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Hammerstone in Spider-Man 3

Announced on his twitter last night, Alexander Hammerstone informed us that he will be joining the cast of Spider-Man 3.

Brock bidding war

Gerald Brisco spoke with Wrestling Inc & the topic of Brock Lesnar's free agency came up.  This is what Brisco had to say about Brock:

“If the money is right, and I believe this with all my soul that Brock Lesnar would not do it unless he was offered one of those .. as Ted DiBiase said, ‘Everybody has their damn price.’”-Gerald Brisco

“You talk about frugal. He is one of the most frugal guys there is on the face of the Earth. Did he save us money? Yes, every damn penny of it, but I think it would have to be an extreme circumstance, and I think he would pick up the phone and call Vince about the amount of money that he got offered and see if Vince is going to go to do anything. And honestly, I think Vince would do something.”-Gerald Brisco

Brandi does not like Shaq

Tony Schiavone sat down with Brandi & Shaq.  The conversation was going OK, till Shaq told Brandi to watch get some pointers from Jade Cargill.

Brandi Rhodes threw a cup of water in Shaq's face & said:

“I’m sick of your shit, you’re an overgrown asshole!”-Brandi

AEW Holiday Schedule

Last night on AEW Dynamite, they announced the episodes that will air during the Holiday Season.  


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