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Monday Night Raw Results (9/7/15) - Bye Bye Statue


WWE Raw Results (9/7/15)
Monday, September 7th, 2015
From the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, MD
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello all and welcome to Raw is Zack-icho!!! I'm trying out new names, don't judge. Anyway folks Raw is live from MY hometown of Baltimore tonight so I'm hoping the crowd does a good job. As much as it pains me to not be their live, I have two good excuses! First, my leg doesn't like being a leg after my ACL surgery so I would have a tough time getting to the arena. Second, and more importantly, I get to hang out here with you fine people for the Live Coverage! Let's get things kicked off with the question of the week! Which scenario would you most like to see at Night of Champions: Seth drops the US title, Seth drops the WWE Title, Seth drops both titles, Seth retains all?

Monday Night Raw Results

The show kicks off with United States and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins!

In-Ring Segment

Seth: Reality check Baltimore, I am special. And I'm not just regular special, I'm really special like once in a generation, once in a lifetime special. Hear me out, alright? Before me it was just a pipe dream that someone would have the guts to cash in the MITB contract at WrestleMania. Now before me every single one of you really believed Brock Lesnar was invincible. And before me every single person in the WWE universe was clamoring for someone to knock John Cena off the top of the WWE mountain. Oh yeah now you're on my side. That's exactly what I did when I beat John Cena at Summerslam, to become the first man to hold the WWE and United States title at the same time. That's greatness, I know this city isn't familiar with greatness, but that's greatness. A statue was created to honor my greatness! A statue that inspired a face-painted FREAK to....*we want Sting chants* You and I both. Because two weeks ago Sting stole my statue. And more importantly than that he had the audacity to put his hands on my title. Now Sting, be careful what you wish for because at Night of Champions you have the chance to cement your legacy. On the flipside I have the chance to crush your legacy. That's exactly what I'm going to do, I'm going to make sure you never get your hands on my WWE title ever again. That's not all, last week it became apparent to me at Night of Champions ever single championship *boring chants* I'm the champ guys I could go all night long! I have to defend my United States championship as well, because of this information Mr. Hustle Loyalty and Respect, he politic-ed his way into a match at Night of Champions. At first I was, admittedly, upset. I searched and searched for a solution and then it hit me like a bolt of lightning. Guys, I'm Seth Rollins. I'm Seth FREAKING Rollins. This has been my year at Night of Champion it'll be my night. Because two future Hall of Famers are gunning for me in the same night. I'm going to own them. Just like I own all of you, just like I own this ring. I'm going to own Sting, I'm going to own John Cena. If it's the last thing I do I'm going to get my statue back. That statue you guys, it wasn't just stolen from me it was stolen from every one of you. You deserve for it to be on the stage, you deserve for it to be by the announce table, backstage with the Authority as a reminder that I am the man.


Sting on the titantron- Seth, your statue it doesn't belong ringside or in a staging area, it belongs right here, with me. You know Seth, you are the man! You're the man! Without a statue! It's here. I'm here. Come and get it. I'm taking good care of it *dusts it off* Come and get it!

Sheamus' music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Sheamus- Seth, what's the matter you look a little agitated. *You look stupid chants* Is it because you're worried about your two matches?

Seth- I'm not worried! I'm not worried about Sting, or Cena, or YOU! But I do have a statue to rescue!

Sheamus- A statue?! Do you realize how stupid you sound?

Seth- Do you realize how stupid you look?


Seth- They think you pretty stupid, I happen to think you look like Ronald McDonald with a bad haircut.

Sheamus- Ay! Don't you dare bring my family into this!

Seth- What is your point?!

Sheamus- My point is right here! *Hold up MITB contract* I could make my point tonight. I could make my point on Smackdown, or I could make my point at Night of Champions. Because Sethboy, if you somehow win both your matches. You might have a third against me...

Backstage Segment

Stephanie is backstage on her phone when Seth Rollins walks in.

Seth- That was crazy, did you see what happened out there?

Steph- Yes I did.

Seth- Is Triple H here? Is he here because, you know first Sting then Sheamus. Just, is he here? Does he have a plan?

Steph- I've been thinking about this and I have a plan. Ok?

Seth- You're right, you're right. I don't want them thinking that the two matches is going to get in my head, it's not. It's just, is Triple H here? I'm hoping he has a good plan with this situation. He's the cerebral assassin, this is kind of his thing. So is he around? *The camera pans out and Hunter is right behind him* Oh hey! Hahaha! We were just talking about you!

Triple H- You don't think Steph can handle this by herself?

Seth- No no that's not it at all! I just think all three of us together could come up with a plan as a family.

Triple H- Is that what you thought? Ok, well it doesn't matter the situation. The situation is irrelevant because you can handle it, you're the man.

Seth- Yeah, you're absolutely right. I'm the man, so I should get back to focusing on what I need to focus on. Finding the statue, going and getting the statue from Sting.

Triple H- Exactly, and don't worry about Sheamus tonight because he is going to have his hands full in a match with Randy Orton tonight. Yeah and maybe don't worry about the statue so much. I get it, Sting is here and trying to get under your skin but I think you need to focus on what's important. What's important is that you have two matches at Night of Champions, which you need to be ready for. So tonight you'll compete twice, to prepare for Night of Champions.

Seth- What?! Yup, yup, ok.

Triple H- That's what you need to do, you need to be ready. Which is why the first match is champion vs. champion. Seth Rollins will go 1 on 1 with the Intercontinental Champion, Ryback. And the second match will be more of a champion vs. challengers match and that will be where Seth Rollins will team with the new Tag Team Champions The New Day vs. The Prime Time Players and their partner...John Cena.

Steph- *Seth looks at her* Don't look at me, I was going to say to go after Sting, but you were right, Hunter had a much better plan!

Triple H- I like my plan, I like it because you get to go out there and show everyone you're Seth Rollins and YOU are the man.

Seth- I got this! I am the man! I AM THE MAN!

Paige w/ Charlotte and Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks w/ Tamina and Naomi

Paige goes after Sasha right away but Sasha goes for the ropes. Paige pulls her hair and throws her. Sasha tries a kick but Paige catches it and slams her down. Paige puts Sasha in the corner and elbows away. Sasha reverses and hits the knees to the gut in the corner.

We return from break and Sasha has Paige in a headlock. Paige with a Thesz press and some right hands. Sasha puts Paige in the corner and chokes her with her boot. Sasha hits a knee to the face of Paige in the corner. Sasha uses the ropes to choke Paige, then when the ref is distracted Tamina blasts Paige in the face. Paige rolls up Sasha but only gets 2. Sasha does a one armed straight jacket submission. Sasha puts Paige on the top turnbuckle and pulls her down by the leg. 2 count for Sasha. Paige sends Sasha into the ropes, gets her in the corner and hits a high knee. Knee to the face of Sasha again, and a 2 count. Paige goes for a slam but Sasha reverses. Sasha tries a crossbody but Paige catches her into the RamPaige, but Sasha worms out of it. Sasha rolls out of the ring but Paige comes running off the side of the ring and flips onto Team BAD, mostly getting Tamina. Paige hits a german suplex! 2 count. Paige looking for PTO but Naomi runs into the ring and the ref tries to get them down. Banks rolls up a distracted Paige and gets the win.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. The Accession

Ambrose and Reigns both enter through the crowd, much like they used to in the Shield. Ambrose and Connor start things out. Ambrose with a flying elbow. Ambrose gets a knee and tags Reigns, hits a dropkick and then Reigns hits a clothesline. Connor tags Victor and they stomp Reigns together. Victor uppercuts Reigns gets caught in a Samoan drop. Reigns knocked out of the ring but Reigns blasts both guys. Connor on the outside looks up to see Dean Ambrose coming out to hit a suicide dive! Reigns hits a drive by on Victor right after! Reigns feels fired up. Reigns picks up Victor and just throws him away like a bag of trash. Reigns hits 10 corner clotheslines. Reigns signals the Superman Punch and connects! Tag made to Ambrose. They hit a doomsday device on Victor! Connor tries to come in but eats a Spear! Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds on Victor for the win. This one was all Ambrose and Reigns.

Winners: Ambrose and Reigns


Braun- It's ok to be afraid. I don't blame you. I am destruction.

Bray- So take this as a warning, to you, and to anyone foolish enough to join you. The apocalypse waits for you at Night of Champions.

Harper- Run.

Backstage Interview

Renee Young is backstage with Ryback, she asks him about his match with Seth Rollins.

Ryback- Renee the Intercontinental Championship has a rich history of fighting champions. The key word in that is fighting, I plan to be a fighting champion. Seth Rollins he is a weasel. He likes to whine and complain. Slide out of harms way. Make no mistake he is a thoroughbred, he is in the prime of his life, and he is the man. Tonight the Big Guy has some plans of his own, and they look a little like this *he looks like he's setting up the Meat Hook* Meat Hook! Shellshock. 1, 2, 3. And everyone says....what do you want? *Camera pans out and Kevin Owens is there eating an apple.

Owens- Actually I just want to wish you good luck in this match.

Ryback- Thanks but we all know you're full of crap

Owens- Whatever, you should get ready for your match. You look hungry, though, just make sure not to bite off more than you can chew BIG GUY!

We get a recap of Lana and Ziggler's relationship drama.

Seth Rollins vs. Ryback

Rollins rolls out and breaths for a minute first. He gets back in the ring and Ryback throws him down, only for Seth to roll out again to catch his breath. Rollins gets behind Ryback but ends up eating a shoulder from Ryback. Rollins rolls out again. Ryback twists the arm of Rollins and slams him down. 1 count pin by Ryback. Ryback slams Seth's head against the turnbuckle, then shoulders him twice. Ryback takes Rollins down by the arm, but Rollins makes it to the ropes. Seth fights back with axe handle attacks. Ryback with a Thesz press, the picks up Rollins by his head and slams him back down. Big chop by Ryback takes down Rollins. Rollins whipped into the corner hard by Ryback. Another big chop by Ryback. Suspended vertical suplex by Ryback. Ryback with the gorilla press and Rollins hits the ground and rolls out. Ryback chases him and gets dropkick for it. Rollins tries hit a slingshot crossbody himself onto Ryback but gets caught. Ryback tries to slam him against the steel post, but Rollins wiggles out and slams Ryback headfirst into the steel post. We head to break.

When we return Ryback is fighting out of a headlock. Seth sends him shoulder first into the steel post. Neckbreaker by Rollins, 2 count. Rollins locks in a headlock on Ryback. Ryback fights out but gets caught in a guillotine. Rollins to the top rope and hits the flying knee. Rollins hits a forearm to the face of Ryback. Rollins talks trash and hits another forearm, but Ryback hits a back body drop! Ryback with a shoulder tackle, but Rollins counters and goes for the Pedigree. Ryback fights out and grabs Rollins for a powerbomb but again Seth worms out of it. Rollins tries for a kick but Ryback catches Seth and puts him up for a powerbomb again, this time it connects! 2 count for Ryback. Ryback goes to the top rope but Rollins hops up and catches him! Ryback headbutts him down! Ryback goes for a splash from the top rope but Rollins moves! Ryback lands flat. 2 count by Rollins. Rollins hits a baseball slide to knock Ryback out of the ring. Rollins tells the ref to start counting him out, he gets to 3. Rollins knocks Ryback out again. He gets to 3 before Rollins hits a suicide dive. The ref gets to 5 so Rollins does it again. Rollins tries to do it again when the ref gets to 6 but Ryback slides in and hits a spinebuster! Ryback sets up for the Meat Hook and connects! Rollins goes up for the Shellshock but wiggles out! Rollins pops up and hits a spinning kick on Ryback!
CAW!! Sting on the Tron again
Sting- Seth what are you doing?! We're here and we're waiting!
Rollins turns back to Ryback and gets rolled up! 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Ryback


Sting keeps playing pickaboo with the camera. He takes out a Sting mask and puts it on the Rollins statue.


Rollins is looking for Sting.

Big E- AWWWWWW SETH ROLLINS! DON'T YOU DARE BE SOUR! FEEL THE POOOOWER! *New Day, including Woods with his trombone circle Rollins*

Seth- You've got to be kidding me.

Kofi- You living in the past son


Kofi- Don't live in the past son! For behold your partners!

All- The New Daaayyyy

Kofi- You're gonna be ok, you know why?


All- Because New..Day Rock. New..Day Rocks.

Seth- Whyyyy, why did I say why?! Guys! I have a lot on my plate! No one has ever made a statue *New Day starts looking scared and pointing behind Rollins* WHAT?! *Edge and Christian are behind him*

Edge- Hey Seth, been a while. You know the last time we saw got your goon squad to pin me down while you put your foot on my neck and threatened to paralyze me. Remember that?

Seth- Yeah I remember that, I remember it very well. I did what I had to do to get The Authority back into power. If anyone should understand that it should be you Mr. Ultimate Opportunist.

Edge- Yeah I do. But here's the thing, you didn't get the job done. So why don't you try right now.

Seth- Maybe...Maybe I've got a lot on my plate tonight! *storms off*

Xavier Woods- I have been waiting for this ALL MY LIFE!

Kofi- Hold it down, hold it down. Respect the craft.

Woods- BATTLE!!! *plays music on the trombone* Yeah!!! I won!!

Christian- Woah woah woah, you said battle. You can't battle without a kazoo. Oh yeah, I got a sound I think you guys know and totally rocks. *Plays New Day Sucks on the kazoo*

New Day- No! No no! *Big E grabs the kazoo and tries to eat it and breaks it*

The Dudley Boyz walk up next to Edge and Christian.

Bubba Ray- Where you guys going? No, no stay RIGHT THERE! We got something you'll wanna know. We just got done talking to The Authority and next week on Raw the Prime Time Players have a rematch for your Tag Team Championships.

D-Von- The best part is whoever wins, faces us at Night of Champions.

Bubba Ray- Hey! No you can leave.

New Day- We were gonna...we had plans...things to do.

Bubba- Have you heard our new song? Get...the tables, get...the tables.

In-Ring Segment

Summer Rae is in the ring and we see a recap from last week.

Summer- This week has been the most horrific week of my life. And at the center of it all has been a man, that does not deserve the scorn he has been getting. He is the true victim and I owe this man an apology. So Rusev, please, please come and talk to me.

Rusev makes his way to the ring.

Summer- Rusev, you have been my guiding light. You've been my beacon of hope. My lighthouse to guide me through troubled waters and I owe you so much. You gave me the strength to get in the best shape of my life for you, you gave me the courage so I could be on the cover of this months Ironman magazine. That's all because of you, because you gave me the courage. That's why I feel so terrible. Dolph has been trying to seduce me for weeks, and when he asked me to come into his locker room with him last week I should have known better. My innocence got the best of me. To see Dolph in the shower like that, with the water glistening off his tight body, and the glistening in his eyes. It was all too much and I was so weak. I was so weak! *Boring chants* I let Dolph kiss me! And I'm so sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry Rusev! I betrayed you! I will never forgive myself for it! It meant nothing! *Rusev grabs her cheek*

Rusev- You betrayed me. But I accept your apology.

Summer- Ruru! Thank you so much!

Rusev- See Summer, my sweet sumbissive Summer! It's not your fault, I never thought it was your fault. It was that pathetic, pale, hairless American Dolph Ziggler! I am not the victim here, it's you. You are not the only victim, we have another by the name of Lana. She was also fed his lies and seduced by the skinny American. At the end of the day they tell me she isn't here because of her broken wrist. She isn't here because of her broken heart. Lana I want to tell you this, we've had our difference in the past but I would never have cheated or done anything like what Dolph Ziggler did to you.

Ziggler's music hits and he makes his way to out.

Dolph- Yeah yeah yeah, I know you'd never make the way Lana feel the way I do. She told me that last night. But most importantly no one is buying into your lies. All the things you do to stick a wedge between Lana and I, everyone here knows your lying and most importantly Lana knows you're lying.

Rusev- Lana is at home with a broken wrist and you're here interrupting me! Instead of being home with her bringing her flowers.

Dolph- I did check on her, I was with her last night. She told me to bring you a message. Here. *Dolph Superkicks Rusev*

Backstage Randy Orton is backstage with Reigns and Ambrose getting ready for his match.

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

These guys lock up early and Orton gets behind Sheamus. Sheamus goes in on the arm of Randy Orton. Orton puts a headlock on Sheamus, Sheamus gets to the ropes and rolls out. Sheamus puts on a headlock on Orton and Orton fights out with his legs. Orton puts a headlock on Sheamus. Shoulder tackle by Randy Orton, Sheamus rolls out. Sheamus kicks Orton and hits and uppercut, Randy hits him with and uppercut of his own. Sheamus rolls out again and grabs a mic.
Sheamus- What is the matter with you people?! I do not! I--
Orton attacks him from behind and drops Sheamus his back on the barricade. Back in the ring Orton puts Sheamus in the corner and hammers away on Sheamus. Sheamus its an inverted atomic drop on Orton. Orton hits a dropkick and Sheamus rolls out of the ring again. Orton tries to attack Sheamus from behind but Sheamus dodges and hits an Irish Curse backbreaker. We head to break.

We return and Sheamus is in control with a headlock. Orton fights out but gets caught in a rolling senton by Sheamus. Sheamus with two uppercuts, Randy fights back with his own uppercuts. Orton with a clothesline, and another. Orton hits the spinning powerslam! T-Bone suplex by Orton. 2 count. Orton sets up the spike DDT, but Sheamus fights it and goes for the 10 beats of the Bodhran. Sheamus to the top rope, and hits the shoulder block from the top! 2 count. Sheamus hits a high running knee, and Orton answers with another spinning powerslam. Sheamus hits a scoop slam on Orton and locks in a submission on Randy's legs. Orton makes it to the ropes. Orton flips Sheamus onto the apron and slams his head into the steel post, twice. Orton bring him to the top rope and hits a superplex. 2 count. Orton hits the 2nd rope DDT. Randy signals for the RKO. Sheamus counters the RKO and hits White Noise, only 2 count. Orton goes for the RKO, gets reversed, Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick, reversed, Orton hits the RKO for the win. This whole match was so quiet I could hear a pin drop. WWE needs to do something different with these guys.

Winner: Randy Orton


All 3 members of the Wyatt's surround Orton and they rush him. They beat the snot out of Orton together. Braun puts Orton in that finisher of his and takes out Orton. Stowman hits his finisher move to finish Orton. Bray gets down on his knees "Follow the Buzzards!"

The Dudley Boyz vs. Los Matadores

Bubba and Diego start things off. They lock up and Diego gets behind Bubba Ray. Bubba with a back body drop. He goes for asecond but Diego reverse and then tags Fernando. Bubba fights out of the corner. Torito gets on the corner and Fernando argues with him after he accidentally knocks Diego down. Fernando smacks Torito and turns into a Dudley Death Drop for the win!

Winners: The Dudley Boyz

After the match Torito tries to shake hands with Fernando, who kicks him out of the rnig. The Dudley Boyz step in to stop the attack. D-Von feeds Fernando to Bubba Ray on the top rope and Bubba powerbombs him through a table!

Miz vs. Cesaro

Miz begs Cesaro to hold off when he tries to attack so he can take off his sunglasses. Cesaro takes down Miz and then mocks his arm flaps. Cesaro picks up Miz and throws him like a rag doll. Miz begs for mercy then kicks Cesaro in the gut. Cesaro catches Miz midair and turns it into a backbreaker. Cesaro hits a running uppercut on Miz, and another, he tries for 3 but Miz rolls out of the ring. Cesaro rolls out of the ring, puts on JBL's hat and hits a running uppercut on Miz. Back in the ring Miz puts Cesaro in the corner and shoulders Cesaro's ribs. Miz with a knee to the ribs of Cesaro and then kicks Cesaro in the face. Miz whips Cesaro at the ropes but Cesaro flips over. Cesaro goes for the top rope but Miz knocks him down and the hits a baseball slide to knock Cesaro out of the ring. Miz attacks Cesaro on the outside but Big Show comes out and chases Miz. Miz escapes through the crowd.

Winner: Double Count Out

On his way to the back Big Show hits a KO punch on Cesaro.

Team Bella makes their way to the ring.

Foxy- Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the fearless leader of the Diva's Divison.

Brie- The reigning, defending champion and my loving sister, Nikki Bella!

Nikki- Thank you, Thank you all so much. Can you all feel it? Can you feel the excitement in the air. The Bella Army is counting down the days, hours, minutes until I become the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time. *We're shown the Bella Countdown* In one week you will not be able to deny Team Bella is the Divas Revolution, so tonight I invite you to the Bellalution. Once I beat the record I will throw the biggest, best party you have ever scene. Get ready to be fearless, for Briemode, because this party--

Team PCB cuts her off.

Charlotte- Nikki, Nikki, Nikki, we all know I love a party. Heck we love a party, yet you didn't invite us. So you know what I did instead I went to the Authority and they granted my petition. So next week I'm going to beat that lame clock, I'm going spoil your attempt to break the record, and most importantly sweetheart, I'm going to beat YOU for the Divas Championship. Woo!!

Team PCB clear the ring, but then roll Nikki back in. Charlotte hits the spear and then locks in the Figure 8.

New Day (Big E and Kofi w/Xavier Woods) and Seth Rollins vs. Prime Time Players and John Cena

Interesting side note, some idiot jumped the barricade and tried to walk to the ring with Rollins. John Cena and Seth Rollins start this off. Rollins tags Big E immediately. Big E does the New Day clap. They lock up and Big E gets a headlock on but Cena fights out and a shoulder tackle by Big E. They lock up again, another headlock on Cena. Shoulder tackle by Cena. Cena goes for a crossbody but gets caught and slammed by Big E. Tag to Seth Rollins. Rollins stomps away and tags Big E. Big E and Kofi rotate tagging and stomping until Big E sends Kofi into a dropkick on Cena.

When we return Kofi hits a big crossbody off the top rope on Cena. Headlock on Cena. Cena fights out but Kofi hits the SOS. Big E tags in but Cena sends him over the top rope. Seth Rollins tags in and goes right to the top rope and hits the flying knee. Darren Young breaks it up. Rollins stomps away at Cena. Big E tags in and chokes Cena with his foot. E whips Cena into the corner and hits a sideslam on Cena. Suspended verticle suplex by Big E. 2 count. Big E goes for a big splash but Cena rolls out of the way. Cena makes the tag to Titus O'Neil and Titus goes crazy clearing out the ring. Rollins charges but gets sent to the side of the ring where Darren hits a back body drop onto the side of the ring on Rollins. Back in the ring Woods is up on the side for a distraction, but Darren Young runs over and hits him with a Gutcheck. Kofi blasts Young, and then Titus blasts Kofi off the side. Big E hits a belly to belly on Titus. Tag made to Cena and Rollins. Cena puts Rollins up for the AA, but Rollins lands on his feet. Rollins goes for the Pedigree but Cena reverses and puts Rollins in the STF. Kofi tags Rollins and comes off the top rope and hits a crossbody on Cena, but Cena catches him and rolls through. Cena puts Kofi up for the AA and connects for the win!

Winners: John Cena and the Prime Time Players


Sting- Wow! Rough night Seth? And you never came to get this *the statue* There's something else I gotta show you, the lights turn on and there is a garbage truck. Whew it stinks! Start the engine!
Sting teases pushing it over a few times and finally pushes it in, and the truck crushes it. Sting gets on the truck and rides away. Seth is in the ring and he is furious! Seth goes and gets both his titles and waves them around to remind everyone HE is the champion!

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