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Nikki On Frustrating Program w/Brie - "I Don't Write The Show"

Natalya and Nikki Bella were in-studio guests on Hot 97 with Peter Rosenberg on Monday prior to this week's WWE Raw in Brooklyn, New York. There was a lot of ground covered in the interview, however, there was a very honest exchange between Rosenberg and Nikki regarding what ended up being an abysmal program with Brie Bella.

Below is a paraphrased transcript of the interview:

Rosenberg stated that he was still excited but started to get frustrated with Nikki & Brie having the exact same situation on television for "like 5 weeks" in a row.

Nikki said that she agreed. She said it should have been in different ways but at the end of the day, she doesn't write the show. Nikki said she tried to pitch ideas but she does not write it.

Rosenberg talked about Brie vs. Nikki being the most worthy program for the Hell in a Cell structure. He said in the beginning, he was very excited about how hard Nikki went at Brie. He talked about Nikki legitimately hitting Brie with the microphone.

Nikki said not only that but she chucked her with her spiked Louis Vuittons and tore her leg open. Nattie interrupted and said Brie came to the locker room bleeding.

Nikki talked about Brie being her sister and getting lost in the moment. She said she went full on and beat the crap out of her.

She said Brie was "pissed" about it but she texted her everyday to make sure she was OK. Nikki said when Brie slapped her on Raw recently that she slap-punched her and she went black. Brie told her on the way to the back that was one and she had four more.

Rosenberg talked about their being an extra level of heat with siblings. Natalya talked about how the program reminded her of Owen and Bret Hart. Nattie said that Bret "loves the twins" and got involved and invested into their storyline because of the similarities it had with him and Owen.

Rosenberg asked if we would get to see Brie vs. Nikki in a Hell in a Cell.

Nikki said hopefully, however, she wanted to keep working with Seth Rollins as prince and princess. She said she has a lot to go off on John Cena about.

Rosenberg asked if she would like to work with John. She said she would welcome it and would like to be against him before joining him.

You can watch the comments in the first half of the interview at this link or embedded in the video below:

Richard Reacts: Couple of notes here. First, I'm glad I'm not the only person putting WWE creative on blast. Nikki clearly separated herself from the horrible writing and good for her. She's dating John Cena, what are they going to do to her? We received a lot of Ask WNW questions about Nikki and Brie working stiff and as an identical twin myself, I was able to explain the different level of heat you can get. As for Nikki working with Seth, this was actually pitched back in August. I'll include that below:

From our Backstage Raw News on August 20, 2013:

There was talk at one time to pair Nikki Bella with Seth Rollins, however, it was nixed due to the feeling that no one would buy it because of Nikki’s relationship with John Cena being featured on Total Divas.

Obviously a lot has changed now and with Rollins the top target of Cena, this could work quite well. – T-shirts Sold By Pro Wrestlers


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