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TMZ partnering with AEW?

Recently, on articles, we are seeing a little banner above the article reading Partnered with AEW.   You can see it in the image below.  AEW is always working hard to get their name out to more people, more fans & younger fans, so it will be interesting to see what could come from this relationship with TMZ.


Bad Bunny's tribute to Booker T

Bad Bunny, a rapper, released an album over the Thanksgiving Holiday (El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo).  A track that drew the interest of the wrestling world was track 9, entitled Booker T.  The tribute song has several Booker T references in it & the tracks ends with Booker's catchphrase "Can you dig it, sucka?"  

This is not the first time that Bad Bunny dipped his toe into the wrestling world.  In 2019, he included Stone Cold Steve Austin in the video for "¿Quién Tu Eres?"

NJPW Road to Detonation Card

NJPW's Road to Detonation this Friday card has been revealed:

  • The DKC vs. Sterling Riegel
  • Alex Zayne vs. Blake Christian
  • Elimination Tag Team Match: Juice Robinson, David Finlay, Brody King, Karl Fredericks & ACH vs. Jay White, KENTA, Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa & Hikuleo

NJPW World at 10 p.m. ET on December 4.

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