Mustafa Ali Discusses Being Rejected by WWE in 2013 - WWE Wrestling News World

Current 205 Live star Mustafa Ali was a guest for The Express Tribune and spoke a little abou a number of topics including his rejection for a WWE contract in 2013:

"I don't think people really realize how insane it is that I'm in the position I am in today. Prior to the Cruiserweight Classic, I had a tryout with WWE in 2013 and was told that I wasn't what they were looking for at the moment."

How difficult it was to get a spot on 205 Live following his first-round appearance (and loss) in the Cruiserweight Classic:

"Almost everyone else on the roster was well traveled and better known, competing in some of the biggest independent companies all over the world. I didn't have that. I didn't have a Ring of Honor run, I didn't compete at [PWG Battle of Los Angeles]. I was a guy that stayed close to my local independent scene in Chicago because I simply had to. My family depended on my income, so my 'real job' [as a policeman] took priority. So I had to work really hard just within the show to prove that I was worth everyone's time and that I could compete with these international stars. Now, you can't talk about 205 Live without mentioning my name."

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