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Monday Morning News Update: WrestleMania 37 Location, XFL Viewership Numbers Impress, and Joey Ryan Debuts New Gimmick (Spoiler)

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WrestleMania has become such a revenue-producing event for cities that they have been bidding on the major event for the last few years. It also appears to be a go-to for new NFL stadium events once they are completed. Next year's WrestleMania location has been confirmed by the LA Times and the show will be in Los Angeles, California. The last time the Show of Shows was held in LA was back in 2005 which saw HHH and Batista in the main event. 


The XFL created a buzz on social media over the weekend as the product far surpassed most people's expectations. The fluidity of the game and the quality were much more on point with traditional football than many hoped for. ESPN jumped on Twitter and began touting the viewership numbers for the games over the weekend. Many of those games actually outperformed the NBA showcase game for Saturday on ABC which was the Lakers against the Warriors.

Joey Ryan who has been the king of the "penis flip" and has used that gimmick to become quite the conversation on social media, debuted a new gimmick this weekend on Impact. It appears that Ryan is running a 2020 version of the "Right To Censor" and has named it #CancelCoutlre. Ryan came out dressed very differently than he normally does and cut a promo fitting the new character. It appears he will be feuding with RVD and Katie Forbes to begin this new venture as this character.

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