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Name Tweak For Big E Langston; Daniel Bryan Says Richard Sherman Has Everything Needed To Be A Pro Wrestler

- Daniel Bryan recently appeared on NFL Network to discuss the Seattle Seahawks. During the appearance, he rated a number of NFL beards and said cornerback Richard Sherman has everything needed to become a professional wrestler, and did an impression of Sherman's infamous postgame interview. Bryan judging NFL beards is available at this link, and Bryan's Sherman impression is available at this link.

- It appears as if Big E Langston will be referred to as Big E going forward. His Twitter account and dot com profile reflect the change, and readers have reported that he was announced as simply "Big E" during this week's Smackdown taping. Big E did an interview Monday in which he explained that people have always called him Big E, but the added Langston was "kind of random."

On a similar note, Antonio Cesaro had his name tweaked to Cesaro earlier this week.

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