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WWN sent out a news alert on Thursday to explain the dynamic working agreement they have with WWE. Below is an excerpt from their alert:

October 15th: You have supported us and you deserve an answers. You want to know what's going on with WWE and The WWN Family. This is the absolute truth. There are no answers. Yes, there is obviously a growing relationship. What direction it will take is unknown. There are rumors and speculation, but this relationship changes and develops almost weekly. This is a road that has never been traveled before. There is no precedent. We don't know what to expect nor what is possible. All this means is that anything can happen. There are infinite possibilities. The only sure thing is that this will be a wild, unpredictable and thrilling ride. We will all find out where this road goes together. There is no telling what will happen next.

You can read the full alert at this link.

Fresh off of that, dot com ran a feature piece on 5 EVOLVE stars that could be the next breakout stars in NXT. Those names are as follows:

Timothy Thatcher
Johnny Gargano
"Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams
Anthony Nese
Zack Sabre, Jr.

CLICK HERE for the dot com piece in its entirety.

Our readers — especially our Premium Members — have been in the loop about WWE’s relationship with EVOLVE since the summer. Below are some excerpts of our coverage:

June 22, 2015 WNW Premium Update: WWE is indeed getting more serious about putting together a deal to create an official working relationship with the World Wrestling Network (Evolve/DGUSA). It’s something that has been talked about in passing for years but WWE never really had much motivation to pursue it seriously, especially since anybody they ever wanted that was under WWN contract, WWN would let WWE have them… CONTINUE READING >>

July 18, 2015 WNW Premium Update: We mentioned on Friday here on Premium about WWE working with outside promotions as a way to supply NXT with talent when it gets low on star power due to inevitable call-ups. Following up on that, the proposed deal with Evolve/DGUSA is not dead… CONTINUE READING >>

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