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This coming Sunday will be one defining night for either the WWE Universal Champion, Seth Freakin' Rollins, or his tag partner/Universal Championship challenger, Braun Strowman.  To be honest, the winner of the match all depends on who gets pinned or does the pinning in their Raw Tag Team Championship Match against Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode.  Both of them are going through a babyface run.  But one of them isn't going to be able to walk out as the good guy anymore.

The next heel turn in WWE is really looking like it's in Seth Rollins' favor.  Especially since he claims to be the best wrestler on the planet.  Not everyone can pull that off unless if you're the one and only CM Punk, a man who gets cheered and praised for his utter confidence.  That doesn't work for Rollins considering the fact that some have described his Universal Championship run as lackluster.  He really needs a heel turn in order to gain the love of the fans back once again.

As far as it goes for Braun, he needs a single's title more than anything.  He is one of the most deserving wrestlers in the WWE.  When he's not in the title picture, he sinks.  But when he gets a chance, he knows how to draw the attention of the fans.  Braun has had plenty of time to be a heel.  It's his time for a title, as many shots as he has had at the Universal Championship and WWE has shut him down for the big win in the end.  The downfall is that Clash of Champions is taking place in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, which isn't but 30 minutes from his hometown and we all know how the unwritten rule goes where you, as a wrestler, aren't always allowed to be victorious in front of your home crowd.

One can only hope and pray for Braun Strowman's title win.  It would actually benefit both men if WWE plays the cards well enough.  WWE is all about the controversial finishes, too. Hopefully, the match doesn't result in a disqualification or a double countout or something of that nature.  It'll make them both look weak and can caused the feud to be dull.  Who would you, as a wrestling fan, be pulling for in this matchup?  The Monster Among Man or The Beastslayer?  Let us know!  Stay tuned for WWE Clash of Champions with us on Sunday, September 15th!

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