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Monumental Error Made During Opening Segment Of Raw Supershow; WWE Corrects On Commentary

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There was a glaring error during the opening segment of tonight's WWE Raw Supershow as John Laurinaitis announced that he re-hired Big Show on Saturday and gave him a bonus.

Given the stipulation WWE had announced for the bout between John Cena and Laurinaitis at WWE Over the Limit, not only would have Show's interference caused Laurinaitis to be "fired" but it would have caused him to be "fired" as well. In storyline, the WWE Board of Directors stipulated that if any Superstar or Diva interfered Laurinaitis would be terminated as well as the contracted worker that interfered.

When Show "returned" during the match at the pay-per-view, Cole proclaimed he was there because he "bought a ticket" as he interfered to help Laurinaitis win the match.

Someone in the back recognized the mistake as it was clarified on commentary that Show agreed in principle on Saturday but didn't actually sign until this morning.

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