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Mr. McMahon Character To Return To Monday Night Raw Next Week?

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The New Corporation

The local promotional information for next week's post-WWE Hell in a Cell episode of Monday Night Raw advertises "the McMahon's," leading some to believe they're advertising the return of Vince McMahon. Below is an excerpt from their listing:

Plus, the McMahon's; HHH; the World's Largest Athlete, the Big Show, and The Shield will be in Orlando.

Vince (as Mr. McMahon) is also listed on the official event information but has been on the dot com listings for the past several weeks. At this point I wouldn't take it as confirmation as the Amway Center also advertises the "debut" of The Wyatt Family.

I have been told there is a storyline in place to bring the Mr. McMahon character back, most-likely aligning him with Big Show. We have more on that at this link.

You can view the local event information at this link.

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