconfidence. Black is able to bring Theory down into the mat. Theory battles back and is able to evade the Black Mass but is caught with a kick through the ropes. Vega distracts Black and Theory sends Black into the barricade. Theory brings down Black but he kicks out at two. Theory then repeatedly sends Black into the top turnbuckle until Black catches Theory with a boot. Black uses all his power and sends Theory into the ring but a kick out at two. Theory goes for the ATL but Black locks in the armbar and Theory does a one-handed powerbomb.  Black catches Theory with a series of strikes and a moonsault results in another Theory kick out at two. Theory with a superkick and a knee into the back ends up in another kick out. Theory goes for the ATL but Black uses the turnbuckle misses and a knee right into the face. Theory ducks the Black Mass but the second Black mass connects. Black is the one who moves on to Money in the Bank. Black says each floor of the WWE Building will be turned into his competitors' personal hell. 

Winner: Aleister Black

Shayna Baszler vs Indi Hartwell

Shayna Baszler is interrupted by Charly Caruso as she makes her way into the ring. She says she didn't break any rules but she did break Logan's arm. We see a replay of the ending of last week's match between Shayna and Sarah. Shayna Baszler is facing off against NXT's Indi Hartwell. Shayna attacks first with strikes and then does a suplex. Indi is able to counter and gets one count, Shayna then attacks and once again wins due to Indi not being able to continue. Shayna leaves and we see her come back with a ladder. She drags Indi away from the officials and throws her into the barricade. She then picks up the ladder props it against the steel steps grabs Indi and throws her into the ladder. She then places Indi's arm between the ladder and smashes the ladder closed. 

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Cedric Alexander and Ricochet vs Vink and Thorne

Thorne and Vink are the first to attack but Cedric and Ricochet show off their speed and athleticism. Vink pulls Ricochet off the apron and tags in officially. He forces Ricochet back into the ring. Ricochet is able to turn it around and sends Vink into the corner. Cedric tags in and he is able to go on the attack against both Vink and Thorne. Alexander uses the ropes and Ricochet almost gets the win until Vink gets involved. Ricochet gets the DDT on Vink tags in Cedric. Cedric does a recoil into the lung bar check and gets the pin. 

Winner: Cedric Alexander and Ricochet

The Kabuki Warriors join Charly backstage. Kairi is facing off against Nia Jax. Asuka says Kairi is ready for the rematch tonight and nobody is ready for Asuka. We then see Bobby Lashley and Lana. Lashley will flip a tire and Lana says women and men at home will be jealous when they see Lashley in action. 

Kairi Sane vs Nia Jax

Kairi evades Nia. Kairi goes for a sleeper from behind but she is then tossed across the ring by Nia. Asuka is cheering on Kairi backstage. Kairi tries to punch at Nia's midsection but she is once again tossed across the ring.  Nia picks up and tosses Kairi into the corner and her head hits the bottom turnbuckle. Kairi side steps Nia and she goes into the corner. Kairi then begins to work on Nia's left knee. Nia picks her up but the left knee gives up. Kairi begins to attack and a spinning back first brings Nia down for the first time. Sliding knee into the midsection of Nia. Kairi goes to the top rope for an insane elbow but nobody home. Nia catches her and pins Kairi. 

Winner: Nia Jax

We see Seth Rollins respond to Drew. He says he has walked in Drew's shoes and he understands what Drew is now feeling. He accepts this challenge out of duty because the WWE Universe needs a leader. We see the Viking Raiders do their version of a Carpool Karaoke. 

MVP vs Apollo Crews

MVP talks about his career until he is interrupted by Crews. MVP is on the attack first and we see Crews groaning on the floor holding his back. Crews somehow kicks out of a clothesline. MVP then continues to swing at Crews as he name drops. MVP tries to end the match but Crews counters. Crews begins to battle back and we see a big clothesline and a big slam but MVP somehow kicks out! Another slam by Crews and then MVP gets the knees up and blocks the frog splash. Just when it seems it's all over MVP kicks out. Big kick by Drews and standing moonsault and standing shooting star until a powerbomb. Apollo Crews wins and qualifies! 

Winner: Apollo Crews

We find out that Ruby Riott will be facing Liv Morgan tonight. She says she had double knee surgery after she had to carry the Riott Squad for so long. Ruby says she will show Liv how weak she is without her. 

 Ruby Riott vs Liv Morgan

Liv is on the attack until Ruby begins to punch and kicks Liv around the ring. Liv battles back with a series of punches and clotheslines. Kick out by Riott and Liv tries to set up a suplex but fails. Ruby has Liv on the ropes and a kick into the ring and Liv kicks out at two. Ruby has Liv in a hold until Liv elbows her way out. Ruby chops at Liv until a forearm but is chased by Ruby. Ruby is busy trash-talking until Liv uses a flat liner off the ropes and wins. 

Winner: Liv Morgan

We once again see Lashley and Lana and Lashley flips over the tire and goes on to flip a bigger tire. Up next it will be the third men's qualify match Rey Mysterio vs The Disciple Murphy. 

Rey Mysterio vs Murphy 

Murphy comes out with an image of the Monday Night Messiah. Both men start the match trying to take each other down. Murphy continues to repeat not bad for an old man. Murphy takes control and focuses on attacking Mysterio's left arm. Murphy ducks the 619 and we see him try to attack Mysterio who is on the ropes. Murphy from behind attacks Mysterio who was on the floor tending to his hand. Kick out by Mysterio but Murphy continues to attack the injured hand of Rey Mysterio. Murphy slams Mysterio into the steel ramp before commercial break. Murphy is on the attack until Mysterio takes Murphy off his feet. Mysterio does a hurricanerana that sends Murphy onto the diamond plate. Mysterio catches Murphy with a kick and a springboard into a seated centaun. Shot to the hand by Murphy but Mysterio is caught when he goes for the 619. Mysterio counters with a DDT but Murphy kicks out. A well-placed kick sends Murphy into the barricade and then he once again goes into the barricade. Mysterio tosses Murphy back in the ring and Mysterio goes to the top rope for a crossbody. Murphy catches Mysterio and a knee strike and brainbuster but Mysterio kicks out at two.  Mysterio goes for the top rope and is caught but we then see a destroyed, a 619 and a frog splash and Mysterio wins. 

Winner: Rey Mysterio

It is now official that the WWE Champion McIntyre will defend against Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank. Charly Caruso is joined by Vega and Garza. Vega then asks Charly how will we ever know if things aren't going according to her plan. She says it would be a real shame for McIntyre to get to his match against Rollins. 

Charlotte Flair vs Kayden Carter

Commentary mentions how we all know that Charlotte wants a match against Mia Yim but has to face off against Io Shirai first. We see Charlotte start with multiple kicks. Carter takes Flair by surprise and kicks and goes for the submission. Flair begins to use her power to stand up she uses the ropes to her advantage. Carter tries to follow up and we see a big spear from The Queen. She sets up for figure 4 and transitions to the figure 8 and Carter is forced to tap. 

Winner: Charlotte Flair 

Bobby Lashley is backstage struggling to lift the second tire but he is finally able to do it. He reminds the locker room that his power is the kind of power that everyone should fear. We see a replay of tonight's opening and we find out that Andrade will have a match up next.

Andrade vs Akira Tozawa

Tozawa punches first but Andrade battles back until a knee strike from Tozawa. Andrade tries to pick up Tozawa but Tozawa counters and does a kick and a centaun into Andrade who goes into the barricade. Tozawa goes to the top rope and dropkick right to the chest of Andrade. Vega distracts Tozawa and Andrade tosses Tozawa into the ring.  Andrade begins to kick and Tozawa battles back and does an octopus in the middle of the ring. Andrade tries to get to the rope and Tozawa is finally forced to break. Big elbow by Andrade to Tozawa and big punch from Tozawa to Andrade but he does a great dropkick. Tozawa nearly pins Andrade four times and goes to the top rope but he is knocked off by Andrade. Andrade does a Hammerlock DDT and wins. The Street Profits interrupt Andrade's celebration and Byron Saxton dances with them. 

Winner: Andrade

Bianca Belair vs Santana Garrett

The Street Profits introduce Bianca Belair and they join commentary. Belair takes off her earrings and takes her to the ropes. Santana hits Belair and she sends her across the ring. We see Belair throw Garret into the floor repeatedly and then stomps at her in the corner. Garrett begins to battle back until a big clothesline by Belair. The Street Profits go wild on commentary and we see Belair squat into a vertical suplex. Garrett tries to battle back and goes to the top rope and does a crossbody. Belair stops her with a kick to the midsection and sends her into the turnbuckle. Belair wins after a kiss of death. 

Winner: Bianca Belair


Angel Garza vs Drew McIntyre

Garza goes on the attack after a distraction from Austin Theory. We then see Theory joined by Vega and Andrade ringside. Belly to Belly from Drew and he chases Garza and throes him into the barricade. We see multiple chops and Andrade takes a shot. Garza tries to attack budgets a huge kick from Drew. Theory tries to attack but is taken down by Drew. Andrade uses Vega as a shield and Garza uses the distraction. He tosses Drew into the ring and we see a massive dropkick from Garza. Garza works on Drew's left knee and we see a kick from Garza. Multiples clotheslines by Drew and he goes to the top rope and takes down Garza. Garza tries to escape and Drew takes off Garza's pants and then wipes out all three men ringside. He sends Andrade over the barricade, claymore into Theory and he focuses on Garza. Claymore to the face of Garza and he wins as we see a bleeding Garza. We see McIntyre chat with commentary and says he will do another kick to Garza. Drew tells Zelina to continue to line them up and he will continue claymoring them down. Claymore to Theory and we see Andrade run off. Raw goes off the air as we see Drew McIntyre do the tranquilo pose at the top of the stage.  

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Awesome episode of Raw. What was your favorite part? 

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