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More Video Teasers For "Stars Earn Stripes" Featuring Eve Torres

NBC has sent out more clips for the upcoming "Stars Earn Stripes" reality series featuring WWE Diva Eve Torres. The show premieres next Monday night, August 13 at 8/7c:

First Look: Inside Stars Earn Stripes
The producers, hosts and celebrity contestants reveal what it's like to face the challenges of real American heroes.

Looking Back: Dean Cain
With his first mission under his belt, Dean Cain reflects on what it takes to succeed.

Dirty Work
Laila Ali gets down and dirty to try to get ahead.

Moment of Fear
Laila and Dean describe the pangs of panic after being dropped into water from a helicopter.

Todd Palin: One Man Army
Todd Palin proves from the beginning that he plans to dominate.

Ready for Battle
Laila Ali, Todd Palin and Dolvett Quince gird themselves for the battlefield.

Riding to the first mission, Dean, Terry and Nick can't wait for the action.

Meet the Men Who Serve
The celebrities are introduced to their operatives and retired General Wesley Clark.

One Way Forward
Even in the chaos, Nick Lachey knows there's only one direction: ahead.

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