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More On AJ Lee's Concussion Symptoms, Dealing With Another Injury

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AJ Lee

There were a lot of people surprised that AJ Lee was medically cleared so quickly following being sent home from last week's Monday Night Raw in Pittsburgh. AJ was in really bad shape, with slurred speech and needing assistance to walk. She had significant memory loss and was complaining of seeing fog. There was even concern at one point whether or not she should get on an airplane.

We're also told that AJ has been dealing with an elbow injury that she suffered back in September. AJ is seen as someone that is extremely tough and doesn't mind working through injury. However, it should be noted that she had to pass an Impact Concussion Test before she could receive clearance from a concussion.

AJ returned on this week's episode of Raw, where she continued her program with Brie Bella.

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