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NXT no issue with Talent's Twitch

As tweeted about by Jon Alba & talked about on his podcast, Living The Gimmick, NXT has no issue with their talent have a Twitch stream.  Alba said from everybody that he has spoken to about the situation has said that base pay & contract structure is the reason most of the NXT people have had no issue with Twitch streaming.

Bully Ray puts over Rhea Ripley

Recently on Busted Open, Bully Ray elaborated on why he feels Rhea Ripley can be a major star when she makes it to the main roster.

“I always compare control in the ring to how a pitcher on a pitcher’s mound has control of his fastball. If you can throw a fastball 90 miles an hour? That’s great. But if you can’t throw it for a strike? It’s pretty much worthless. That’s command of your own athletic ability, being able to put the ball where you want it.”-Bully Ray on controlling athletic ability in the ring.

“She has such great control of her own athletic ability, no matter what she’s taking or no matter what she’s giving. I don’t see any wasted movement in her. Whether she’s selling or moving around? She doesn’t just flop and flail, I can tell she’s selling realistically.”-Bully on Rhea Ripley in the ring.

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ICW's Fight Club coming to the WWE Network

ICW is not only bringing their weekly Fight Club back, but it will be coming to the WWE Network on November 28th & new episodes will come out on a weekly basis.

Lana breaks The Streak

Last night on RAW, not only did Lana get a win (with Asuka) against the RAW Tag Team Champions, but she broke her streak of being put through a table on RAW.  Lana expressed her excitement & gratefulness on twitter.

In case you missed any wresting from last night, head over to our RAW Recap or join The Smacked Raw Podcast as they will break it all down on Putting You Over over Twitch.

You can also catch up on all the excitement on ROH TV & the return of Mike Bennett HERE.

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