LeRae Injured at War Games

Triple H commented on Candice LeRae's condition in the brutal, physical Women's War Games match.  He said that LeRae was getting an x-ray on her arm to see if it was broken anywhere.


Stay tuned to WNW for more on Candice's condition. 

New Year's EVIL

Last night during War Games, we saw a promo for a NXT Special Event entitled New Year's EVIL.  The event is scheduled to take place on 1.6.21.


Lacey Evans on Tribute to the Troops

Before War Games last night, WWE held Tribute to the Troops on FOX.  But, before Tribute to the Troops, Lacey Evans was on The Wrap & she told us what Tribute to the Troops means to her:

“Growing up, I did not have the role models that I needed. I didn’t know what I wanted to be. I didn’t know what a positive, happy, healthy lifestyle looked like,” Evans confessed. “All I knew, while looking around, [was] my dysfunctional, drug-infested, mental health. Anger, depression. It seeped and destroyed my family. That’s the life that I knew.”-Lacey Evans


 “I know not only what the military goes through — the veterans, the active-duty — but their spouses, their kids. They’re going through hell."   “The divorce rate’s high, the arguments are high. The veterans are tired, the active-duty — they go through a lot.”-Lacey Evans

"It was me.... AUSTIN... It was me all along.."

Last night at War Games we saw a plethora of guys in SCREAM masks, but it was one in particular that unmasked & revealed himself.  Austin Theory unmasked to reveal that he was the one helping Johnny Gargano.  But it was not the reveal that was the best part, it was Theory's line.  Austin Theory said:

"It was me.... AUSTIN... It was me all along.."-Austin Theory

If you remember, Vince McMahon revealed himself as The Undertaker's Higher Power in an angle that abducted Stephanie McMahon.

Elias Character Change?

The last time that we saw Elias he electrocuted in the Symphony of Destruction match vs Jeff Hardy.  Well, this weekend, Elias tweeted about his condition.  In the tweet, Elias talks about being Extraordinary, beating the odds & now seeing his true purpose.

Renee & Jon are having a girl

Jon Moxley & Renee Paquette are having a girl.  Renee revealed the gender of their first child on her instagram.

Sarah Logan Pregnancy Photos

Sarah & Raymond Rowe are also expecting their first child & the couple released some pregnancy photos yesterday.

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