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WWE is Hiring 

The WWE made a posting looking to hire a new talent brand manager.  WWE stated that  the dutuies are to look over digital & social media marketing to collaborating with internal & external parties to drive new opportunities for top TV and social media personalities.

Recently we saw the WWE post a job for a Graphics Motion Designer to help with motion graphics & other content that is geared for Twitch. 


Ethan Page on The North's Future

Ethan Page, whose IMPACT Wrestling contract is up in 2021, spoke to The Push podcast  on his future & the future of The North.  Page said that his partnership with Josh Alexander & "The North"  is not ending, no matter what name they go by.

“We created this team before Impact. We invested in each other as performers, partners, road travelers before Impact. All this was before Impact. So if you think for one F’N second that we’re going to let Impact dictate whether we break up, or we don’t, or whatever you’re out of your damn mind.”-Ethan Page

“I’m telling you guys. Everyone watched Final Resolution, and everyone saw my mental breakdown, whatever. It doesn’t matter. I’m telling you guys that no matter which way this goes The North are not splitting. Wherever I land in 2021, we are not breaking up. That’s my best friend in real life. That’s my best friend on screen. So, that’s not something that I’m willing to toy with to make a couple dollars in the entertainment industry.”-Ethan Page

“Like I said whatever happens in the years to come if I stay in Impact, The North is The North, we’re the best. There’s so much we still can do, and there is so much I will do, and if I go somewhere else he might end up there in a couple of years. This is a forever friendship and the friendship is tied to the tag team. It’s something that we will choose what happens with. It’s not just a name, it’s more than just he name. We were the Monster Mafia before. We’re The North now. We can be, whatever Ass Kisser #1 and Ass Kisser #2 it’s Josh Alexander and Ethan Page, that’s the magic, it’s not the logo or the brand of The North.”-Ethan Pag

AEW's "A Christmas Story"

TNT’s AEW Wrestlers Reenact Iconic Scenes from “A Christmas Story” in Celebration of TNT and TBS 24-Hour Marathon on December 24-25.

For more on this Christmas Spectacular; CLICK HERE

WWE Body Slams 2020

Stephanie McMahon sent out an e-mail showcasing WWE Superstars laying the smackdown on 2020.  The video package is entitled "WWE Body Slams 2020 for the Holidays".  Superstars featured in the package are: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, WWE Universal Champion Roan Reigns, SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha Banks & others.

Check out the video below & Stephanie's email

As 2020 comes to a close, it is a time for reflection, a time to be grateful, and a time to take out some of our pent-up frustration from this past year. With that in mind, WWE wanted to create a holiday message that would resonate with audiences while staying on brand, and I think we nailed it. Please watch this video and join your WWE family in drop kicking 2020 to the curb!  

In all seriousness, we have learned a lot this year. Our enhanced content strategy, combined with faster than anticipated adoption of video streaming, led to a 6% increase in WWE Network subscribers and a 70% increase in YouTube viewership. Technology brought the late "Paul Bearer" back to life as a hologram, as he held up Undertaker's urn in front of the retiring Superstar's outstretched arm, in a moment that captured hearts and minds (and maybe even a few souls). We created new programming opportunities with our partners at FOX, NBCUniversal, BT Sport and Sony India, to name a few. We took up residencies at Amway Center in Orlando and Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay and debuted the WWE ThunderDome, bringing back the spectacle of WWE, and integrating nearly 1,000 virtual fans each night into our live flagship programming. We also continued to support those who needed it the most by creating virtual community programs and integrations with Special Olympics, UNICEF, Global Citizen, Ad Council, Americares and many more.  

But it was last Friday night at a WWE-themed holiday "drive thru" community event for Make-A-Wish CT that stands out to me the most. My daughter and I were greeting families in their cars alongside Santa Claus, when a mom sitting in the passenger seat became very emotional. She expressed how hard quarantine has been on her family, how frightening it is for her as her child is high-risk given her medical condition, and how deeply grateful she is that WWE stayed on the air through the pandemic. She told me, "you have no idea what it means to have an escape that we can rely on, every single week." She was visibly shaking. Her words reinforced to me what a privilege it is to be a part of a brand that can have that kind of impact.

Which leads me to my biggest lesson of this year, which is that at the end of the day all we really need is each other. I am so grateful to all of our Superstars, employees, fans and partners for what we were all able to create, together, over this past year. Thank you for helping us achieve our company mission, in one of the most challenging years of our lifetimes, of putting smiles on people's faces.

Wishing you and your families a safe and happy holiday season,. - Stephanie McMahon

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