New WWE Network Pricing Options Including $19.99/Month With No Commitment


A lot of new WWE Network information was introduced in Thursday's WWE quarter two earnings report for 2014. One piece perhaps getting overlooked are new WWE Network pricing plans. Beginning next month, WWE Network subscribers will have the following options:

  • A $19.99/month WWE Network subscription that requires no commitment
  • One upfront one-time payment option for $9.99/month for six months
  • Continued option to be billed $9.99/month with six month commitment

The new pricing plans are part of WWE's consumer marketing efforts to attract new subscribers to the WWE Network. Below is the exact wording:

Consumer Marketing: To enhance awareness, additional marketing investment is planned around the popular SummerSlam pay-per-view event in August. The Company will also introduce new payment plans in August, including a $19.99 monthly plan (with no commitment) and an upfront one-time payment option for its existing $9.99 per month offering (with six month commitment).

Click here for WWE's earnings release in its entirety.

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