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The New Day Officially Longest Reigning WWE Tag Team Champions Of All Time

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The New Day

The New Day are now recognized as the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions of all-time with a reign of 334 days and counting. Dot com posted an article about it, listing the longest reigns in company history:

10. MNM (142 Days)
9. Air Boom (146 Days)
8. The Hart Dynasty (146 Days)
7. The Shield (148 Days)
6. The Usos (202 Days)
5. Team Hell No (245 Days)
4. The Miz & John Morrison (247 Days)
3. The Colóns (275 Days)
2. Brian Kendrick & Paul London (333 Days)
1. The New Day (334+ Days)

The New Day was a gimmick that most had their doubts about (The Big Show revealed recently that he told them not to do it) but the trio of talent not only made it work but turned out to be one of the most entertaining things on WWE television.

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