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'Mr. 450' John Yurnet Worked 205 Live With Right Knee Injury

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Mr. 450 John Yurnet

WWE is taking a lot of heat from fans and pundits after "Mr. 450" John Yurnet revealed on Twitter earlier this week that he blew out his right knee during his WWE 205 Live debut against Mustafa Ali on Tuesday night.

The narrative at play is that Yurnet was injured in WWE’s ring and on their show but they wouldn't be covering his medical expenses, which prompted the creation of a GoFundMe page. Word is now beginning to circulate that Yurnet entered the match with the knee already injured.

After further evaluation, the GoFundMe page does not mention Yurnet suffered the injury on 205 Live, just that he's suffered a severe right knee injury. We’ve also heard he worked indie dates in Texas and Florida with a knee brace on. He was even removed from a Texas indie date because of the injury.

Below is video footage from a recent WWC match where Yurnet can be seen limping and video from a Lucha Elite match where the knee is clearly bothering him:

">December 27, 2016

WWE has not yet commented.

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