More On Paul Heyman Returning To WWE, Relationship With Brock Lesnar, CM Punk Spoiling His Return


The plan coming out of last week's TVs was for Paul Heyman to be brought in as Brock Lesnar's mouthpiece around SummerSlam.

I'm not sure what changed as Vince McMahon, who never saw eye-to-eye with Heyman, was reportedly insistent that Heyman would not be part of any deal between WWE and Lesnar. I was told by a source close to the situation the two had cut ties after Heyman had pressured Lesnar to stay with UFC with some feeling that Lesnar returning to WWE would either extremely minimize Heyman's involvement in Lesnar's career or completely eliminate it.

However, one of my sources told me last week they felt Heyman already had some type of deal in place to appear on WWE TV and sure enough, he returned tonight.

Obviously Heyman's comments that Lesnar "quit" were a work although one of the things Vince McMahon had hoped would circulate after reports of Lesnar "losing it" backstage at Extreme Rules was that he had quit the company. I have much more on that at this link.

It's also worth noting that CM Punkspoiled Heyman's return after a day full of controversy.

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