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Hey everyone. Kevin C Sullivan here, and I want to tell you a story about a young man living in Iowa in the late 1990s, his website, his friend, and a former manager in the then-WWF. It's by far one of the weirdest goddamned things that has ever happened to me.

Despite the fact that I've been a wrestling fan since 1990 - and I'm 43 now - I don't have a lot of silly wrestling stories. There's the time Lance Archer nearly knocked me over - and did knock my beer over - at an indie show in Austin. There's the time a pleasantly buzzed Paul London and I hung out at a music festival (Fun Fun Fun Fest) in, again, Austin. There was also the time when I was 15, emailed an indie company in Dallas (I was living in Chicago at the time) about becoming a booker for them and they called me back because it was hilarious.

But my silliest wrestling story involves the manager of one of the forgotten tag team champions of the 1990s - Men On a Mission. But, let me just jump into the story:

The year was... well, I don't remember exactly, but it was between 1998 and 2001. My friend Jason and I decided to start our own website (keep in mind, this was back when that was kind of a big deal) so we could post our movie and game reviews and maybe get some free stuff (which we did). At the time, I was still big into wrestling, I just wasn't writing about it. I was, however, hosting a weekly wrestling show on my college radio station, where I even once interviewed Bruno Sammartino, but that's not relevant to this story.

Around that time, I came across an interview on (one of my favorite wrestling websites of all time - I even bought one of their books) with Oscar of Men on a Mission. Just a quick recap - Men on a Mission consisted of Mabel (who would go on to become Viscera and Big V) and Mo (who would go on to become... f***, I dunno... did he even?) and Oscar (the "O" in "M.O.M."), their rapping manager, whose flow and lyrical talent was that of, maybe. P.N. News. If you don't know who that is, look it up. It's *hilarious*.

I'm being mean. Say what you want about Oscar's skills behind the microphone, but he was certainly way better at it than, say, me.

At the end of the interview, WrestleCrap published Oscar's email address and this is where all this garbage started.

After reading the interview, I thought it would be kind of funny if our website had Oscar from Men On a Mission maybe doing some movie or TV reviews or something. So, I sent out an email to him, not really expecting a response.

Except I got one.

Now, I need to make it clear before I go on that throughout this whole story, Oscar was never anything but polite and friendly with me and I genuinely enjoyed being able to talk to the legitimate manager of former WWE/WWF Tag Team Champions. This is just a silly story and I'm in no way trying to make him look bad.

I got an email reply, and it was pretty standard - he asked about myself and what our site was all about. Eventually, we started talking on the phone. Weirdly enough, our conversations started veering away from what Oscar could contribute to the site (reviews and stuff) and more about how Oscar could get investors to fund our site and make it even bigger.

For weeks, Oscar and I would talk about stuff along those lines, and none of it seems below board and, again, I really enjoyed talking with him. He told me that even though he was no longer the manager of Men On a Mission (this was well after Mabel's heel turn at King of the Ring - obviously), he still worked for WWF. 

Keep in mind, I actually called up Titan Towers (as it was still called at the time), in the hopes of confirming that Oscar was, as he claimed, still employed by the World Wrestling Federation. I didn't get any further than voicemail and I never received a call back because why the hell would I? I can only imagine the conversation would go like this:

WWF: "World Wrestling Federation, this is (I dunno) Jan. How can I help you?"

Me: "Hi. Does Oscar from Men on a Mission still work for you?"

Jan with WWF: ".... *click* *dial tone*"

Then it happened.

Oscar called me up one day and told me that he had just been talking to Hulk Hogan. Yeah. He had told me that he had convinced Hulk (who, at the time, the rumor was that he was starting his own wrestling company, so he was clearly on a break or something from WCW) that our website (keep in mind, this is a website) was going to be "the next Microsoft" and that he was going to get us $10,000 - tax-free - of funding. All I... well, we, as in my friend Jason and I... had to do was fly him out the Los Angeles and put him in a hotel and he would get it for us.

Now, who knows? Maybe Oscar was on the level, and I missed out on a major opportunity. But, at the time, I was hesitant, and eventually decided I wasn't comfortable doing that. I was just out of college, I was engaged to be married, and I wasn't used to this kind of business. For a couple of weeks after, I would take Oscar's calls and give him excuse after excuse. Finally, I talked to Jason and asked what he thought I should do to break the news gently that we weren't going to do that.

"Dude," Jason told me, "Just stop taking his calls."

Which is what I did. After two weeks of leaving voicemails in my Sprint PCS flip phone, Oscar eventually stopped calling me.

Who knows how my life would have turned out if I had gathered up and/or borrowed the money to send Oscar from Men On a Mission to Los Angeles to get $10,000 - tax-free - from Hulk Hogan. But, I'm not dead, so I guess it could have been worse.

Oscar - if you're reading this - let's catch up. I don't have that website anymore, but I bet we'd have some laughs.

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