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More On Potential Austin vs. Lesnar Match At Wrestlemania 32

There has been a lot of discussion and fallout about Steve Austin and Paul Heyman planting the seeds for Austin vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 32 on their podcast interview a couple of weeks ago live on the WWE Network.

Heyman stated on Chael Sonnen’s podcast he caught Austin off guard by asking him about it and the chances of the match happening are zero.

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We updated on the situation here on Premium.

We noted the comments were Heyman and Austin having some fun and were not step one in some type of angle. They put the pressure on WWE to at least consider the match but the bout was not in the plans for next year's show.

In fact, we clearly pointed out in our report that WWE had not even approached Austin about working Wrestlemania.

As for the matches Vince McMahon wants at Wrestlemania 32, CLICK HERE for more details.

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