More Detailed House Show Report From Last night's WWE Raw Show In New York City


Wrestling News World reader Ira Valfer was in attendance at last night's WWE Raw house show from Madison Square Garden in New York City and sent in the following report:

The entire ring of the 300 section was EMPTY.

Show starts and first out is THE MIZ to major heat. Announces that main event will be him and PUNK in a steel cage match.
He puts down NYC – the Knicks – and R-Truth. Music interrupts. Miz looks for R-Truth at entrance. But Truth blind sides Miz.

Miz leaves ring area. R-Truth wants him back. John Laurinaitis comes out. He tells Truth “not tonight,” and announces a Battle Royal to take place NOW for chance to meet Zach Ryder for Title match later.

About 12 men come out (no ring announcements) and match begins. Ziggler stays out-side of the ring until after the bell rings. Gets into ring and quickly rolls out UNDER the bottom rope. Too much going on to keep track. Final 4 were Santino, Kofi, Primo and Mason Ryan. Ziggler is watching for his moment. Kofi eliminated Santino, Mason eliminated Primo and then Kofi. Ziggler gets back into ring and quick pin for the win.

Next up is a Divas title match with the Bellas as timekeeper and referee (which was which?) Beth out first – appears to be wobbly – had trouble climbing ring post with belt. Opponent is Eve bell rings and she gets upper hand over Beth. Long match and during slow bits fans yell for Zak. Beth hits clothes line, and Eve returns with a kick to Beth. Goes for pin – had the 3 but twin feigned hurt elbow and stopped count. Match continues and Beth gets the 3 count. After match, the twins team up on Eve; Kelly out for the Save.

Singles match – new wrestler Leo Kruger vs Alex Riley. Before match Leo cuts heel promo. Claims he is the “Most decorated African Athlete.” Could have been a squash match, but went on longer. Riley gets win. Fans still want Zack.

Guest host – Mick Foley (Major pop) Tells stories about his experiences in MSG. Interrupted by Jack Swagger. Challenges Foley to a match. Foley claims “I don’t have my ring gear. I’m not prepared.” Swagger responds “What are you talking about? You’re
wearing the same jeans and flannel shirt you always wore in the ring.” Foley says there is someone back stage ready to fight, a
former super-star and Hall of Famer – Jerry Lawler. Some good moves on both sides. Lawler gets win. After match, Foley hits Swagger with Mr. Socko.

Santino d Michael McGillicutty Before match Santino measures McG to see how high to kick in the head. Fans still want Zak. Santino uses the Cobra for finisher. Then he is blind sided by Ziggler. Vicky comes
out to heat and cuts a promo. Then into –

Title Match Zack Ryder d Ziggler. Heavy hitting during match. Crowd really into it. Ziggler hits Zig-Zag and goes for pin near ropes. Zack has leg on rope. Referee gives 3 count and bell rings, then notices his mistake and calls for match to continue. Zack gets Rough Ryder, and 3 count to retain.

Tag Team Championship – AirBoom d Epico and Primo Evan Bourne is caught and double-teamed for most of match. Finally gets to Kofi for hot tag. Hits Trouble in Paradise, tags Evan. Shooting star press and its over.

Kane’s music hits. (Major heat) long intro waiting for opponent and
it’s Cena. (Major Major Pop) During match, Cena tries for Attitude Adjustment and can’t hold it. Kane gets advantage. Both Kane and Cena are outside the ring, and Kane goes into the steel steps. Chants of “You can’t wrestle.” Kane shows for choke slam. Cena avoids but gets slammed to the mat any way. Kane gets choke on Cena from the floor. Cena tries for AA again, but
Kane slips out. Cena throws Kane out of ring. Kane gets a chair, brings into ring and slams into Cena for DQ. Kane leaves Cena writhing in the ring but comes back. Cena finally gets AA and his music hits for the finish. BIG POP from the crowd.

Intermission as crew sets up cage for Main Event.

Punk d Miz. Good back and forth action. GTS for finisher.

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