Nigel McGuinness Starts Kickstarter Project To Fund Documentary Of His Retirement Tour

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Nigel McGuinness (who competed under the name Desmond Wolfe during his time with TNA) is currently trying to raise $32,000 by April 9 in order to produce a documentary of his retirement tour, titled The Last of McGuinness. He is doing the fundraising through Kickstarter, a website in which those interested can pledge money and receive prizes. McGuinness has over 60 hours of footage from the tour that he will edit into a documentary if the funds are raised.

The prizes range from a thank you email and an 8x10 picture to a prize pack featuring a personal dinner and viewing of the film with McGuinness. As of this writing, approximately $10,000 has been raised by approximately 200 donors.

Click here for more information.

McGuinness has also posted a preview of the project, embedded below:

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