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Money in the Bank Live Coverage (06/17/2018)


Hello and good evening everybody! Hope everyone is well on this beautiful Sunday. Today is the day for Money in the Bank and we are ready for takeoff! We hope you all are, too. Tonight we have a great match card. Who will come out on top in tonight's big show? Stay tuned and find out!


Over the years, we have seen Money in the Bank grow bigger and better. It all started off as an annual ladder match until, finally, it got its' own Pay-Per-View event. There has been so much leading up to tonight's show! Can AJ Styles finally put Shinsuke away and keep his WWE Championship in the process? Who will win the Men's and the second EVER Women's Money in the Bank ladder matches? Can "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey make Nia Jax tap for her Raw Women's Championship the way she did on Raw before MITB? Will Asuka make Carmella tap and win the Smackdown Women's Championship? Tonight, is the night to find out ladies and gentlemen!

Daniel Bryan is starting the show off and the "Yes!" Movement has reached Chicago once again! Big Cass is embracing the hate from the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. He looks pretty confident in this one.


Cass is making an attempt to overpower Bryan but Bryan too quick and too much of a technician for him. He's kicking away and looking to wear down Cass from the ground up. Cass throws Bryan overboard and knocks him to the outside. He meets Bryan out there, drops him on the apron and throws him back in the ring. Now, Cass is in control and is finally using his size and power to break Bryan down. As Bryan tries to use his heart to fight Cass back, Cass puts him in the Bearhug. Bryan, once again, tries to get back in this match but Cass just catches him. He's out there looking like a big bully now. Cass went to sleep on Bryan and wanted to make a mockery of his "Yes!" movement but Bryan goes back on the assault to Cass' surgically repaired knee. Daniel Bryan is now in control of this one! A few dropkicks to the big man in the corner, Cass tries to turn it back around but Bryan spins it into a Yes! Lock. Cass made it to the ropes and Bryan goes to work on Cass outside with the dive to the floor. Cass flips things back around and delivers a fallaway slam off the turnbuckle with a two count. Cass attempts the big boot but Bryan moves out the way and goes after the knee once again. A series of Yes! kicks and Cass catches him. Bryan stops him and goes for the Yes! kick to the head. Bryan has Cass in the corner but Cass throws him straight up in the air and follows it with the big boot for the two count. Cass is in disbelief! He goes back to work and, quickly, Bryan flips the script and goes for the running knee to Big Cass. He locks Cass' injured knee up and Cass couldn't take it! Bryan lives up to his promise and makes Cass tap!

WINNER via submission: DANIEL BRYAN

The New Day are still building up the suspense on which member will represent their team and brand in tonight's MITB ladder match. Kevin Owens is looking for a plan to take out Braun Strowman. We will see who can come up with a plan to retrieve the briefcase in the main event tonight!

Sami Zayn is on his way to the ring and looks confident that he can take on Lashley. Lashley, surely, didn't take too kindly to Zayn questioning him on if he really served our country.


Zayn is obviously trying to get in Lashley's head but wants to stay as far away as he can from him. Lashley catches him, Zayn inches towards the ropes. Lashley walks into an eyerake and now Zayn is in control of this one! He's stomping away and wearing Lashley down quickly. Lashley turns it around and goes to work on Sami Zayn. He's just overpowering Zayn and delivers vertical suplex and torture racks to break Zayn for the win!


Nia Jax prepares to take on the new UFC Hall of Fame inductee Ronda Rousey! Will she retain her Raw Women's Championship? We will find out tonight!

Elias is in the ring and he's ready to see how many people in the WWE Universe of Chicago are looking to walk with him! He's ready to walk out of Chicago as the new Intercontinental Champion. Seth hasn't forgotten about the shot to the back that Elias gave him with a guitar.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match - SETH ROLLINS (c) VS. THE MIZ

The bell rings and these two gentlemen take one big glance at each other before tying each other up in a series of holds. Seth appears to gain control but Elias takes him down. Seth regains control and goes for the dive outside the ring. Sliding Elias back in, Seth gets the springboard drop and goes to work on him in the corner. He looks for the kick off the apron and Elias counters for the clothesline. Seth landed on his neck outside of the ring and Elias is going after the targeted area pretty aggressively. He's is using his strength against Seth to the highest degree. Seth turns things around after a missed knee drop and is looking to get back in this one. He delivers a slingblade and sends Elias to the floor once again! Rollins, injured neck and all, goes for the suicide dive and delivers! Both men are back in the ring and Elias counters Seth and wanted to throw him out to buy more time to recover but Seth catches himself on the apron. He goes for another springboard drop but Elias moves and Seth buckles his left knee upon landing. Elias is going after the injured knee. Seth is trying to keep himself in the match and goes for the frog splash off the top rope off of one leg. Elias gets the knees up and rolls Seth up for the two count. Elias climbs the top of the rope and Seth counters into the falcon arrow for two! Seth looks for the Curb Stomp and Elias rolls out of the ring. Seth goes for another suicide dive but Elias side steps him and sends him crashing into the post. He slides him back in the ring and goes for the diving elbow followed by the two count. The crowd is really into the match and have their eyes locked on an injured Seth Rollins and a frustrated Elias. Rollins counters Elias in the corner with the powerbomb and his knee gives out. Elias goes for the finisher and Seth rolls him up. Elias counters him for a rollup of his own and Seth gets one last roll for the three count!


A look at the first ever Women's Money in the Bank winner, tonight should be a great ladder match for the Women's division. The tension is building up for all of the participants. Who can climb the ladder and grab the white briefcase? We will find out next!


The bell has rung and these women quickly go after each other! Charlotte throws Ember Moon over the barricade and Becky Lynch kicks ladders into Nattie and Charlotte. Ember dives over the barricade into Lynch and an aggressive Ember Moon is in control so far. Banks catches Moon from climbing the ladder, Moon looks to send Banks' face into the ladder. Moon goes for the middle rope springboard and sends Banks crashing on the ladder. Lana stuns Moon and she rolls out of the ring. Everyone is coming in and getting a turn at setting up the ladder. The Queen and The Lasskicker met up fighting over the ladder and it all goes downhill from there. There's carnage all around the ring. Naomi looks for control but Ember Moon and Becky Lynch want a piece as well. As Moon and Naomi fight over the ladder, Lynch jumps on and goes for the briefcase and they knock her off and out. With the ladder in the corner, Moon monkey flips Naomi on top. Everybody wants at the ladder and no one can gain control! After competitors have come and gotten knocked out one-by-one, two ladders stand after Lana gets the biggest one set up. At one point, six women were all climbing the ladders, fighting for the briefcase. One ladder gets knocked down! Alexa Bliss is in control after the counter to Charlotte. Lana wanted a piece of Bliss and puts her in the Lana Day Accolade. Lana climbs the ladder and Naomi gets the jump from the apron to the ladder to stop her! Everyone is climbing in for the briefcase. Everyone is getting brought back down to reality. Becky Lynch gains control of a ladder and climbs. She's almost got it unhooked! Little Miss Bliss climbs in and stops her hopes of winning with the push off the ladder! Becky crashes into the propped up ladder. Bliss climbs to the top and pulls the briefcase down!


Kurt Angle and Paige are excited about tonight. He seems pretty happy about Bliss bringing the briefcase to Raw. There's still hope for Smackdown to bring one home as we still have the Men's Money in the Bank ladder match

Roman Reigns and Jinder Mahal have built up a rivalry that has gotten pretty heated lately. Roman has forgotten about Mahal interfering in his Money in the Bank qualifying match and forcing him to lose. They will finally clash tonight! Who will come out on top? We shall see next.


Of course, Roman Reigns is getting booed before his music even hits. He looks ready to end his feud with Mahal and quickly gains control at the start of this match. Mahal rolls to the outside of the ring after the quick cover by Reigns. Reigns gets Mahal inside the ring and hanging to the bottom rope. He goes for the drive-by and Mahal moves! With the referee distracted, a wheelchair-bound Singh pushes the Big Dog into the ring post. Mahal has complete control of this match as he looks really aggressive. Mahal is feeding into the crowd's very mixed up chants as he continues to apply the pressure to Reigns. The WWE Universe is actually distracted by something going on in the crowd and Mahal addresses it by telling them that he's the show and for them to pay attention. Reigns feeds off of his distraction and looks to come back into this matchup. As the crowd does the wave, Mahal flips the script and drives the knee into Reigns for the two count. He immediately looks for the Khallas but Reigns counters and follows up with another two count. Reigns goes for the superman punch and Mahal counters! It appears that he has a cut on the side of his face. He goes for the Khallas and Reigns slips out. Superman Punch to Mahal and the slowly-kicked out two count. Reigns wants the spear and Mahal puts the knee up. He, then, send Reigns shoulder-first into the ring post. They're trading right hands with Reigns on the apron. Mahal goes for the running move and Reigns gets the knee up. He sets up for the drive-by and Mahal is back in the ring. Singh gets back up and wants to push a distracted Reigns into the post again but he catches himself. Reigns goes for the superman punch to Singh and follows it up with a spear. He gets back in the ring and Mahal rolls him up for the pin but Reigns kicks out and goes for the spear. Reigns gets the victory!


Things have built up for quite some time between Asuka and the Smackdown Women's Champion, Carmella. 'Mella has stated that she's the best women's competitor in the WWE and that Asuka is ordinary compared to her ever since she got her first loss in WWE to Charlotte at Wrestlemania 34. Can Carmella back her words up and retain? Or will Asuka be the next Smackdown Women's Champion? We shall find out next!

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Match - ASUKA VS. CARMELLA (c)

Carmella is moonwalking her way away from Asuka and is staying as far as possible from her. She's looking pretty confident going up against her! Asuka catches Carmella in the middle of a kick but Mella slaps the taste out of her. Asuka gains control of the match and is on a roll. Carmella ends up outside of the ring and wanted out! She demanded her title so she can leave. Asuka was waiting around the corner for a drive-by. 'Mella flips it around by crawling under the ropes and pulls Asuka into the ring post, gaining the edge. She gets Asuka back in the ring and applies a series of holds. Carmella is showing some really good strategy on Asuka, slowly wearing down her opponent. Asuka hops up on the turnbuckle in hopes of turning things around but gets caught. Asuka goes for the dropkick but Mella moves. She's taunting Asuka as if she needs to be taken lightly and it has lit a fire in Asuka! Asuka has gotten herself back into this match! Mella sends Asuka to the floor and keeps her out there for the suicide dive. A frustrated Carmella can't keep her opponent down and as Asuka gets the edge back, an unknown figure dressed up in Asuka's entrance wardrobe comes up on the apron to distract her. Mella rolls Asuka up for the two count and Asuka leaves her down as she's still stunned by the unknown figure! This person takes off their mask and reveals themselves as the No-Chin Wonder, James Ellsworth! He just stands there smiling and winks at the shocked Asuka. Carmella takes advantage and gets the pin. 'Mella is money!


The Phenomenal One has grown sick and tired of the Rockstar low blowing him everytime they are in a ring together. Shinsuke has repeatedly played mind games with the Champ over the last couple of months. Shinsuke picked the stipulation for their match and chose the Last Man Standing. AJ will finally get his hands on Shinsuke and looks to put him away for good! No DQ, no games, no pinfalls, no submissions. Tonight, we will see AJ Styles, once again, defend his title against Shinsuke Nakamura in a Last Man Standing match.

WWE Championship Match: Last Man Standing - SHINSUKE NAKAMURA VS. AJ STYLES (c)

This match still feels like the first time we're seeing it. There's so much hype built around it. Shinsuke takes down AJ and AJ, quickly, gets a dropkick to stop him. The referee starts his first count but Shinsuke gets up. AJ has control so far as he flips Shinsuke out of the ring with his legs after the attempted turnaround. Styles with the forearm to a stunned Shinsuke on the outside. Shinsuke flips the script by getting a suplex on the stage and AJ looks hurts. The tempo of the match is now in Shinsuke's direction. The match is back in the ring and Shinsuke looks to pick Styles apart slowly, but surely. He's letting the referee do his work with the counts. Styles wants to turn things around but Shinsuke just isn't letting him. He, basically, has to use the ropes to pick himself back up and the WWE Champion is in a bad situation. Shinsuke goes for the knee to the midsection on the top rope and goes flying to the outside floor is AJ Styles! He's completely picking the champion apart and it has spread to the crowd! AJ has punched his way back in the match and gets Nakamura back at ringside. He goes for the Phenomenal Forearm over the barricade and Shinsuke kicks him off balance! Nakamura is back on top of the matchup. He's got AJ back in the ring and is playing mind games with the champion. AJ counters and Shinsuke takes it back. He hops up on the top rope and AJ gets the dropkick for the counter. AJ is now in control as he faceplants Nakamura. He looks for the Styles' Clash and Shinsuke goes for a low blow but AJ moves away! Shinsuke was so shocked and instantly regrets it. Shinsuke flips things around and goes for the reverse exploder to set up for the Kinshasa but AJ gets the forearm to counter. Things spill out to the floor and Nakamura has some pretty bad intentions for Styles. He clears a table and suplexes AJ on once to lay him out. Nakamura goes to the furthest table and sets up to hit the Kinshasa! AJ is down for a 9 count! Nakamura gets the champ back in the ring and looks under for a table. He has it all set up and definitely wants Styles to stay down for the full ten count. He gets him on the top rope and AJ slips down to set up for a powerbomb on the table but Nakamura holds on to the ropes and counters. He sets the table up in the corner and throws the champ into it with complete aggression! AJ is down for the 9 count once again. The challenger attempts to drive AJ's face into the exposed turnbuckle but AJ flips it around. Nakamura takes back control and gets him back on the top turnbuckle for the knee to the gut. AJ moves and Shinsuke's knee drives into the exposed steel. AJ is looking to take advantage of the pain in Nakamura's knee. The leg knee of Nakamura is destroyed and AJ has driven the chair into the back of his opponents leg. He is just wearing him down with the chair. Shinsuke begs for mercy from AJ and possums his way into an unexpected low blow. Styles gets up at the count of 9 and Nakamura hits the Kinshasa. Yet, another 9 count for the champion. He gets AJ on the top of the announcers table and AJ counters with a push and the Phenomenal Forearm. AJ gets Nakamura on the steps and sets up the Styles' Clash! He hits it! Nakamura just barely gets up at 9.7 seconds. Nakamura begs the champ to bring more fight and AJ kicks Nakamura hard for the low blow in return. He slides back into the ring to set up for the dive to Nakamura leaning up against the announcers table. AJ lands the Phenomenal Forearm for the ten count to retain!


Ever since her long, anticipated WWE debut, Ronda Rousey has been a joy to have in the WWE. She won her first matchup on the grandest stage, Wrestlemania. She's one of the most decorated athletes in the world today! Nia Jax put her up to the test to challenge Rousey and defend her Raw Women's Championship. The heat has gotten hotter between these two and we will see if the Rowdy one can win her first singles' match along with her first championship as she faces the Irrestible Force next!

WWE Raw Women's Championship Match - 'ROWDY' RONDA ROUSEY VS. NIA JAX (c)

Nia Jax starts off pretty early by using her monster-like size and strength over Rousey. Rousey uses her speed to counter and strikes Nia Jax until Jax overpowers her. Nia puts Rousey on her shoulders and takes her time applying the move. Rousey takes advantage and looks for the armbar on the champion! Jax flips the script once again and inflicts the powerbomb on the challenger. Rousey rolls to the outside and the champ follows. Jax slams Rousey into the barricade wall and Rousey appears to be pretty hurt as she's thrown back into the ring for a two count. Jax is just overpowering Rousey! She applies the bear hug and wants to wear Rousey down. Rousey breaks out and looks to build momentum but Jax breaks it with the Samoan drop and a two count. Rousey flips the script and gets the hold on the ropes and brings the champ down. She climbs to the top rope for the first time in her career and hits the flying crossbody! Rousey is in complete control! She hits a judo flip on the champ and gets the two count. As Rousey looks to lock in the armbar, Jax shows the fight to stop her from doing so! Rousey brings Jax's hands up and looks to lock in. Alexa Bliss, the Women's MITB winner from earlier in the night, attack them both and completely beats them down with the briefcase to cut the match short.


Bliss cashes in her briefcase on Jax already.

WWE Raw Women's Championship Match/MITB Cash-In - ALEXA BLISS VS. NIA JAX (c)

As soon as the bell rings, Bliss gets the attack going early and hits the DDT on the champ! She climbs to the top and lands Twisted Bliss for the win!


We have seen many men make an impact and change the game by just cashing in the MITB briefcase. Edge set the bar by becoming the first winner of the match years ago! Tonight, we will see who can add to the list of MITB history and grab the briefcase as competitors from both brands look to win and, eventually, cash in to become champion. Let's see who can get the job done! Men's Money in the Bank ladder match, coming up next!


Everyone makes their way to the ring and it's finally revealed in the New Day's entrance that Kofi will be representing the New Day and the blue brand in the MITB match! As soon as the bell rings, every competitor goes after the Monster Among Men but they failed to keep him down. The match spills to the floor and everyone is wearing the big man down with ladder after ladder. At the stage, they all bury Strowman in a pool of ladders. The Miz takes advantage while everyone has their guards down and sets up the ladder. Samoa Joe quickly runs down the ramp and stops Miz from climbing and the swing on anyone who jumps on the ring apron. Joe drives the ladder into Miz's midsection in the corner and was quickly taken out. Kofi gets the edge on Miz and KO and Finn Balor are at it on the ladder until Balor knocks him off. KO pulls Balor down! Men are coming and going out of the match. KO looks to gain an edge and put Balor through the announce table but is forced to get down as Rusev attempts to climb the ladder. Rusev with the fallaway slam to KO on the broken down ladder. Joe jumps in and lays waste to Rusev. No one has the control of the match. Kofi goes for the high risk to everyone outside but they all catch him! Finn goes for the dive on top of the standing bodies and lands it. Balor goes to pick up a big ladder off of the many that have Strowman buried and forgets that he's under there. Strowman lays waste to Balor and Kofi and immediately is attacked by other competitors. The fight is taken to the stage as Joe, Rusev and KO all aim to keep the big man down. Joe tells KO to climb a 50 foot ladder and Strowman kicks Joe and Rusev away as they tried to hold him down. Strowman focuses on KO at the top of the ladder and climbs up to meet him. Strowman throws KO off the ladder and into equipment! KO looks to be pretty hurt. Strowman is now control and running his way through everyone. He attempts to climb the ladder and Joe attacks him with a ladder. He takes the big man out and leaves him ringside. Joe climbs the ladder and is stopped by Balor. They both end up ringside. Rusev lays waste to Roode, lays Kofi on top of him and attempts the double-body accolade! Miz goes for the Skull-Crushing Finale but Rusev counters and lays Miz on top of the bodies. Rusev attempts the triple accolade and is stopped by Joe with the Coquina Clutch. Everyone wants a piece of action! Balor lays Roode out with a kick and realizes his opponent is down. He climbs the tall ladder at ringside and delivers the Doup de Grace to Roode! Balor wants the briefcase and is laid out by Strowman. Strowman climbs the ladder and Balor goes with him. Kofi jumps on Strowman's back and there's a fight between the three men on the top of one ladder! Balor is knocked off, Kofi is thrown off! Strowman reaches up and grabs the briefcase!


Thank you all for staying tuned in with us tonight! Have a wonderful night.

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