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 RIP Zeus

As reported by TMZ; the actor Tommy “Tiny” Lister or to us wrestling fans, Zeus, passed away. He was 62.  


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Renee Paquette on her WWE Departure

Renee was on the on The Bellas Podcast recently & she discussed her pregnancy, her reason for leaving the WWE & more.

"That was sort of the thing for me was finding out that I was pregnant and then I was supposed to do the kickoff show for the season premiere of SmackDown on FOX. I was supposed to fly to Orlando and that’s when I asked Brie because I just didn’t know what to do about it. I was like, ‘Am I allowed to travel?’ Or what does that look like? How careful do I have to be with everything? I mean granted, I’ve already had COVID so I’ve not tested my antibodies in a while.”-Renee on her feeling of traveling to Orlando while pregnant

“I’m assuming I maybe still have them but I don’t really know, but then I reached out to my doctor too who I was seeing at the time and she was like, ‘You have to be so careful with everything and it’s just not worth it’ and Brie basically reiterated the same thing of just like how careful you have to be and how much more susceptible you can be during pregnancy to really any kind of an illness and it just obviously wasn’t worth it to roll the dice on that, and luckily everybody that I spoke to at FOX and whatnot, they were all so great and so receptive. They understood where I was coming from and they helped me out big time with that but yeah, I had to pull out of doing that show right away just because.”-Renee on not wanting to risk it 

Renee Paquette spot on Total Bellas Podcast; LISTEN BELOW

AEW Unrestricted with John Silver & Alex Reynolds of Dark Order

The Dark Order’s John Silver & Alex Reynolds bring a whole new meaning to “Unrestricted” as they talk Beaver Boys, Bloody Nips and “slops!” They shed some light on the status of Dark Order numbers, the AEW locker room, BTE filming and why John Silver might be the best kisser in all of AEW. Plus, Alex sets the record straight on his injury, eating steak with the Exalted One and competing on “Dancing With The Stars.” If you want to know if Ref Aubrey and Tony Schiavone #JoinDarkOrder, be sure to listen to the bitter (and very funny) end.

On First Match for AEW 

"We're like, ‘Oh my god! This is our big shot, our big opportunity,’ and then we get there and it doesn't even say our names on the board. It says ‘local talent.’ It said, ‘90 Seconds.’ So we're like, ‘Ok, I guess this is a one and done,’ but then Matt Jackson came up to us after: ‘I've got an idea. Maybe you just kind of come back, and you're the local talent everywhere, and you just always lose.’"

On The Exalted One

"The first person we heard of being The Exalted One was Matt Hardy, which we thought was awesome! Broken Matt! We're like, ‘Oh this is gonna be like doing stuff at the Hardy Compound. This is gonna be awesome!’"

FTR & Marko Stunt Twitter War

It seems that Marko Stunt is fearless  & tweeted that he will not back down from FTR.  Dax Harwood responded back & he does not think to highly of Marko Stunt.  The twitter back & forth is as follows:

We will see what this leads to on AEW Programming.

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