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How Much Of The US Will Be Able To Order Wrestlemania 30 On PPV

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Dish Network will not carry Wrestlemania 30 next month, they have confirmed in a new official statement. The statement is as follows:

“Please note that WWE is not willing to adjust PPV costs to satellite/cable companies, which is unfair to their customers. DISH needs to re-focus efforts to support partners that better serve DISH customers and other satellite/cable companies, including DirecTV, have also expressed they may no longer provide WWE PPV events in the future.”

WWE CFO George Barriostold investors last month they had 85% of US households covered for Wrestlemania in a traditional sense, however, their commitments were in question after that. The company refused to go into specifics but it was their hope their pay-per-view providers would continue to offer their shows.

As mentioned in Dish Network's statement, DirecTV is none to pleased about the company's to decision to offer all 12 pay-per-view events at a lower price on WWE Network.

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