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New Details On WWE Changing How They Promote Live Events


WWE is altering the way they promote their live events.

In addition to now acknowledging WWE NXT (developmental) live events on their official Live Events page, the company is eliminating separate Raw and Smackdown shows in favor of the broader WWE Live Tour label.

This is something that has been in the works since a fan survey was issued in January (See also -WWE Eliminating Final Element Of Brand Extension?) and was confirmed last month (See also -Final Element Of WWE Brand Extension To End On May 31st).

The change goes into effect with the May 31st WWE Live event in Glens Falls, New York. However, WWE is promoting a "Raw World Tour" for Australia in July. It's unknown as of this writing if this will change as it's the final "separate" slate of live events listed.

Once these changes do go into effect, the brand extension will officially be over. The company has promoted shows under the brand extension concept since 2002.

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