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 Ring of Honor TV

In case you have not heard, Ring of Honor is back.  They returned with an excellent Pure Championship tournament, which was won by Jonathen Gresham. 

Well, since then, they have gone into the bubble & returned with weekly tv.  Today, ROH TV will have the Briscoes vs Soldiers Of Savagery and Shane Taylor vs Kenny King.

I recently spoke with the CEO of Shane Taylor Promotions, Shane Taylor, on his upbringing & going for the Ring of Honor World Title.  Find out what he says about this Kenny King match & more.

Miro on Zelina Vega's Release

Yesterday on his Twitch stream; Miro commented on the release of Zelina Vega.

"She'll be fine. When things like this happen, it's always somebody's loss," said Miro. "What matters is....she wanted to continue doing Twitch and now she can. So, that's the best decision and best move for her. So, I'm happy for her."

You can catch this past broadcast & other streams from Miro HERE

Seth Rollins to take time off

As we know, The Man (Becky Lynch) & Seth Rollins are expecting their first born.  It is assumed that Seth Rollins will be taking paternity leave once Becky welcomes their new child into the world.  There is no official word as to when Seth will be taking time off, but based on the Mysterio feud basically being over, we could see Seth & Murphy till he takes his leave.

Plus, this is for the greater good.


AEW Meet & Greet This Wed.

As per AEW's Twitter, it was announced that they will be doing a Meet & Greet with Cody Rhodes, Arn Anderson, Jake Roberts & Lance Archer.  The Meet & Greet will take place before AEW Dynamite & physically distanced, as well as, contactless.

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