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Nikki Bella Shocked By Hate, Claims John Cena Has "Zero Pull"

Nikki Bella

Scott Fishman has a new article online for Channel Guide Magazine featuring quotes from Nikki Bella to promote the season finale of Total Divas, which promotes Dolph Ziggler saying he still has feelings for her. Below are highlights from the piece:

Regarding the hate that gets spewed in her direction:

“I ignore it,” Bella said.

“Even though I see the hate on social media, and it shocks me. It shocks me the rumors people start, that I have the title because of my boyfriend. If that was the case I would have gotten the title when I came back years ago and still had the title. He has nothing to do with it. He has nothing to do with anyone’s story or anything like that. He has zero pull. We talk about it all the time because it’s funny how people say that.

“I think where it started was for a year AJ had a voice on WWE TV and all of us on ‘Total Divas’ didn’t. Then Vince [McMahon] didn’t want the title on any ‘Total Divas’ member because he didn’t know how it would transition on Sunday night and Monday in case there was a title change and the show was airing.

“So for a year she got her run through all the girls. I was the only one she really didn’t. She got to say these things that weren’t true, but we didn’t get to speak back. So I felt like that is where the perception of Brie and I really started. She said things like we came back for reality show and all this stuff. It was all untrue. While this is happening, I’m working twice as hard to be better and improve my craft to become the next diva’s champion.”

Hate because of who she dates:

“There is a part of me where it hurts my heart a little bit. I give these fans everything I have. I give them my personal life. I give them my body. I give them everything I can weekly, and that is what they say back? So it’s sad to me. I hope one day they can look back and say, ‘Wow. She actually did try hard and wasn’t a bad wrestler. She is here for the right reasons, and it has nothing to do with her boyfriend.’

“I get it. When you are on a reality show that is top rated and dating this successful man who is in the same business as you are and you have a twin sister who is married to someone in the business who happens to be successful, I think that is where I get the hate. They say I have it all, but I have worked for every single bit of what I have. It took me almost nine years to have that championship and have a decent run. Not only that but if I didn’t really put my life out there and gave it my all, the [Total Divas’] could have failed. We wouldn’t have gone past season one. I give every day of my life to that show. So hopefully one day they will be grateful that I’m doing it for all of them.”

The storyline on Total Divas with Dolph Ziggler:

“When you put your relationship out there and the whole thing about him not wanting marriage or kids, then the exes come out in the woodwork,” she said.

“And it’s an ex the WWE audience knows in Dolph Ziggler. You see that in the season finale that when you date one man for many years, and he doesn’t want to give you certain things, that one wants to step in and be the knight in shining armor. It can get kind of tricky. That is definitely a reason why you want to tune into the season finale. Am I going to get swept off my feet by someone else or am I going to stay with my big, gorgeous, superman man John Cena?”


to read the piece in its entirety.

Richard Reacts: It’s not true that John Cena has zero pull, that’s just not true; John very much has influence on a number of things so let’s just clarify that. But I also don’t believe that Nikki has had to rely on John for her success. She did it on her own and has really improved her craft. She and John have their haters because people resent success. That’s the sad part of society. People resent success. We all know that Twitter is a big echo chamber and the IWC loves to create conspiracy theories, especially when they shed Cena or people close to Cena in a negative light. While we don’t immediately dismiss all rumors, we have to be careful. To sum it all up, Nikki Bella has improved and earned her success. The same is true for Brie Bella. John Cena very much has influence in WWE but I do not believe accusations that he goes out of his way to bury others in favor of Nikki.

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