More Wrestlemania Axxess Interviews, AJ's Love/Hate Relationship With Dolph Ziggler


More Wrestlemania Axxess Interviews

Brian Fritz has new Wrestlemania Axxess interviews with Hornswoggle and Dolph Ziggler. You can watch them embedded in the videos below:

AJ'e Love/Hate Relationship With Ziggler

IGN has a new Q&A online with AJ Lee. In it, she's asked if she has had fun pairing with Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston. Below is her response:

The funny thing is, never say never, because you never know where everything’s gonna take you. Maybe a year ago or something, he and I had a very love/hate relationship where we were just douchebags to each other, and we didn’t really get along. Then to somehow have our paths meet now, and we’re kind of grossly all over each other all the time, I think is so funny. If you would have bet me money, I would have been like, “Ugh, gosh, that guy is such a douche.” Now I see what an amazing person he is and how hard of a worker he is. It’s so cool to finally be on the same page with someone. Everyone’s awesome that I’ve worked with before, but what we’ve done and the product we’ve put out there has been very much one-sided with my affection. That’s fun and I think that’s really cool, but it’s a lot more fun to have somebody that wants you there. It’s a collaborative effort, and I feel less like a student and more like a partner. That is the coolest thing ever, and I love our little family -- me, Ziggy and our adopted son, Big E.

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