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More On Sean Waltman Ripping His Anus Apart Over The Weekend

TMZ has more details online regarding Sean "X-Pac" Waltman's injury from over the weekend. They also have video of the injury occurring during the match against Jerry Lynn, Horace the Pyschopath and JB Trask at the Jerry Lynn retirement show on Saturday night.

Apparently Waltman didn't even notice the blood at first and it wasn't until he went to the bathroom at the after-party that he noticed an enormous pool of blood in his singlet. This is when he called an ambulance for himself.

Waltman was admitted to the hospital and underwent a sphincteroplasty to repair a rip in his anus on Sunday. He was released Monday afternoon. You can watch video by TMZ embedded below and check out their coverage at this link.


Former WWE Star X-Pac -- Anus-Ripping Nearly Killed Me
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