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Jade Cargill’s AEW’s Unrestricted

Jade Cargill made a big splash recently on AEW Dynamite, and she shares exactly what it took to prepare for that on AEW Unrestricted.  She touched on topics on Chyna, her look & getting prepared.

"Growing up I've always been muscular and I used to always get picked on by guys saying, ‘Oh she looks like a man. She's too muscular.’ And I remember growing up and watching Chyna and seeing how she just embodied, just loved how she looked, and it just did nothing but empower me and make me say, ‘You know what? I look good. These muscles look great!'"-Cargill on Chyna

The Undertaker on who he thought should of ended his streak.

The Undertaker is hitting the media circuit lately leading up to Survivor Series & the Final Farewell.  Recently, Taker sat down with Sports Illustrated on their SI Media Podcast to talk the Foley spot, The Streak & more. 

Some of the more interesting points to come out of this sit down was what Taker thought about Brock ending The Streak:

"I don't think Brock needed that victory".  "Brock was huge. Brock was just coming back from UFC and he's an attraction all to himself. And whether he loses to The Undertaker isn't gonna hurt his stock one bit. He's still gonna be the Beast Incarnate.  "It would've done much more for Roman Reigns than it would've for Brock Lesnar. Roman Reigns would've made a lot more sense for me than Brock."-The Undertaker

"Through the course of my 30 years, I've had several conversations with Vince and not agreeing with a direction we were moving in or a finish," he explained. "I'd go into his office and we'd discuss it and go back and forth, back and forth and finally, it's like 'O.K., we'll do it your way.'

"Could I have probably changed the finish? Maybe. I think probably I could've. It had gone back and forth several times. The day of WrestleMania when I showed up, I was going over. The finish got changed during the day.-Taker on whether he thought he could change VInce's mind. 


Bischoff on Unionization

Eric Bischoff touched on the idea of a wrestling union.  He goes in length about the Pros & Cons of a union.  Check out Wrestling Inc. for an in depth look into this topic & the 83 weeks episode.  

"There is so much at risk."  "This is not just WWE, if this issue becomes a big issue, which I think it will, it will radically change the business of the wrestling business. I can understand why it sounds great, but what does it do to the revenue model of WWE, or AEW, or any other televised wrestling company that's going to have to deal with this issue? It's going to dramatically change the way people are paid, and it may not benefit talent as much as they think it will.-Eric Bischoff on unionization 

 A new wrestling movie; HEEL.

Former NXT wrestler & brother of Dolph Zigler, Ryan Nemeth has written & directed a movie entitled HEEL.  HEEL is a narrative drama about a pro wrestler who receives a contract with the biggest wrestling company in the world and needs to simply stay out of trouble for a couple of weeks before signing the deal. The film covers wrestling’s darker areas, such as sexual assault and drug addiction.  

Ryan Nemeth posted the trailer for HEEL on his twitter.  CHECK IT OUT!

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