More Axxess Problems, Celeb Denied Wrestlemania Tix, Pitch Storyline To Stephanie McMahon

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Even More Problems at Wrestlemania Axxess

Wrestling News World reader Brian Pace had issues at Wrestlemania Axxess on Saturday at the evening session, just as readers had indicated at the earlier sessions. Below is his report:

I went to the 6-10 PM Axxess session on April 6th. As with the readers who submitted displeasure earlier, my problems are nearly identical. My friend and myself arrived around 5:30 PM only to discover the line was nearly a half a mile long, if not more, and only one gate was being used to allow people entry. The gate ended up opening around 6:05 PM and the line started moving, but I was unable to get inside until 6:40 PM.

Once inside every signing was already incredibly full to the point that each attendant at the signings said there was "No guarantee to meet anybody." I was looking forward to meeting two groups of wrestlers the most. The first group being Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee, and Big E Langston. The second was The Shield. When I got to the Ziggler/AJ/Big E signing just after entering the venue the attendant told me there were 550+ people already ahead of me, but I only saw about 50 people on line. I waited 35 minutes only to leave the concourse and enter the arena where the signings took place to find they were seating people in the arena seats to wait. Needless to say there was no chance of meeting them and the attendants should have stopped letting people in so nobody would waste their time.

At 8:00 PM the superstars switched at the signings and I had a good feeling The Shield would be where Ziggler/AJ/Big E were since that was the only 3-Person signing booth, even though the signs telling who was where were never changed and remained blank majority of the night. I arrived at 7:57 PM to the booth only to be told the 8:00 PM signing was cut off from too many people being in line already, which was ridiculous. We went over to meet Tyson Kidd instead (whom I wanted to meet as well) after passing The Shield signing booth two more times to be sure we were given the right information and as we were sitting waiting to meet Kidd we watched as about 150-200 people were let in to meet The Shield after we were already told three times we were not able to meet them. This greatly angered both my friend and myself since they were part of the reason we bought the tickets.

In the 3 hours and 20 minutes (Due to being let in late) we were only able to meet three wrestlers (Compared to the 8-10 per session I met in Atlanta in 2011), which were Paige, Bray Wyatt, and Tyson Kidd, all of which were incredibly friendly.

Other than the signing issues, unless you were a kid or a VIP ticket holder there was not much to do. The memorabilia displays were very few and the only activity that would interest an adult was the WWE '13 booth which cost $5 to play at, which I did not think was fair considering I already bought tickets to the event and when I was in Atlanta it was free of charge, even at the truck that was in the middle of downtown Atlanta that week.

The IZOD Center employees/security working the show were also rude to everyone in attendance. When Big E was leaving the first signing (He did two. One with Ziggler and AJ and one signing alone) the security instead of saying excuse me or clearing a path professionally, plowed right through me knocking me into a young child. It wasn't just an accidental shove either. It was an "I don't care. Get out of my way" type of push and was extremely unprofessional behavior. I had to stop and make sure the child was ok and felt horrible about it.

After having the experience I had in Atlanta I was so excited about going to Axxess this year, but after this I'm not sure if I would go to another Axxess event. I am very tempted to contact Ticketmaster and demand a refund, as I do not feel I received my moneys worth.

I really hope that even a portion of this will be able to be shared with the readers of this website because the fans really deserve to know how they will be treated at the final two Axxess sessions tomorrow morning.

'Jersey Shore' Celeb Denied Wrestlemania Tickets

Wrestling News World reader Dave L sent this link that goes to a TMZ report about Angelina from "Jersey Shore" unable to score free Wrestlemania tickets.

Pitch A Storyline to Stephanie McMahon

WWE added an item to their "Superstars for Sandy Relief" auction. The winning bidder will have the opportunity to pitch a storyline idea to Stephanie McMahon. Wrestling News World reader Dustyn sent in this link with more details.

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