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Neville Breaks Ankle On Raw

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On last night's edition of Monday Night Raw, Neville appeared to hurt his ankle in a match with Chris Jericho. The match went to a quick finish and Chris, being the professional that he is, grabbed a mic and cut a promo to pull the attention away from Neville being attended to by doctors. released the following statement:

Neville sustained a left ankle injury on a baseball slide during his match with Chris Jericho," Dr. Chris Amann told "Initial X-rays reveal a fracture of the ankle. He will undergo further imaging today to determine the extent of the fracture and to determine if surgery will be necessary.

This comes at a terrible time with WrestleMania only being a few weeks away. There were no announced plans for Neville at WrestleMania, but one has to assume he'd be involved in one way or another. Hopefully Neville's fracture is minor and he'll be able to recover without surgery.

Zack Reacts: I know injuries are part of the business, and so do all the wrestlers, but WWE needs to re-evaluate some things. The injuries are stacking up and while they might be accidents, maybe it's because WWE Superstars' bodies are being worn down by excessive use. Maybe reduce the number of house shows? I don't know if that would be a worthy solution, but it's gotten to the point where a solution to this issue needs to be thought about.

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