More On Cody Rhodes Denying His Positive WWE Wellness Test - What I'm Told He Was Taking & The Banned Substance It Contained, How He Was Cleared & Not Suspended But Still Buried In Storyline


On May 31, 2012, we reported exclusively here on Premium that Cody Rhodes had a positive WWE Wellness Test due to a dietary supplement he had been taking. The positive test was cleared by a doctor thus there was no Wellness strike nor was he suspended.

Sunday night, referencing a website that ripped our report off without permission, Rhodes posted a denial on Twitter. Standing by my source and my original story, I have more information.

I'm told Rhodes was notified on May 20, 2012 that his Wellness sample came back dirty. The following day, May 21, 2012, Rhodes posted "Time off." on Twitter. My source, speaking to me under the condition of anonymity, says Cody posted the Tweet because he thought he was getting suspended for the aforementioned dietary supplement. Rhodes ended up producing a prescription for what turned out to be a weight-loss supplement, described to me as an "old school Hydroxycut" that contained ephedrine (a derivative of amphetamine and methamphetamine which are on the company's banned substance list).

The prescription cleared the positive test, as any worker that tests positive can clear it with a valid prescription unless the substance is banned outright, so Cody was allowed to work the next week. Since then, Rhodes has dropped the WWE Intercontinental Championship and been buried on WWE Superstars.

Rhodes was slated for a big push but I'm told WWE wanted to "send him a message" first. Apparently Rhodes felt the need to deny the positive test today, knowing his push may start again and knew it was a situation where it was his word versus ours (in which he thought it was the Luchadore website that ripped us off).

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