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Welcome everyone back to Wrestling News World. Join us tonight for live coverage of Money In The Bank PPV.

We opened with the women's money in the bank. Highlights, Carmella injured, Naomi came out as Bumble Bee, Nikki Cross use herself as a weapon, Ember Moon eclipsed Nattie off the ladder that was on the outside, Sonya literally carrying Mandy Rose on her back up the ladder, beforeBayley pushes them both off to win. 

Sami is informed by HHH backstage Braun is banned from ringside.

Next with a quick win, though Samoas shoulder wasn't down. But now Mysterio is a grandslam champ with the US title. After the match Joe jumps Rey and beats him to pieces after the match as Reys son looks along.

Highlights from Shane Vs Miz cage match. Shane gets pulled back in the match after trying to escape, with a still chair, Miz catches Shane and puts him in the figure four after an attempt Coast2Coast, a bitched rope break, fight on top of the cage, Shane slips through Miz' hands, literally to fall to the floor and win the match.

 still Cruiserweight Champ Tony Needs, beating Daivari with the running knees to the corner. 

Backstage Braun is confronted by HHH. And is told he won't be in the Ladder match despite what he did to Sami. Braun is confused, but is asked to leave by HHH.

 Highlights of Becky vs Lacey.  Lacey knows her character, Lacey with an alligator roll, Becky wins with a disarm her, a bit botched. 

Charlotte immediately comes to the ring and challenges Becky to have her match now instead of later. Becky accepts. Lacey comes back gives Becky the Woman's Right. Charlotte takes advantage to win the Smackdown women's Championship. 

Bayley breaks up the brawl, knocks out Charlotte, and cashes in to win the Smackdown women's Championship. 

Elias attacks Roman backstage. Comes out sings a tune, begins to walk back, Romans music hits. Superman punch for the win. Vince Russo is writing this show tonight for sure.

Highlights from Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles. First the match was perfection. Slow built, fast pace ending. Beautiful frog splash from Setha reverse suplex,  into a reserve falcon arrow from Seth to AJ.  AJ reserve the curve stomp into the styles clash. Seth get a the curve stomp after many attempts ,to retain the Universal Championship. 

Lars Sullivan crushed Lucha House Party

After getting his shoes ripped off, Kofi Kingston reserves the swan time bomb from Owens. Retaining his WWE Championship. Great back and forth KO is a hell of a story teller. Kofi showed why he wasn't a fluke.

Whew! When I tell you that Money in the Bank match everything a fan needed to get back into WWE. Brutal, fun, stories told. Drew was a star, he basically broke Finn Balors back, slamming him on the ladder multiple times during the match. The Claymore kick was used as it should. Surprisingly, maybe it's the wine, Baron Corbin was amazing, a truly great heel, sneaky, was one point in the match he went running around the ring, choke slamming Ali through the Spanish announce table, choke  slamming Finn on the ladder, threw Drew into the crowd. Ricochet was a highlight reel, but his moment was definitely when Drew threw him over the top rope onto the ladder balanced on the outside. ANDRADE was brutal. Dragon fly off the ladder, sit down powerbomb off the ladder onto the ladder to Finn. He gave Orton a run for his money also. Orton spot was a RKO to Drew off the ladder. Brock came in as the final competitor in the match, who wins the Money in the Bank briefcase. To end the match.

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