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New Video Interviews With Paul Heyman, AJ Lee & Mick Foley

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of theScore Television Network and the Baltimore Sun sent us three separate WWE interviews. Below, you can read highlights from each interview and watch in their entirety:

Paul Heyman:

- Revealing why he decided to return to pro wrestling in an on air capacity after leaving wrestling behind years ago

- CM Punk being a "pet project" and how muh he is willing to contribute to help make him succeed

- His involvement with WWE '13, including writing storylines for the Attitude Era mode

- How ECW and WWE deveoped a partnership in the 90s

- What it takes to be a "Paul Heyman" guy

AJ Lee:

- How excited she is to be in her very first video game, and how this achievement ranks vs making the WWE, winning a championship

- Her assessment of being RAW GM

- Working with CM Punk / Daniel Bryan

- Being compared to Stephanie McMahon and awkward hugs she shares with her

Mick Foley:

- Being in his 16th WWE video game and the "family moment" he remembers most playing games with his kids

- Being in a serious segment with CM Punk and how much he wanted this to happen

- In Foley's opinion where CM Punk ranks among the main event players in WWE history

- A new idea Foley is pitching that would see him put on a comedy show, tagging along with WWE Pay Per View events, like he did with Summerslam this past August

- "A MIZerable Christmas" and more books on the horizon

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